Learn some tips and advice to break into the remote world with tips from Sue Kelly of Omni Interactions.

Ask a Hiring Manager Featuring Sue Kelly of Omni Interactions

In the May edition of the Virtual Vocations “Ask a Hiring Manager” series, we chat with SR Sourcing Lead Sue Kelly of Omni Interactions, a Denver-based business services company and Virtual Vocations Employer Partner. Using a distributed workforce and cloud services, Omni Interactions pairs Gig Brand Ambassadors (GBAs) with their clients to boost customer support operations. By sourcing only high-quality candidates and providing them with certifications and training, the company has become an innovator in the gig economy and a true asset to its clients.

But much of the success of the company lies in its workers. Providing flexibility and the ability for workers to set their own schedules certainly attracts qualified applicants. Even so, only the top candidates are selected. Through Omni Interactions’s novel approach to hiring, which requires no cover letter or interview, jobseekers can learn how to tighten up their resume, pass the assessment, and excel in the virtual office. If you’re searching for a way to enter the remote workforce, these tips should point you in the right direction.

Sue Kelly

“Omni has a people-first culture. Being a team player, the ability to work independently. and a great attitude are all things we look for in an applicant.”

Sue Kelly

SR Sourcing Lead, Omni Interactions, Inc.

What Type of Jobs Are You Interviewing Candidates for?

We do not do interviews but review applications for work from home customer service projects. We invite applicants to an info session that helps them learn about Omni Interactions. In addition, we also share what projects we currently are offering to find the best fit.

Is a Resume Important When You Are Making Hiring Decisions?

We review the resume, but there are many pieces that go into the decision-making process:

  • Resume: Is it professional looking or just a generic document
  • Assessment: Includes a typing test and computer skills test
  • ISP (internet service provider) and computer specs that meet our clients’ requirements
  • Applicants’ locations: We offer projects in 32 states in the U.S.

What Things Will Turn You off From Inviting a Candidate to an Interview?

When applicants come to our info session and are rude, outspoken, interrupt the info session team, we can pretty much tell they will not be a fit for our projects. A great customer service agent sits back and listens, then asks questions or speaks when the caller has stopped talking. If you are rude or interrupt the info session team, you clearly are not a five-star customer service agent.

What three things are most important during an interview?

  • Follow directions
  • Listen
  • Ask great questions when the info session team opens up the session for questions

What Should a Potential Candidate Know About Interviewing?

They should know that Omni Interactions is here to answer all of their questions and educate them on Omni and current projects. Being a team player will help them to stand out among the other applicants that attend the info session.

How Important Is It to Have All of the Requirements from the Job Posting? Should I Still Apply If I Only Have 75% of the Requirements?

Meeting the requirements listed in the job posting is important. But we will work with you should your internet speed not meet our clients’ requirements or your computer needs to be updated. Before any GBA (gig brand ambassador) candidate starts certification, we have them attend one of two tech day open houses to assure they are ready to hit the floor running on their first day. We encourage everyone who is looking to work from home as a contractor to apply.

What Are You Looking for in Candidates in Terms of Culture Fit With Your Organization?

Omni has a people-first culture. Being a team player, the ability to work independently, and a great attitude are all things we look for in an applicant. 

What Are You Looking for in a Cover Letter That You Can’t Get From My Resume?

We don’t require a cover letter. We will certainly review them should one be added to their application. Professionalism and correct formatting are important pieces along with showcasing their skills.

What Are Three Things You See on Cover Letters That Will Cause You to Immediately Reject an Application?

  • Unprofessionalism
  • Misspelled words
  • Poor formatting

When It Comes Down to It, How Do You Decide Who Gets the Job Offer With Omni Interactions?

We invite everyone to review our projects once we have determined they meet our clients’ needs. All applicants are required to:

  • Take a background check
  • Complete a W9
  • Agree to our GBA contractor guide and the ID verification process

As long as these pieces are completed within the established timeline, everyone is welcomed to join Omni as a GBA!

How To Become a Highly Coveted Gig Brand Ambassador or Customer Service Agent

Through Kelly’s advice, a great customer service representative isn’t just a resume or a person who only wants a position to work from home. It requires a strong work ethic, the ability to work unsupervised, and a people-first attitude. In addition, Kelly touches on the importance of a quality hardware and computer setup to achieve the best possible results.

The customer service world continues to move into the digital realm. So if you’re ready for a flexible job that allows you to use your people skills while working from home, Kelly’s words might be just what you need to jump-start your job search.

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