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15 Companies Hiring for Remote Journalism Jobs

Remote journalism jobs offer exciting opportunities for those who love storytelling and want the freedom to work from anywhere. Many companies are on the lookout for talented writers, reporters, and editors who can contribute from a distance. Whether you’re an experienced journalist or a newcomer, there are plenty of employers eager to welcome skilled professionals.

This article highlights 15 companies actively hiring for remote journalism positions. These organizations value creativity, flexibility, and the ability to cover stories from unique perspectives. Exploring these companies can help you find the perfect fit for your next career move. So let’s get started so you can discover where your remote journalism journey can take you!

1. Dotdash Meredith

What They Do: Dotdash Meredith is a publishing company that publishes a variety of informative, article-based websites. Its publications — PEOPLE, Better Homes & Gardens, Verywell, FOOD & WINE, The Spruce, Allrecipes, Byrdie, REAL SIMPLE, Investopedia, Southern Living, and more — cover a variety of topics including personal finance, health and wellness, travel, and much more.

Common Job Titles: Remote News & Deals Editor/Writer, Digital Parents Writer, Remote Commerce Writer, Travel

2. Yahoo Inc.

What They Do: Yahoo Inc. is a media and technology company. Their platform provides news, marketing, and networking solutions. With apps like Yahoo News, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance, and Yahoo Fantasy, they offer a robust platform linking brands and publishers to enthusiastic fans. Their goal is to amplify the things you love with energy and excitement.

Common Job Titles: Remote Associate Commerce Editor – Health

3. Forbes Media

What They Do: Forbes Media LLC is a business news publisher that creates content related to current events and major changes in business and investing. Forbes champions entrepreneurial capitalism and leverages it across various platforms to spark conversations that drive systemic change in business, culture, and society.

Common Job Titles: Remote Sustainability Reporter, Telecommute Editorial Project Manager, Remote Associate Editor SEO Evergreen

4. The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool logo

What They Do: The Motley Fool, LLC is a financial information company that provides financial educational videos, expert consumer advice, market analysis, financial advice, award-winning commentary, and collective insights. The company also offers an online financial publication and investment community.

Common Job Titles: Remote Data Journalist, Remote Real Estate Investment Writer

5. The Athletic Media Company

What They Do: The Athletic Media Company is a sports media publishing company that provides local media coverage for major sports markets around the country. The Athletic brings sports fans closer to the action with powerful stories and smart analysis. From breaking news and live commentary to in-depth articles and exclusive interviews, subscribers trust The Athletic for all the sports stories that matter.

Common Job Titles: Remote Senior Editor – MLB, Remote Staff Editor – News

6. Vox Media

What They Do: Vox Media, LLC is a digital media distribution company that oversees and publishes several large media brands across different industries. This company owns popular names such as SB Nation, Polygon, Eater, and Racked.

Common Job Titles: Remote Associate Editor – Balance, Remote Senior Editor – Policy Ideas

7. Trusted Media Brands

What They Do: Trusted Media Brands, Inc. is a media and content company that curates a collection of community-driven brands including magazines, social media, books, and music. Their brands include The Pet Collective, Taste of Home, Reader’s Digest, and more.

Common Job Titles: Remote Food Writer, Remote Content Director

8. Gannett Co., Inc. (USA TODAY NETWORK)


What They Do: Gannett Co., Inc. (USA TODAY NETWORK) is a media and marketing solutions company that provides content through affiliated digital, mobile, and print products. The company offers technology, digital media, and print publishing solutions.

Common Job Titles: Remote SEC/College Sports Trending Writer, Remote News Reporter and Newsletter Writer

9. Newsweek

What They Do: Newsweek is a publishing company that offers a weekly news magazine and digital news. Newsweek publishes print magazine editions for U.S. and international markets. The company also offers digital access to the latest international and national news stories.

Common Job Titles: Remote Weekend Night Editor, Remote Chief Investigative Reporter, Freelance News Reporter

10. Fox Corporation

What They Do: Fox Corporation is a mass media company. This broadcast media company produces and distributes news, sports, and entertainment programming. Fox Corporation delivers content that aims to engage and inform its audience.

Common Job Titles: Remote Homepage Editor, Remote Senior Editor Politics

11. Hearst Communications

What They Do: Hearst Communications, Inc. is a media production company. Hearst Communications, Inc. owns and operates cable television networks, local television stations, magazines, newspapers, and digital media properties. This company also manages assets in the transportation, financial services, medical, and software industries.

Common Job Titles: Commerce Editor, Remote Ad Product Manager

12. The New York Times Company

What They Do: The New York Times Company is a mass media corporation. This global media organization is focused on creating, collecting, and distributing news and information via print, digital, internet, puzzle, and video products. The New York Times Company provides independent journalism to help people understand the world.

Common Job Titles: Remote Supervising Editor, Remote Photo Editor

13. Axios Media

What They Do: Axios Media Inc. is an online media company that is focused on unbiased news reporting. Axios Media Inc. provides a news and information website offering news coverage on topics such as business, politics, technology, healthcare, and media trends. The content is designed to be brief, easily shareable, and formatted to be easily read on social media platforms.

Common Job Titles: Remote Breaking News Reporter, Remote Associate Director – Axios Live

14. The Daily Dot

What They Do: The Daily Dot (Fragment Media Group) is an online media and publishing company. The Daily Dot offers an online publication covering internet culture. The website provides original content about online communities, social media, and streaming.

Common Job Titles: Remote Media Buyer Newsletter Ads

15. NPR (National Public Radio, Inc.)

What They Do: NPR (National Public Radio, Inc.) is an independent news organization. The group strives to provide non-partisan coverage of the latest happenings in economics, politics, and the arts.

Common Job Titles: Remote Overnight Up First Editor

Discover Your Next Remote Journalism Role

Exploring remote journalism jobs can open doors to exciting new opportunities. The 15 companies listed here offer diverse roles for journalists who want to work from anywhere. Each of these organizations values creativity, flexibility, and the unique perspectives remote journalists bring to their teams.

Embrace the flexibility and freedom that come with working remotely. Whether you’re an experienced journalist or just starting your career, there’s a perfect opportunity out there for you. Your next great journalism job might be just a click away. Jump into the world of remote journalism and discover where your passion can take you.

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Original content from September 2020 article written by Eric Schad.

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