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Top 25 Employer Partners for Fully Remote Jobs in 2024

Virtual Vocations names 25 of the best companies for fully remote hiring this year. The “Top 25 Employer Partners for Fully Remote Jobs in 2024” list includes more than two dozen vetted remote-enabled companies to watch for virtual hiring across 12 key job industries.

25 Employer Partners for Fully Remote Jobs in 2024 Report Overview

This is our fifth annual list naming the top Virtual Vocations Employer Partners known for remote and work-at-home hiring. We compiled our report using internal Virtual Vocations company data gathered from January 1–December 31, 2023. You can access our annual Employer Partner lists for 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 via these links:

Virtual Vocations Employer Partner Alert

Who Are Employer Partners?

Virtual Vocations Employer Partners are businesses and organizations with a shared goal to hire top-quality remote talent. To accomplish their goal, these companies post remote job openings directly to our job board. Prior to joining the program, each company undergoes a vetting process to ensure its business and job postings meet Virtual Vocations’ strict quality standards. We highlight Employer Partner job postings in a weekly curated blog post called the Employer Alert.

How Do Employer Partners Qualify for the Annual Top 25 List?

Employer Partner Program members met the following criteria to be included on our “Top 25 Employer Partners for Fully Remote Jobs in 2024” list:

  • Vetted Employer Partner Program member in good standing.
  • Active Employer Partner, in which a member of their team posted more than one verified remote job opening to the Virtual Vocations job board during the previous year.
  • Ranked among the top 25 Employer Partners—based on the number of remote job openings the company shared to the Virtual Vocations job board during the year prior.

Employer Partner Program Remote Hiring Data

Considering their hiring patterns from the previous 12 months, our 2024 Employer Partners list includes companies to watch for remote hiring throughout the current year. During 2023, we monitored remote employment trends, including the hiring activities of new and existing Employer Partners, via these quarterly jobs reports.

Throughout 2023, 68 Employer Partners added nearly 600 fully remote job postings to the Virtual Vocations job board. The Virtual Vocations database includes fully remote job postings encompassing more than 40 career fields. The top 25 Employer Partners for 2024 represent the following remote-enabled job categories:

Top 12 Industries for Employer Partner Remote Jobs

Top 25 Employer Partners List

Within our 2024 list of the best Employer Partners for fully remote hiring, we included an award badge for each Employer Partner, a summary of the business’s industry and focus, examples of fully remote jobs for which these Employer Partners may hire, and a button connecting readers to a researched Virtual Vocations company profile of that business. Our company profiles are housed in the Virtual Vocations Remote Companies Database—a free resource where jobseekers can find more than 15,000 profiles of businesses known for filling fully remote jobs.

An IT and software solutions company

Examples of Remote Jobs With BairesDev

  • Account Manager – Fully Remote
  • Business Development Executive – Fully Remote
  • Investment Associate – Fully Remote
  • Sales Executive – Fully Remote
  • Senior Outside Sales Executive – Fully Remote

A global CX technology and services company

Examples of Remote Jobs With TTEC

  • Bilingual Insurance Customer Service Associate – Fully Remote
  • Director of Assurance Management – Fully Remote
  • Executive Director of Client Success Management – Fully Remote
  • Seasonal Healthcare Service Delivery Manager – Fully Remote
  • Service Industry Team Lead – Fully Remote

A 100% virtual real estate brokerage firm

Examples of Remote Jobs With eXp Realty

  • U.S. Communications and Programs Marketing Manager – Fully Remote
  • Data Management Specialist – Fully Remote
  • Domestic Tax Compliance Manager – Fully Remote
  • Revenos Affinity Coordinator – Fully Remote
  • eXp Radio Manager – Fully Remote

A tutoring and learning technology company

Examples of Remote Jobs With Littera Education

  • Bilingual Spanish K-12 Tutor – Fully Remote
  • Customer Support Specialist – Fully Remote
  • K-12 Reading or English Tutor – Fully Remote
  • Algebra I Tutor – Fully Remote
  • Middle School Math Tutor – Fully Remote

An online education company

Examples of Remote Jobs With Achieve Test Prep

  • Substitute Social Science Instructor – Fully Remote
  • Digital Brand Designer – Fully Remote
  • Bookkeeper – Fully Remote
  • Social Media Specialist – Fully Remote
  • Math Instructor – Fully Remote

A digital marketing company

Examples of Remote Jobs With Launch Potato

  • AI Content Editor – Fully Remote
  • Lead Trending Topics Editor – Fully Remote
  • Senior Product Manager – Fully Remote
  • Editorial Assistant – Fully Remote
  • Associate Business Analyst – Fully Remote

A video membership platform for creators

Examples of Remote Jobs With Uscreen

  • Brand Designer – Fully Remote
  • Senior Product Designer – Fully Remote
  • Tier 1 Technical Support Specialist – Fully Remote
  • Senior Web Designer – Fully Remote
  • App Launch Specialist – Fully Remote

A non-profit organization that combats breast cancer

Examples of Remote Jobs With Susan G. Komen

  • Email and Web Designer – Fully Remote
  • Senior Cloud Engineering Support Director – Fully Remote
  • Workplace Fundraising Specialist – Fully Remote
  • Seasonal DIY and Pickleball Fundraising Support Specialist – Fully Remote
  • Senior Full Stack Developer – Fully Remote

A cryptocurrency ATM network

Examples of Remote Jobs With Bitcoin Depot

  • VP of Finance – Fully Remote
  • Tax Accountant – Fully Remote
  • Senior Full Stack Engineer – Fully Remote
  • Marketing Director – Fully Remote
  • Software Engineering Manager – Fully Remote

A digital learning company

Examples of Remote Jobs With

  • SME Practice Question Writer – Fully Remote
  • Business Lesson Writer – Fully Remote
  • SEO Academic Content Writer – Fully Remote
  • EMT Lesson Writer – Fully Remote
  • Curriculum Reviewer – Fully Remote

A digital tools provider for churches

Examples of Remote Jobs With Subsplash

  • Digital Ad Specialist – Fully Remote
  • Content Marketing Manager – Fully Remote
  • Senior Financial Analyst – Fully Remote
  • Backend Software Development Engineer II – Fully Remote
  • Customer Onboarding Specialist I – Fully Remote

A personal growth platform developer

Examples of Remote Jobs With GrowthDay

  • Tech Lead Manager – Fully Remote
  • Backend Developer – Fully Remote
  • Mobile Engineer – Fully Remote
  • Senior DevOps Architect – Fully Remote
  • Mobile Application Developer – Fully Remote

A 100% virtual business services firm

Examples of Remote Jobs With Boldly

  • Bilingual French Executive Assistant – Fully Remote
  • Legal Assistant – Fully Remote
  • Administrative and Marketing Assistant – Fully Remote
  • Virtual Executive Assistant – Fully Remote
  • Marketing and Social Media Specialist – Fully Remote

A virtual contract outsourcing company

Examples of Remote Jobs With NexRep

  • Patient Resource Specialist – Fully Remote
  • As Seen On TV Sale Representative – Fully Remote
  • Teledoc Customer Service Representative – Fully Remote
  • Bilingual French Email CSR – Fully Remote
  • Bilingual Spanish Customer Service Rep – Fully Remote

An insurance coverage and benefits provider

Examples of Remote Jobs With USAble Life

  • Membership Specialist I – Fully Remote
  • Partner Management Staff Assistant – Fully Remote
  • Premium Billing Specialist – Fully Remote
  • Project Management Office Manager – Fully Remote
  • Data Governance Manager – Fully Remote

A business consulting firm

Examples of Remote Jobs With A Squared Online

  • Operations Coordinator – Fully Remote
  • Project Manager – Fully Remote
  • Marketing Operations Coordinator – Fully Remote
  • Operations Assistant – Fully Remote
  • Program and Marketing Assistant – Fully Remote

A boutique recruiting agency

Examples of Remote Jobs With We Recruit Well

  • Operations and Marketing Coordinator – Fully Remote
  • Executive Assistant – Fully Remote
  • Accounting Associate – Fully Remote
  • Success Catalyst and Operations Guru – Fully Remote
  • Pastoral Executive Assistant – Fully Remote

A business services and consulting firm

Examples of Remote Jobs With Omni Interactions

  • Customer Service Representative – Fully Remote
  • Bilingual Spanish CSR for Puerto Rico – Fully Remote
  • Licensed Health Insurance Agent – Fully Remote
  • Senior Sales Development Representative – Fully Remote
  • Licensed Property and Casualty Insurance Agent – Fully Remote

A personal assistant recruiting firm

Examples of Remote Jobs With Elite Virtual Assistants

  • Executive Assistant – Fully Remote
  • Legal Assistant – Fully Remote
  • Personal Assistant – Fully Remote
  • Digital Marketing Assistant – Fully Remote
  • Learning Support Specialist – Fully Remote

A specialty marketing firm

Examples of Remote Jobs With SMC National

  • Coaching Department Manager – Fully Remote
  • Controller – Fully Remote
  • Practice Development Coach – Fully Remote
  • Full Arch Dental Operations Integration Coach – Fully Remote
  • Internal Marketing Specialist – Fully Remote

A 100% virtual digital education organization

Examples of Remote Jobs With Artisan E-Learning

  • E-Learning Developer – Fully Remote
  • Director of Instructional Design – Fully Remote
  • Brand Manager – Fully Remote
  • Project Manager – Fully Remote
  • Lead Instructional Designer – Fully Remote

A business services provider

Examples of Remote Jobs With Paragon Planners

  • Administrative Assistant Scheduler – Fully Remote
  • Administrative Scheduler – Fully Remote
  • Administrative Assistant for Financial Planners – Fully Remote
  • Regional Scheduler – Fully Remote
  • Marketing Specialist – Fully Remote

An immersive technology company

Examples of Remote Jobs With Virbela

  • Evening Shift Tier II Technical Support Specialist – Fully Remote
  • Software Engineer – Fully Remote
  • Remote Tier 2 Tech Support Specialist – Fully Remote
  • Senior Software Engineer – Fully Remote
  • Marketing and Communications Associate – Fully Remote

A content creation company

Examples of Remote Jobs With Eleven Writing

  • Human Resources and Business Writer – Fully Remote
  • Business B2B Tech SaaS Writer – Fully Remote
  • Health and Nutrition Writer – Fully Remote
  • Tech Writer – Fully Remote
  • HR Writer – Fully Remote

A workers’ compensation managed care company

Examples of Remote Jobs With EK Health Services

  • Certified Legal Nurse Consultant – Fully Remote
  • Index Intake Coordinator – Fully Remote
  • Workers Compensation Inside Sales Specialist – Fully Remote
  • Medicare Set-Aside CMS Submission Specialist – Fully Remote
  • Telephonic Case Manager RN – Fully Remote

Become a Virtual Vocations Employer Partner

Virtual Vocations helps millions of remote jobseekers and employers connect. Remote-enabled employers in search of highly qualified candidates to fill their fully remote job postings should register for the Virtual Vocations Employer Partner Program. With these Employer Partner Program benefits, businesses and organizations gain even more ways to reach professionals ready to work remotely.

  • Unlimited FREE job postings on all approved telecommute jobs.
  • Submit jobs individually or through feeds.
  • Employer Dashboard to easily manage job listings.
  • Access to application tracking stats including CTR and views.
  • Multiple application methods including direct company link and email.
  • Posted jobs featured in email alerts to 800,000+ remote jobseekers.
  • Permanent Company Profile page written by Virtual Vocations staff.
  • Dedicated Employer & Business Partnerships Manager to assist with hiring needs.
  • Register and submit jobs immediately.

About Virtual Vocations

Virtual Vocations, Inc., founded in 2007, is a private, family-owned, and 100% distributed company. Co-founded by CEO Laura Spawn and her brother, CTO Adam Stevenson, Virtual Vocations connects jobseekers with legitimate, fully remote job openings. All job postings are screened to ensure the highest quality standards. To date, Virtual Vocations has helped more than four million jobseekers find flexible remote work options.

In addition to managing and curating a database that, at any given time, houses more than 15,000 current, hand-screened remote job openings, Virtual Vocations offers jobseekers a number of tools to aid in their job searches. These tools include exclusive, self-paced career courses, digital guides for popular virtual job industries, and downloadable worksheets. The Career Services Division also provides job coaching and interview prep, LinkedIn profile enhancement, and resume and cover letter writing. Virtual Vocations also releases multiple data-driven reports each year on current trends in remote work.

Send questions about Virtual Vocations’ “Top 25 Employer Partners for Fully Remote Jobs in 2024” report to Kimberly Back. Kim is the Senior Job Data Content Producer and can be emailed at kim (at) virtualvocations (dot) com. Please visit Virtual Vocations’ social media profiles to connect. Visit Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest for more remote work content and conversations.

Image credits: Canva; Virtual Vocations images prepared by Kimberly Back

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