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The 6 Best Remote Jobs in Los Angeles

If you live in or are considering a move to the Los Angeles area, you may enjoy the sunny, temperate climate, but the freeways are another story. Boasting some of the worse traffic and highest pollution levels in the country, an LA commute can be a real nightmare. However, since the pandemic forced most of the workforce to work from home, an alternative to a long, freeway commute has emerged in the form of remote jobs in Los Angeles.

In addition to saving your sanity and the planet, working from home in Los Angeles can be a real money saver in a city with a high cost of living. And this is a problem that is only getting worse. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports a 4.6% increase in the Consumer Price Index for the LA area over the past year, largely due to a 25.9% jump in energy costs driven by higher gas prices.

Are you looking for remote jobs in Los Angeles? Below is a selection of the best work from home jobs to choose from.

1. Information Technology

With some of the most influential tech companies located close by, Los Angeles is a great place to secure remote employment in the information technology industry. Since the pandemic, demand for technical talent has exploded, making it a worker’s market for the first time in decades. According to the LA Times, IT professionals such as software developers and quality engineers can write their own tickets.

IT Wages in Los Angeles

Software developers, quality assurance analysts, and testers in Los Angeles earn an average hourly wage of $56.91 and $118,360 annually as of May 2020 (BLS).

Employers that Frequently Hire for IT Positions:



Solugenix Corporation is an information technology services company.


Intuit Inc.

Intuit Inc. is a software development company specializing in business and financial products.

PatientPop Inc.

PatientPop, Inc.

PatientPop, Inc. is a healthcare services technology company.

2. K-12 Teacher

One industry at the forefront of developing new tools and procedures to accommodate remote work is education. Indeed, these advances, as well as more acceptance by parents, mean that there are more opportunities for K-12 teachers to work remotely in Los Angeles.

K-12 Teacher Wages in Los Angeles

K-12 teachers earn an average of $87,230 – $90,600 annually (BLS).

Employers that Frequently Hire for K-12 Teacher Positions:

California Virtual Academies logo

California Virtual Academies

California Virtual Academies is a collection of online learning academies.

Insight Schools of California

Insight Schools of California

Insight Schools of California is a provider of online learning services for grades 9-12.

IQ Academy

IQ Academy (KC Distance Learning, LLC)

IQ Academy (KC Distance Learning, LLC) is a virtual schooling service for middle and high school.

3. Postsecondary Instructor

Instructors at the college and university level are also in great demand for remote positions. Apart from the usual perks of working remotely, postsecondary instructors in a variety of fields are some of the fastest-growing and highest-paid positions in Los Angeles as well.

Postsecondary Instructor wages in Los Angeles

Annual wages vary widely. Depending on the field, instructors may earn a low of an average $83,860 per year for social work instructors to a high of $170,120 for family and consumer sciences teachers (BLS).

Employers That Frequently Hire for Postsecondary Instructor Positions:

Los Angeles Pacific University

Los Angeles Pacific University

Los Angeles Pacific University is an accredited, online Christian university.

Fielding Graduate University

Fielding Graduate University

Fielding Graduate University is an accredited non-profit university.


Sketchy Group, LLC (SketchyMedical)

Sketchy Group, LLC (SketchyMedical) is a learning platform provider.

4. Healthcare

In addition to healthcare positions being one of the city’s fastest-growing job categories, the rise of telehealth technologies means there are plenty of remote jobs in Los Angeles available. The positions available that involve direct patient care vary from school speech pathologists to nursing care and virtual therapy. Other positions are available that support medical operations.

Healthcare Wages in Los Angeles

The average wage for individuals in healthcare occupations as of May 2020 is $49.27 per hour and $102,480 per year. The highest-paid position is for psychiatrists who command an average of $252,080 annually (BLS).

 Employers That Frequently Hire for Healthcare Positions:

Sensible Care

Sensible Care, LLC

Sensible Care, LLC is a mental healthcare company.

SCAN Health logo

SCAN Health Plan

SCAN Health Plan is a non-profit healthcare company specializing in services for seniors.

ProCare Therapy

ProCare Therapy

ProCare Therapy is a national staffing and recruiting company for school therapists and clinicians.

5. Marketing

Marketing is a high-growth profession in Los Angeles and makes both the fastest-growing and highest-paid lists. Unsurprisingly, many available positions are asking for specialized skills in digital marketing, such as social media planners, content managers, and SEO specialists.

Marketing Wages in Los Angeles

The average wage for a marketing manager as of May 2020 is $77.25 per hour and $160,680 per year (BLS).

Employers That Frequently Hire for Marketing Positions:

Crossmedia USA


Crossmedia is a digital marketing agency.

Wasserman logo


Wasserman is a sports marketing and talent management company.

Trigger Global Inc.

Trigger Global Inc.

Trigger Global Inc. is a marketing agency.

6. Customer Service

Customer service jobs are great entry-level remote jobs in Los Angeles because they are available in most industries. Besides, these jobs are also popular due to the opportunity for a flexible schedule, stable pay, and minimal education and experience requirements to get started.

CSR Wages in Los Angeles

Customer Service Representatives make an average hourly wage of $20.32 and $42,270 per year as of May 2020 (BLS).

Employers That Frequently Hire for Customer Service Positions:



Loginsoft is an information technology and staffing company.



WelbeHealth is a healthcare and senior living company.

Everlight Solar

Everlight Solar

Everlight Solar is a provider of residential clean energy solutions.



ComplYant is a financial technology company.

With unemployment dropping and many companies implementing new remote work models, there is a wide variety of work from home positions available in Los Angeles. Free yourself from your freeway commute using Virtual Vocations!

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