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9 Remote-Friendly Companies with the Best Maternity Leave

Navigating the job market as an expectant parent can be a daunting task. Especially when you’re looking for opportunities that allow you to work remotely. The quest for a position that supports work-life balance becomes even more critical when you add maternity leave into the mix. Fortunately, a number of forward-thinking organizations have recognized the importance of providing robust parental leave policies to attract and retain top talent. This article highlights nine remote-friendly companies with the best maternity leave benefits.

We’ll give you a closer look at employers who understand the value of supporting their employees through one of life’s most significant milestones. These companies not only offer the flexibility of remote work, but also ensure that new parents are given ample time to bond with their newborns, without having to worry about their professional standing.

Understanding the Importance of Generous Parental Leave Policies

Understanding the landscape of parental leave in the U.S. is crucial when discussing why companies with the best maternity leave policies stand out. The U.S. is unique among industrialized nations for not mandating paid leave for new parents at a federal level. This gap places a significant emphasis on employers to fill the void. As a result, it’s important for you to select a company that values work-life balance and family time. Here are some pertinent facts and statistics.

Federal Policy

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) allows eligible employees up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for certain family and medical reasons, including the birth of a child. However, this applies only to certain employees and does not guarantee paid leave.

State Initiatives

Some states have taken matters into their own hands, offering paid family leave policies that go beyond federal guidelines. For example, New York and California have programs in place that offer several weeks of paid leave, funded through employee-paid payroll taxes.

Impact on Families

According to the Pew Research Center, the lack of paid leave can have significant financial and emotional impacts on families. In fact, about one-in-four mothers return to work just two weeks after giving birth.

Business Benefits

Companies offering generous maternity and paternity leave not only support their employees during critical life events but also benefit from higher retention rates, improved employee morale, and a stronger employer brand.

In this context, companies with the best maternity leave policies emerge as leaders. They understand that supporting employees through major life transitions isn’t just good ethics — it’s good business. By offering remote work flexibility along with substantial parental leave, these organizations set a benchmark for what modern employment should look like. And in doing so, they pave the way for a healthier, more inclusive workplace culture.

Top 9 Remote-Friendly Companies Championing Extended Maternity Leave

For moms looking to balance the expansion of their families with their career aspirations, finding a supportive employer is key. We’ve sifted through our extensive Remote Companies Database and cross-referenced it with Fairygodboss’s list of “180 Companies Who Offer The Best Paid Leave” to spotlight the employers who excel in flexibility for working families. The result is our curated list of nine remote-friendly companies that stand out for offering at least 20 weeks of fully-paid maternity leave. These organizations are not just leaders in remote work; they are champions for parents. And they’re ensuring that the critical early weeks of parenthood are supported without compromise to professional growth.

1. Amazon


Amazon.com, Inc., a powerhouse in technology and entertainment, stands as the world’s leading e-commerce marketplace. Beyond its vast online presence, Amazon is deeply involved in cloud computing, hardware development, and artificial intelligence. Amazon not only dominates the global e-commerce landscape but also plays a pivotal role in cloud computing through its subsidiary, Amazon Web Services (AWS), which provides powerful and scalable cloud computing solutions.

When it comes to supporting working families, Amazon delivers with up to 20 weeks of fully paid maternity and parental leave for the birth or adoption of a child. Additionally, expectant mothers can take advantage of four weeks of pre-partum leave. To ease the transition back to work, Amazon’s “Ramp Back” program allows new parents eight weeks of flexible, reduced work schedules. These benefits are extended to employees who have completed at least a year of uninterrupted service at Amazon.

Remote Jobs You May Find with Amazon:

  • Senior Creative Copy
  • Senior Security Engineer
  • Senior Manager Business Operations

2. Atlassian

Atlassian specializes in software development. They offer a robust platform that aids developers and managers with tools for internal communications, bug tracking, and workflow management. Embracing a dynamic and results-driven work culture, Atlassian is committed to diversity and creating a safe, empowering environment for all employees.

Atlassian not only champions up to 20 weeks of paid maternity leave, but also embraces the vision that work isn’t a place you go, but a journey you embark on. Through their “Team Anywhere” initiative, they empower employees with the freedom to work from any location, offering unparalleled flexibility. Atlassian is dedicated to shaping a distributed future of work where flexibility and choice stand at the forefront.

Remote Jobs You May Find with Atlassian:

  • Design Operations Lead AI
  • Enterprise Development Representative 2024 Graduate
  • Senior Partner Programs Manager Solutions

3. Dropbox


Dropbox, Inc. delivers secure online file sharing services, allowing users to store, organize, and share data in a protected online environment. The platform supports digital communication and real-time collaboration among work teams. To promote work-life balance, Dropbox provides ample vacation time for its employees. Additionally, the company sponsors seminars for employees to acquire new technical skills, enhancing their professional development.

Dropbox extends an impressive support package to employees embarking on the journey of parenthood, offering 24 weeks of paid leave for the birth or adoption of a new child. To smooth the transition back into professional responsibilities, Dropbox offers a “Transition Week.” A week designed to ease parents back into their roles. Additionally, the company supports the adoption process with up to $10,000 in reimbursement per child, for up to two successful adoptions.

Remote Jobs You May Find with Dropbox:

  • Platform Operations Lead
  • Data Engineer
  • Principal Software Engineer, Product Platform

4. Etsy

Etsy, Inc. is as a global marketplace that connects entrepreneurial artisans with consumers seeking unique, hand-crafted items. They also facilitate partnerships with manufacturers to help sellers scale their businesses. Beyond its role as a platform for creativity and commerce, Etsy is renowned for its commitment to sustainability. They’ve even pledged to offset carbon emissions from shipping. Etsy offers progressive policies, including comprehensive health benefits, generous parental leave, and a focus on diversity and inclusion. They’re clearly creating a supportive environment for their employees to thrive both professionally and personally.

Etsy stands out by providing a generous 26 weeks of fully-paid parental leave accessible to employees of all genders. This commitment to inclusivity extends to their health plan, which covers fertility treatments, including up to four complete IVF cycles and egg freezing. Jobseekers will want to consider Etsy’s support system if they’re looking to start or grow their families.

Remote Jobs You May Find with Etsy:

  • Group Product Manager, Experimentation
  • Senior Helpdesk Technician I
  • Senior Director, Assistant General Counsel, Product & Marketing

5. Google

Google is renowned for its ubiquitous search engine, which has become synonymous with online information discovery. Beyond its search capabilities, Google has expanded into a vast array of services, including email (Gmail) and an extensive suite of productivity tools (Google Workspace). Google’s innovation extends to pioneering developments in artificial intelligence, self-driving cars through Waymo, and significant contributions to open-source software.

Google provides a robust family support program, including 24 weeks of paid maternity leave and 18 weeks of paid paternity leave. Additionally, employees have access to egg-freezing benefits and a maximum of three lifetime IVF treatment cycles. The coverage extends to all associated add-on treatments, though it does not include certain clinics. This approach ensures that Google’s plan encompasses a broad spectrum of family planning options.

Remote Jobs You May Find with Google:

  • Billing Operations Manager
  • Product Manager, Service Excellence
  • Senior Staff Software Engineer Generative AI

6. Microsoft

Microsoft is a global leader in technology and innovation, renowned for its extensive range of personal computing products, consumer electronics, and software solutions. Best known for its Windows operating systems and Office productivity suite, Microsoft also excels in cloud computing with Azure, gaming with the Xbox brand, and professional networking through LinkedIn. The company’s commitment to technological advancement extends to artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and digital security.

Microsoft prioritizes work-life balance by offering comprehensive leave policies for new parents and family caregivers, alongside adoption assistance. They further support families through parenting classes and various family support programs. To ease the challenges of caregiving, they provide subsidized and discounted childcare, along with backup care solutions for children, adults, and elders, ensuring employees have the support they need to focus on their loved ones.

Remote Jobs You May Find with Microsoft:

  • Software Engineer
  • Market Research Manager Cloud Marketing
  • Director of Partner Operations

7. Mozilla

Mozilla Corporation, a champion of open-source software development, has a mission to ensure the internet remains open and accessible to all. Renowned for creating the Firefox web browser, Mozilla also develops a suite of other influential software products. Initiatives that underscore Mozilla’s commitment to innovation, privacy, and user empowerment in the digital age.

Mozilla’s approach to parental leave accommodates the diverse needs of their global workforce. The company goes above and beyond by offering 26 weeks of paid leave for childbearing parents and 12 weeks for non-birthing parents or adoption/foster parents, ensuring a supportive environment for families to thrive.

Remote Jobs You May Find with Mozilla:

  • Senior Design Systems Designer
  • Email Administrator
  • Global HR Assessment Consultant

8. Netflix

Netflix revolutionized the way we consume entertainment with its extensive library of on-demand content, encompassing TV shows, movies, and documentaries. Beyond merely offering content from various studios, Netflix has made a significant mark with its critically acclaimed original productions, including hits like “Stranger Things” and “The Crown.” These originals draw in millions of viewers worldwide and underscores Netflix’s role as a major player in the entertainment sector.

Fairygodboss reports that Netflix sets a remarkable standard with 52 weeks of paid maternity leave. Netflix’s own declaration on their website encapsulates their policy succinctly: “Take care of your baby and yourself.” This approach offers parents the freedom to take the time they need, underscoring the company’s commitment to flexibility and support for new families.

Remote Jobs You May Find with Netflix:

  • Senior Technical Producer
  • Senior Product Manager
  • Content Design Lead

9. Salesforce


Salesforce, a global leader in customer relationship management (CRM) software, offers a dynamic cloud-based platform that revolutionizes how businesses connect with their customers. Its comprehensive suite enables enhanced customer engagement, sophisticated account management, targeted marketing strategies, and seamless internal collaboration.

Understanding the importance of bonding with a new baby or adopted child is at the heart of Salesforce’s support for families. Their parental leave policy ensures employees receive either 100% of their base salary or 80% of their on-target earnings (OTE) — which includes base salary, target commissions, and bonuses — without a weekly cap.

  • Primary caregivers have access to 26 weeks of paid leave.
  • Secondary caregivers are entitled to 12 weeks of paid leave.
  • Additionally, they offer a phased return-to-work plan. This allows you to ease back into work with a four-day week for the first four weeks following your parental leave.

Remote Jobs You May Find with Salesforce:

  • Sales Strategy Analyst
  • Partner Account Manager
  • Senior Solution Consultant

Embracing Work-Life Balance: Companies Leading the Way in Maternity Leave

It’s clear that the landscape of work and family life is evolving. These organizations are leading the charge, offering generous leave policies that support the wellbeing of new parents and their families. By prioritizing flexibility, care, and comprehensive benefits, they set a high standard for parental leave and also underscore the value of a supportive work environment. If you’re planning to expand your family, these employers demonstrate a commitment to fostering an inclusive and nurturing culture. Remember, the right company for you is one that supports both your professional growth and your family’s needs.

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Original article content written October 2019 by Mia Alanis.

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