As more media outlets turn to the internet for readership, companies hiring for remote journalism jobs have become more available to journalists of all levels of experience and expertise.

15 Companies Hiring for Remote Journalism Jobs

Journalism is a dynamic and constantly evolving industry. With new inventions and technology comes a striking shift in how people around the world get their news. While print media and television dominated the journalism profession, the internet has created a striking shift to the digital medium. Yet for many aspiring journalists, this transition has opened the door to new opportunities. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned veteran, here are some companies hiring for remote journalism jobs that you need to check out. Perhaps your next gig is only a few clicks away.

1. Advance Local Media

Advance Local Media LLC

Available Remote Jobs: 3

What They Do: Advance Local Media LLC is one of the largest digital media companies in the country and the ninth-largest media outlet in the United States. Each month, the New York City-based company reaches over 50 million unique users in 20 media markets throughout the country. Currently, Advance Local Media has nine authoritative websites with needs for full-time and part-time journalists, including OregonLive,, and

Common Job Titles: Remote Breaking News Reporter, Telecommute High School Sports Reporter

2. American Oversight

American Oversight

Available Remote Jobs: 3

What They Do: Founded in 2017, American Oversight is a nonprofit, non-partisan political watchdog. Using a team of investigative journalists and writers, the organization uncovers corruption, conflicts of interest, and other issues and scandals on the state and federal level. Topics on the website include not only politics, but also the economy, social unrest, and other important issues. From its unbiased viewpoint, American Oversight presents factual articles and evidence that enable citizens to get an impartial view of the issues.

Common Job Titles: Telecommute Senior Government Issues Writer, Remote Coronavirus Investigations Staff Writer

3. BioNews Services

BioNews Services

Available Remote Jobs: 6

What They Do: BioNews Services LLC is an online digital publishing company that specializes in health and science. Through its patient-focused business model, the organization provides information to those with rare diseases, including allowing these individuals to connect with each other. In addition to its focus on rare diseases, BioNews Services also publishes resource pages written by PhD researchers, as well as engaging social media and other content.

Common Job Titles: Telecommute Science Writer, Remote Healthcare Columnist, Remote Columnist

4. The Block

The Block

Available Remote Jobs: 3

What They Do: Headquartered in New York City, The Block is a fully digital company that focuses on cryptocurrency and blockchain markets. With writers in seven different time zones around the globe, The Block is able to cover crypto markets 24/7, providing up-to-date and accurate information to consumers. Plus, the company produces content that shows how blockchain technology interacts with other sectors, including traditional finance, government, IT, and global markets.

Common Job Titles: Telecommute Journalist and Reporter, Remote Marketing Content Strategist

5. Courier Newsroom

Courier Newsroom

Available Remote Jobs: 4

What They Do: Featuring eight online news outlets, Courier Newsroom is quickly becoming one of the most trusted digital news sources. Its goal is simple: to take national news stories and focus them through a local lens. Through this method, Courier can provide unique content that appeals on the local, state, and national levels. As of 2020, the company has websites focusing on Arizona, Florida, Virginia, D.C., Wisconsin, North Carolina, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Common Job Titles: Remote Local News Editor, Remote National Reporter, Virtual News Associate Editor

6. Dotdash


Available Remote Jobs: 16

What They Do: With 11 reputable online outlets and 100 million unique visitors each month, Dotdash is an industry leader in the digital media industry. As a two-time Digiday Media Awards winner (2018 and 2020), the company provides lifestyle content through brands such as,, Investopedia, and Trip Savvy. Dotdash continues to expand its portfolio and reach, building more content and sharing it to social media each day.

Common Job Titles: Virtual Health Information Expert Writer, Remote Technology Writer, Virtual Content Update Editor

7. ECT News Network

ECT News Network

Available Remote Jobs: 3

What They Do: The ECT News Network is “where business meets technology,” providing insightful commentary on e-commerce, e-business, and tech news. Featuring award-winning journalists, the company also produces daily articles and industry analysis geared toward business owners, investors, and others in the business and tech industries. ECT News Network continues to provide information for professionals and consultants to make educated decisions on operations and how to expand in a dynamic digital world.

Common Job Titles: Remote Technology News Editor, Remote Technology Journalist Reporter

8. Gemini Trust Company LLC

Gemini Trust Company LLC

Available Remote Jobs: 4

What They Do: Founded in 2014, Gemini Trust Company LLC is a custodian and digital currency exchange. Regulated by the State of New York, the firm allows consumers to buy, sell, and store digital assets and cryptocurrencies. From a journalistic standpoint, the company provides a one-stop-shop for its users. This includes up-to-date information on the state of cryptocurrency markets and blockchain. Plus, its new trading app makes buying and selling cryptocurrency easy for both beginners and seasoned traders.

Common Job Titles: Remote Cryptocurrency Content Writer, Telecommute Cryptocurrency Content Writer, Remote Content Editor

9. The Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times

Available Remote Jobs: 2

What They Do: Founded in 1881, The Los Angeles Times is one of the oldest media outlets on the West Coast. As of 2020, the print media of the Los Angeles Times reaches over 1.3 million people daily. Furthermore, the company’s online platform has 30 million unique users, making it an authoritative source on local, statewide, and national news.

Common Job Titles: Remote Data Deputy Editor, Remote Deputy Business Editor

10. The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool

Available Remote Jobs: 4

What They Do: With operations in six countries around the world and millions of readers each month, The Motley Fool is one of the most trusted names in financial news. In addition to personal finance articles, the company also provides investment news and suggestions, retirement columns, stock market news, real estate news, and the basics of investing through both free content and paid subscriptions. The Motley Fool has recently expanded its network of financial news, adding The Ascent, Millionacres, The Blueprint, and Soapbox.

Common Job Titles: Telecommute Mortgage Writer, Remote Small and Medium Business Newsletter Writer, Virtual Equities Writer and Analyst

11. The New York Times Company

The New York Times

Available Remote Jobs: 2

What They Do: Founded in 1851, The New York Times Company is one of the most famous and well-respected publications in the United States and abroad. With 122 Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists to its credit, the publication is widely regarded as an authoritative source in topics ranging from politics to sports. In 2020, the company eclipsed more than 6 million subscribers to its print media with an additional 40 million online readers. Perhaps more remarkably, users of the website average 61 minutes per visit, impressively surpassing the web user average of 15 seconds.

Common Job Titles: Remote Journalism Data and Insights Senior Analyst

12. The Philadelphia Inquirer

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Available Remote Jobs: 2

What They Do: The Philadelphia Inquirer, LLC is the largest online and print media company in the City of Brotherly Love. In addition to owning the eponymous newspaper, the company also has the rights to the Philadelphia Daily News and As of 2020, the company has more than twice the readers of any other publication in the city. This is a testament to its dedication to breaking news and topics important to its residents.

Common Job Titles: Remote Investigative Health Reporter, Telecommute Deputy Editor

13. Pro Publica

Pro Publica

Available Remote Jobs: 4

What They Do: Started in 2007, Pro Publica, Inc. is a nonprofit media outlet with headquarters in New York City. In 2010, it became the first online-only publication to win a Pulitzer Prize. Since then, it’s had four more Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists and paired with over 90 different publications to expand its readership. Pro Publica focuses on investigative journalism with an emphasis on racial injustice, healthcare, immigration, and economic issues.

Common Job Titles: Remote Tip Desk Journalist, Remote Research Reporter, Remote Audience Assistance Editor

14. Sportradar US

Sportradar US

Available Remote Jobs: 1

What They Do: Headquartered in Switzerland but with 35 offices in 24 countries, Sportradar US is the largest collector and analyzer of sports data in the world. By leveraging its sports data, the company protects sports integrity, enhances media solutions, and powers sportsbook operations for unbiased sports gambling. Currently, Sportradar US is the trusted partner of the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB, as well as covering 390,000 games each year in 60 different sports.

Common Job Titles: Remote Data Journalist

15. Wyatt Investment Research

Wyatt Investment Research

Available Remote Jobs: 3

What They Do: Wyatt Investment Research was founded in 2001 to provide financial newsletters and investment advice to self-directed investors. Through independent and unbiased research practices, Wyatt provides an analysis of stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, bonds, and financial markets. With nearly 250,000 investors/readers on a daily basis, it’s a highly regarded organization. As a result, the company consistently offers remote journalism jobs.

Common Job Titles: Remote Marijuana Investing Writer Analyst, Remote Direct Response Copywriter

No matter what your interests or writing style, journalism is a noble profession that bring people what they need the most: the truth. With Virtual Vocations as your ally, you can browse through hundreds of listing to find the perfect outlet for your creativity and skills. Your next great journalism gig awaits.

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