11 Part-Time Work from Home Jobs That Pay the Bills

part-time work from home jobs

Would supplemental income help you pay off medical bills, student loans, or credit card debt? Perhaps you’re looking for a second career after retirement? We have good news! You can find reliable, high-paying, part-time work without leaving your home. Read on for our list of part-time work from home jobs that can help pay the bills in 30 hours or less each week.

11 Part-Time Work from Home Jobs That Pay the Bills

Since 2014, U.S. states and territories have been making strides to increase their standard minimum wages. However, the minimum is still not enough to support some families. Cost of living, household size, and various circumstances can leave many workers struggling to make ends meet. Plus, not everyone can work full-time jobs to pay the bills. Some individuals need to stay home to raise kids or care for elderly or disabled family members. Others are unable to work full-time hours due to their own mental or physical challenges.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) found that 27.7 million Americans worked part-time in 2016. Almost one-fifth of this population are considered “involuntary part-time workers” because they want full-time jobs but can’t seem to get them. The remaining population includes “voluntary part-time workers” who choose part-time employment for noneconomic reasons. Common noneconomic reasons include:

  • Lack of access to affordable or available childcare
  • Personal illness or injury
  • Enrollment in school or training programs
  • Interference with social security benefits

Since many American households are far from “standard” and individuals have different reasons for seeking part-time employment, there have to be alternative pathways to pay the bills and save for the future. Telecommuting might be one of those pathways.

While a “good hourly wage” is subjective, you can find plenty of part-time jobs with flexible hours and work-at-home options that pay at least $20 per hour. Consider this list of part-time work from home jobs as motivation to jumpstart your job search.

1. Online Faculty Member

Average Hourly Rate: $34.53 per hour

Job Outlook Through 2026: 15% growth

Overview: Online faculty members teach post-secondary classes to remote students. Some develop self-paced courses, while others provide live video instruction according to a schedule. In either case, faculty members prepare learning materials, presentations, homework assignments, and exams. They also grade student work and may host office hours for individual guidance.

Education Requirements: Online faculty members typically need at least a master’s degree in the field that they teach. State licensure is usually not required at the college level.

Typical Employment Status: Permanent or Independent Contractor

Job Seeker Tip: Colleges usually request three letters of recommendation from professional references who can vouch for your teaching ability. Therefore, it’s best to gather such documentation as soon as possible to avoid application delays.

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2. Registered Nurse (RN)

Median Hourly Rate: $33.65 per hour

Job Outlook Through 2026: 15% growth

Overview: Registered nurses can find telecommute work as part-time case managers, records specialists, and at-home care providers. Some travel to patient homes, clinics, and hospitals to administer care, while others conduct care online or over the phone.

Education Requirements: RNs need either a two-year degree from an accredited nursing school or an associate or bachelor’s degree in nursing. They also need to pass a national certification exam and acquire state licensure.

Typical Employment Status: Permanent or Independent Contractor

Job Seeker Tip: Try to think outside the box during your search. Companies seek talented professionals with RN licenses to perform a variety of tasks. If you want to expand beyond direct patient care, widen your job search and include other skills (e.g., technical, communication, and managerial) on your resumé.

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3. Web Developer

Median Hourly Rate: $32.69 per hour

Job Outlook Through 2026: 15% growth

Overview: Web developers create websites based on a set of design and functionality criteria. They can find part-time work with employers or project-based jobs as independent contractors.

Education Requirements: Though some web developers have a degree in computer science or software development, formal education isn’t imperative to success. You can learn web development online through free and relatively inexpensive courses.

Typical Employment Status: Permanent or Independent Contractor

Job Seeker Tip: Build your own unique projects and showcase them online. Employers want to see examples of your skills, not just a list of your work experiences.

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4. Editor

Median Hourly Rate: $28.25 per hour

Job Outlook Through 2026: little or no change

Overview: Editors read through written materials and look for spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors, with respect to a style guide. They may also provide feedback on flow, tone of voice, and consistency.

Education Requirements: Employers typically seek editors with a background in English, journalism, or a similar field, while some prefer editors with a degree related to a specific industry or field of study. However, many entry-level positions use competency tests to prove skills instead of educational background or work history.

Typical Employment Status: Permanent or Independent Contractor

Job Seeker Tip: To get started, choose an industry or field in which you have the most knowledge and experience. Also, it may be worth brushing up on your grammar skills, reviewing various style guides (e.g., AP Stylebook, APA Style, The Chicago Manual of Style), and taking a few skills tests to prove your abilities.

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5. Sign Language Interpreter

Median Hourly Rate: $25.37 per hour

Job Outlook Through 2026: 18% growth (same for interpreters and translators)

Overview: Sign language interpreters translate spoken words into sign language for individuals with hearing impairments. Some telecommute jobs are educational positions, while others provide interpretation for medical, business, or legal services.

Education Requirements: Some employers require evidence of formal training and documented experience, while others will take competency test results as a more accurate measure of your ability. In either case, you also may need state certification, especially when working with students in grades K-12.

Typical Employment Status: Permanent or Independent Contractor

Job Seeker Tip: Consider recording a few videos of you communicating in sign language. Then, include such videos in your application or post them to a professional online portfolio to give employers a snapshot of your skill level.

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6. Sales Representative

Median Hourly Rate: $25.24 per hour

Job Outlook Through 2026: 3% growth

Overview: Sales representatives make connections with new customers, sell products and services, and provides customer service, troubleshooting, and upselling to existing customers. Depending on the products and nature of the company, they may cover a defined geographic territory or target market. Travel may be required, but most daily tasks can be performed at home.

Education Requirements: Some companies require industry experience in sales or a filed related to their products and services. However, education isn’t valued as much as the ability to sell, maintain clients, and lead a team of sales agents.

Typical Employment Status: Permanent or Independent Contractor

Job Seeker Tip: If you have zero sales experience, you might want to look up some free or inexpensive courses online. Learn fundamental sales terminology and methodology and research as much as you can about products and services in the industry you’re attempting to enter.

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7. Tutor

Average Hourly Rate: $24.29 per hour

Job Outlook Through 2026: 10% to 14% growth

Overview: Tutors supplement traditional learning and help students complete homework, go deeper into concepts, and catch up with their peers. They also help refine skills, develop thinking strategies, and provide a fresh perspective that can give students more confidence when approaching new subjects. Tutors can assist students from kindergarten through college and beyond.

Education Requirements: Tutors usually need at least a post-secondary degree and experience applying their knowledge. However, years of experience can replace educational requirements, depending on the subject and employer. For grades K-8, some employers require a teaching certification and prior classroom experience.

Typical Employment Status: Independent Contractor

Job Seeker Tip: Use your Virtual Vocations profile to create a webpage that specifically highlights your credentials and tutoring personality. Add a few mock lessons to demonstrate your ability to instruct and explain concepts remotely.

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8. Grant Writer

Median Hourly Rate: $24.13 per hour

Job Outlook Through 2026: 8% growth

Overview: Grant writers help nonprofits apply for funding opportunities. Many even manage the entire grant application and follow-up process, including contacting funders, responding to communications, and providing additional information.

Education Requirements: Grant writers need excellent writing skills and incredible attention to detail. A degree in writing, journalism, public relations, or fundraising is helpful but not necessary.

Typical Employment Status: Permanent or Independent Contractor

Job Seeker Tip: Many organizations seek grant writers with prior experience. However, if you’re just starting out, consider mocking up a few grants to show as examples. You may even solicit a free service to a small organization just to get your foot in the door.

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9. Graphic Designer

Median Hourly Rate: $23.41 per hour

Job Outlook Through 2026: 4% growth

Overview: Graphic designers create logos and graphics for print and digital media. Some designers design t-shirt graphics, infographics, blog article images, industry icons, and various vector graphics for personal and commercial use.

Education Requirements: Formal education typically isn’t necessary. However, proven competency in popular graphic design software programs like Adobe Illustrator is essential.

Typical Employment Status: Independent Contractor

Job Seeker Tip: Employers typically want to see samples of your work. Therefore, maintain an up-to-date design portfolio online and be prepared to submit some additional design examples.

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10. Interpreter/Translator

Median Hourly Rate: $22.69 per hour

Job Outlook Through 2026: 18% growth

Overview: Interpreters are present during live conversations to help people who don’t speak the same language communicate. Translators are similar, except they usually perform written translation for online or print publications. They may also overlap with transcribers for videos and audio files.

Education Requirements: Formal education in language or speaking are generally not required. However, you need to be fluent in at least two different languages. Employers usually ask you to complete a fluency exam to prove your competence.

Typical Employment Status: Permanent or Independent Contractor

Job Seeker Tip: Demonstrate your translation abilities by offering employers two versions of your resumé and cover letter, one in each language.

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11. Test Prep Instructor

Average Hourly Rate: $22.00 per hour (based on Kaplan salaries compiled via Glassdoor; learn more about working from home for Kaplan by visiting the Virtual Vocations Kaplan company profile.)

Job Outlook Through 2026: no data (possibly 9% growth, which is the job outlook for all education and training positions)

Overview: Test prep instructors help high school and college students and graduates prepare for the next steps in their education and careers. Instructors help students review fundamental concepts, understand the test layout, and develop refined thinking and test-taking skills to help them achieve a high score.

Education Requirements: Employers need test prep instructors with at least a bachelor’s degree and excellent scores (e.g., scores in at least the 90th percentile) on the exam they wish to teach.

Typical Employment Status: Permanent or Independent Contractor

Job Seeker Tip: Keep official test score documentation handy and include your test score or percentile on your resumé.

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