Quick Ways to Make Money After a Lay-Off

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If you have recently been laid off, check out these tips for making some quick cash in-between jobs.

quick ways to make money after a lay-off

Getting back to work after an unexpected lay-off can take some time. Unfortunately for most of us, the bills can’t wait. To help tide you over between jobs, we’ve got some tips to help you make a little quick money after being laid off:

Work as a temporary employee. Temporary agencies like Aquent and TEKSystems are always looking for candidates to fill a variety of job openings. If you’re stuck between jobs and need a little cash, a temp job could be just what you need to get you through. Temp opportunities can often turn into full-time jobs if you do a good job.

Get a part-time job. Many retail and food companies are always looking for part-time help. There’s no shame in taking a job that’s part-time to help make ends meet while you look for another position. Take a trip to a nearby mall, local retail area, or favorite store and request for an application.

Watch children or pets. Reliable childcare and pet care are essential services for many people. Talk to friends and offer to provide babysitting services for their children during the day or on weekends and evenings. You can also offer to look in on a friend’s pets while they’re at work. Most pet parents would love having a trusted friend look in on Fluffy or take Fido for an afternoon stroll.

Sell your plasma. A quick (and legal) way to make a money is to sell your plasma. If you are in good health and meet a few basic requirements like being drug free, you can sell your plasma up to two times a week. Depending on the company you are selling to, your health, and a few other factors, plasma sellers can make anywhere between $30 and $60 per donation.

House sit. If you have friends and family who travel a lot, offer to house sit for them for a small fee per day. People like to hire house sitters they can trust to make sure their house is safe when they go out of town. You can still look for work and watch over someone else’s home while you make a little fast money.

Sell items you don’t need. Craigslist, consignment shops, and garage sales are great ways to make a little money when you’re low on funds. Most of us have items around the house that we don’t use need any more. People are always looking for a great deal, and gently used clothing items are extremely popular among bargain shoppers.

What do you do for quick cash between jobs?

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