Here is a list of companies that upped their game in providing wellness at work programs to their remote workforce

9 Remote Companies That Prioritize Employee Wellness at Work

There is a sea change going on in the workforce. The shifting sands of the pandemic are bubbling up a host of epic changes. From preferences for remote positions to resigning in favor of finding more meaningful roles, there is an increased focus on health and wellness at work. Besides, the pandemic changed people’s priorities. As a result, work, while still important, is no longer ranks top of the list.

Whether working remotely or on-site, employees now expect a benefits package that addresses mental health, stress management, individual and family wellness, and financial health, among others. According to a recent survey by Virtual Vocations, 68% of respondents cite working from home as the least stressful work arrangement, and 77.64% feel that overall health, including mental and physical health, is extremely important to work success.

Changing expectations, combined with a tight labor market, has employers scrambling to develop employee-centric benefits that meet the needs of today’s workers. In fact, a recent benefit trends study conducted by MetLife found employee well-being is predicted to have the greatest impact on the workplace of the future. And, according to Wellable’s Employee Wellness Industry Trends Report, 88% of employers are investing in mental health, 87% in telemedicine, 81% in stress management/resilience, and 69% in mindfulness and meditation.

Meeting the Challenge

Remote-first and all remote companies face a unique set of challenges in meeting the wellness needs of employees. While an office environment allows for creating fitness centers, providing on-site training and in-person counseling, remote workers can be more difficult to reach. In addition to the challenge of identifying employees in need, differences in locations may mean differences in available resources. Despite these challenges, companies are coming up with wellness perks and unique benefits to meet the changing expectations of the workforce.

Check out the nine companies below to see how these fast-growing remote-first or 100% remote organizations prioritize wellness at work.

1. Automattic


Automattic is the web development company that created some of the world’s most popular open-source web publishing tools, including, Jetpack, Simplenote, Longreads, Tumblr, and Akismet, and more. The company is a 100% remote company with over 1,800 employees in 94 countries.

Remote Work Culture

The company culture aims to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion. Bonding is encouraged via daily social communication, quarterly in-person meetings with team members, and an annual company-wide meeting. Connection with customers is highly valued, and all employees spend one week a year providing customer support.

Wellness at Work Benefits

  • Professional development opportunities provided in-house as well as reimbursement for learning-related hardware, software, books, or conferences
  • Career coaching
  • Open vacation policy with no set number of days per year (although a minimum of 25 days is encouraged)
  • Home office setup and coworking allowances
  • Open parental leave, and after 12 months of employment, up to six months of leave is fully paid
  • Anniversary Awards. WordPress-branded laptop at your four-year anniversary. Wireless headphones at your seven-year anniversary
  • Paid three-month sabbatical encouraged every five years
  • Mental wellness benefits via Spring Health and a monthly subscription to a mindfulness app
  • Virtual ergonomic consultations and access to stretch videos and yoga exercises
  • Benefits can vary by location

2. Boldly


Boldly is a business services firm that supplies trained, qualified, remote talent across a variety of disciplines, including executive assistants, marketing, and project management. Clients are located throughout North America and Europe, and all positions are 100% remote.

Remote Work Culture

Boldly promotes themselves as a tight-knit distributed team that engages in frequent communications and group events. All employees are W2, and the company promotes 100% from within. In addition, Boldly is a Great Place to Work certified with 97% of employees saying it’s a great place to work.

Wellness at Work Benefits

  • Flexible workday
  • Ongoing Mentorship
  • Learning & Development
  • Paid Holidays & Parental Leave

3. Brex, Inc.


Brex, Inc. develops financial systems to assist growing businesses, including cash management, expense management, ERP and accounting integrations, fraud protection, and a virtual company credit card. This is a remote-first company that allows employees to work anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, except for Hawaii. Opportunities also exist for in-person collaboration at a local office or WeWork coworking spaces.

Remote Work Culture

Brex promotes a culture of continuous learning and professional growth, ensuring that employees stay connected, motivated, and supported. Besides, the company is also embracing diversity and inclusion. To make sure they hit the mark, Brex conducts regular employee surveys finding that 97% of employees believe in Brex’s mission, vision, and values.

Wellness at Work Benefits

  • Bimonthly learning workshops
  • 1:1 mentoring relationships
  • Leadership development
  • Monthly WFH stipend
  • One-time office reimbursement

4. BrightHire Inc.


BrightHire Inc. is a human resources technology company that developed an interview intelligence platform built into the Zoom application that helps to run structured, high-quality interviews that can be replayed, shared, and analyzed. The company is 100% remote, and employees are enjoying autonomous working from any location.

Remote Work Culture

BrightHire is focused on promoting an enduring and inclusive culture built on autonomy, collaboration, empathy, drive, and enjoyment.

Wellness at Work Benefits

  • Meaningful equity
  • Flexible PTO & vacation bonus
  • Paid parental leave
  • Budget for your work setup
  • Learning & growth stipend
  • Monthly snack delivery

5. Gladly Software Inc.

Gladly Inc.

Gladly Software Inc. provides retailers and brands with a customer-centric platform for engaging and supporting consumers. The company’s software logs customer details, tracks conversations across multiple channels, processes payments, and manages tasks. As a fully remote company, employees are encouraged to work where and when they are most productive.

Remote Work Culture

The work culture at Gladly focuses on putting people first and staying humble. Furthermore, professional development and encouraging employees to take ownership of their work are also important corporate values. The company promotes an open, transparent, and collaborative culture.

Wellness at Work Benefits

  • Monthly fitness stipend
  • Healthy catered meals three times a week
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Sixteen weeks paid parental leave
  • Infertility and adoption benefits
  • Be the master of your own adventure
  • Unlimited vacation time
  • Flexible schedules
  • All-company volunteer days
  • Gladly-hosted Fireside Chats with leading industry professionals
  • Annual company trip to Tahoe

6. Hubstaff


Hubstaff is a fast-growing startup that developed software designed to streamline time tracking and team management, especially for remote teams. This fully remote company employs team members from 30 different countries.

Remote Work Culture

The work culture at Hubstaff values diversity and work-life balance, with team members not expected to work over 40 hours per week. The goal is to make work easier for everyone using their product, both for their own employees and businesses around the world.

Wellness at Work Benefits

Hubstaff benefits include:

  • Twenty five days of annual paid time off
  • Annual stipend for home office equipment and technology
  • Maternity or paternity bonus
  • Annual training allowance
  • Remote retreats
  • In-person annual retreats with the entire team

7. InVision


InVision developed a digital collaboration tool that functions as a virtual whiteboard. The application increases team productivity by facilitating brainstorming, prototyping, prioritizing, and establishing new processes. The company is and always has been a fully distributed organization with employees located in 25 countries.

Remote Work Culture

This company’s culture emphasizes making sure everyone feels connected and engaged while being trusted to design their own work-life balance.

Wellness at Work Benefits

  • Monthly allowance to support remote living, including coffee, snacks, or lunch; a trip to the spa, salon, or barbershop; house cleaning; or groceries
  • Monthly wellness reimbursement
  • Home office budget for new hires and funds for refreshing after two years
  • Annual funds towards self-development, including relevant books, magazines, memberships, and subscriptions
  • Free Headspace account
  • Parental leave
  • Fertility care and support
  • Reimbursement for nursing-related costs during business travel
  • Family caregiving support
  • Peer recognition budget
  • Charitable donation matching
  • Flexible paid time off

8. Qolo


Qolo is a financial services company that specializes in secure B2B payment services. This fully remote company hires candidates located anywhere in the United States.

Remote Work Culture

This company focuses on hiring self-driven professionals and promotes a culture of diversity, autonomy, and continuous learning.

Wellness at Work Benefits

  • Career development opportunities 
  • 75% towards premium for comprehensive medical, dental, vision and life insurance benefits
  • Unlimited paid time off

9. Zapier


Zapier Inc. is an information technology services company that developed a tool that can automate repetitive and tedious tasks by allowing users to integrate 3,000+ business applications without any coding ability. This is a remote-first company with employees signing in from 17 time zones in dozens of countries.

Remote Work Culture

Zapier’s corporate culture focuses on leveraging asynchronous communication to encourage autonomy among employees and allow them to design their workday as they see fit. As a fully distributed team, the emphasis is on using online collaboration tools to connect and build community. Diversity and inclusion are also highly valued in the corporate culture.

Wellness at Work Benefits

  • Bay Area de-location package. Up to $10,000 to help relocate employees outside the uber-expensive San Francisco area.
  • Unlimited vacation policy
  • Profit sharing
  • Two annual company retreats to awesome places
  • Fourteen weeks paid leave for new parents
  • Home office setup stipend
  • Professional development allowance

With the growing evidence of a mental health crisis in the American workforce, it is encouraging to see that companies are taking notice. As evidenced above, remote employers are realizing that the health of their employees is critical to the health of their business. The impact is already tangible when examined in light of increasing employer investment in employee wellness. With more perks and benefits available than ever before, this is the perfect time to go after the perfect remote job for you!

Which of these benefits would make you stay at your job long term? Why are these benefits important to you? Connect with Virtual Vocations on FacebookTwitterLinkedInInstagram, and YouTube to share your thoughts and questions. We’d love to hear from you!

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