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Top 13 Georgia Remote Jobs

Top Georgia remote jobs

Have you grown tired of the monotonous 9-to-5 routine of your working life? With a growing field of high-paying remote jobs throughout Georgia, you can say goodbye to a traditional work schedule! Hone in on your ideal work-life balance with these Georgia remote jobs and discover the off-site flexibility you’ve always wanted.

1. IT Project Manager

Average Wage: $70.37 per hour (Bureau of Labor Statistics [BLS], 2019)

Job Growth Rate: 11% (BLS)

Job Description: Holding the crown as one of the highest-paying Georgia remote jobs is an IT project manager. An IT project manager is responsible for overseeing the timeline and budget of an IT project to ensure seamless delivery and implementation. To ensure a project runs smoothly, these individuals must act as a leader among IT employees, as well as coordinate effective communication between employees, management, vendors, suppliers, and stakeholders.

Requirements: IT project managers typically hold a degree in business, business administration, or another business-related field. However, knowledge of IT systems or computer science is beneficial to streamlining and understanding a project from the ground up.

2. Marketing Manager

Average Wage: $65.34 per hour (BLS, 2019)

Job Growth Rate: 8% (BLS)

Job Description: Marketing managers are responsible for analyzing the trends and behaviors of their target customers to develop effective marketing plans. Then, utilizing project management skills, the marketing manager will lead the team to implement marketing campaigns using both print and digital media. These individuals must also calculate return on investment and develop marketing budgets.

Requirements: Most employers require a bachelor’s degree in business, advertising, or marketing, although some may also require a master’s degree in marketing or business administration. In addition to a sound knowledge of marketing, candidates may also need skills in project management, statistics, and accounting. An internship is also highly recommended to pursue a job as a marketing manager.

3. Sales Manager

Annual Wage: $60.89 per hour (BLS, 2019)

Job Growth Rate: 5% (BLS)

Job Description: Sales managers lead, mentor, and coach a team of sales professionals. To meet their sales quotas, these professionals must handle duties such as assigning sales territories, building a sales plan, spearheading training seminars, hiring new employees, and letting go of underperformers. Sales managers may also set up a rewards or commission system as an incentive for their employees.

Requirements: Most sales managers have a bachelor’s degree in a business-related field. However, a high school diploma with proven management or sales experience may be sufficient for some positions.

4. Security Analyst

Average Wage: $47.95 per hour (BLS, 2019)

Job Growth Rate: 32% (BLS)

Job Description: Security analysts in the IT world monitor network systems and digital assets to protect them from data breaches. To successfully complete their job, analysts must conduct security assessments, keep software up to date, perform internal and external security audits, and create a disaster recovery plan. Some security analysts may also construct training manuals or educate colleagues about online security to further mitigate the risk of a breach.

Requirements: Employers typically require a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a computer-related field in order to become a security analyst. A certification such as a Certified Information Security Manager or a Certified Computer Crime Investigator is also highly desirable.

5. Java Developer

Average Wage: $39.93 per hour (PayScale, 2020)

Job Growth Rate: 21% (BLS, 2019)

Job Description: Using Java—a computing platform and programming language—Java developers create web-based applications for a variety of businesses. Typically, this job entails writing applications or revising existing applications to meet the needs of clients. After development, Java developers also test the program to ensure maximum functionality. Some Java developers may also guide and train lower-level employees on the latest Java updates and features.

Requirements: Java developers must have a comprehensive knowledge of Java, as well as supplemental knowledge of other programming platforms and languages. An associate’s degree with knowledge of Java is sufficient for some jobs. Other employers may require a four-year degree in computer science or software development.

6. Speech-Language Pathologist

Average Wage: $38.04 per hour (BLS, 2019)

Job Growth Rate: 27% (BLS)

Job Description: Speech-language pathologists are healthcare professionals who diagnose, assess, and treat language, speech, cognitive-communication, and swallowing disorders in both children and adults. They may also provide aural rehabilitation services to the deaf or those hard of hearing.

Requirements: All speech-language pathologists must have a master’s degree from an accredited university to practice. Many of these professionals also earn a Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) by passing the national exam and completing a supervised clinical fellowship for one year. Most states require licensure to qualify for employment. Continuing education courses may also be necessary.

7. Software Engineer

Average Wage: $35.16 per hour (PayScale, 2020)

Job Growth Rate: 21% (BLS, 2019)

Job Description: Software engineering is a broad field that encompasses everything from creating customer-focused webpages to maintaining network security. Using a set of IT engineering principles, frameworks, and other platforms they build applications from start to finish. They may work as part of a larger team of engineers or developers, or they may construct these applications and tests solo.

Requirements: In most instances, a software engineer must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software development, or another computer-related field. Some engineers may also find employment with strong proficiency in software engineering coupled with either a high school diploma or an associate’s degree and commensurate experience.

9. UX Designer

Average Wage: $34.95 per hour (PayScale, 2020)

Job Growth Rate: N/A

Job Description: A UX (user experience) designer is the person responsible for the layout and interactivity of a particular webpage or app. Before designing a website, UX designers must research and assess the needs of customers to create a streamlined interface. UX designers work closely with software developers to bring their graphic interfaces to life through coding and a content management system.

Requirements: UX designers need a bachelor’s degree in a technical or computer-related field. Strong knowledge of graphics editing software such as Adobe PhotoShop and Sketch is also highly coveted in the industry. More complex websites or highly technical products may require some UX designers to obtain a master’s degree to competently manage their position.

8. Accountant

Average Wage: $34.40 per hour (BLS, 2019)

Job Growth Rate: 6% (BLS)

Job Description: Although accountants deal with numbers and balancing the general ledger, their main job duty is to ensure the company finances are running efficiently. To measure the efficiency of their employer, accountants must analyze accounting reports, tax records, and budgetary requirements. They may also create financial reports and organize other accounting data.

Requirements: All accountants must hold a bachelor’s degree in accounting to gain employment. While some positions may require only this degree, other jobs may require a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation.

10. Client Technical Support Representative

Average Wage: $26.33 per hour (BLS, 2019)

Job Growth Rate: 10% (BLS)

Job Description: Client technical support representatives help customers and clients navigate software and troubleshoot computer problems. This may include companies that sell computer hardware and software, as well as organizations that use software or an online platform as part of their products, services, or internal workings. Typical job duties include diagnosing technical problems, providing consultations, and teaching clients how to use a particular program or website.

Requirements: Entry-level requirements vary to become a client tech support representative. Some positions may require only an associate’s degree or some postsecondary education, while a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field may be a prerequisite for more technical or complex software.

11. Graphic Designer

Average Wage: $25.05 per hour (BLS, 2019)

Job Growth Rate: 3% (BLS)

Job Description: Using their creativity and knowledge of art and design software packages, a graphic designer blends form and function in both print and online media. Their goal is to create visually pleasing logos and other types of promotional and advertising materials while also building brand loyalty and brand recognition. Graphic designers work within a wide array of industries with clients ranging from startups to multinational corporations.

Requirements: To become a graphic designer, most candidates need at least a bachelor’s degree in an art-related field with a minor or secondary education in marketing or advertising. They may also have a business-related education combined with the talent to craft interesting logos and other ads. In addition, strong knowledge of video and photo editing software is preferred.

12. Bilingual Testing Evaluator

Average Wage: $24.92 per hour (BLS, 2019)

Job Growth Rate: 19% (BLS)

Job Description: Perhaps one of the most in-demand Georgia remote jobs is a bilingual testing evaluator. Bilingual testing evaluators are essential personnel in the education sector for students who don’t speak English as their native language. For example, evaluators take test answers from English exams and assign them a score based on established standards. This may include evaluating answers in subjects such as reading, writing, science, physics, mathematics, physics, and social studies.

Requirements: To become a bilingual testing evaluator, candidates must be fluent in both English and another language. However, some employers may also require a bachelor’s degree in a foreign language as well as English proficiency. Basic computer skills are also a requirement for employment.

13. Medical Coding Specialist

Average Wage: $19.40 per hour (BLS, 2019)

Job Growth Rate: 11% (BLS)

Job Description: Medical coding specialists process health insurance claims and reimbursements for patients through medical coding software. Using a set of codes, these specialists review codes for accuracy to streamline the reimbursement process between an insurance company or government entity and the patient. They may also help resolve issues between these parties if a code is entered incorrectly.

Requirements: An associate’s degree in medical coding or the completion of a certificate program gives medical coding specialists the skills they need to excel in their position. To boost their resume or increase their pay, medical coding specialists may also obtain a specialized, post-graduate certificate such as a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) or a Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CPMA) distinction.

As you can see from the above list, regardless of your skillset, work experience, or education, Virtual Vocations offers access to hundreds of vetted Georgia remote jobs in top-paying, high-growth industries. Begin your search today to find the flexible, remote job that gels with your career and personal aspirations.


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