Find out how Virtual Vocations members became successful remote jobseekers with these testimonials from real-life members.

How Successful Remote Jobseekers Got a New Start With Virtual Vocations

Check Out How Successful Remote Jobseekers Made Virtual Vocations Part of Their Job Search Strategy

As 2021 begins, you may be hankering for new opportunities and a fresh start. If that includes looking for a new remote job, let Virtual Vocations be your guide. We offer a comprehensive suite of valuable job search resources and services to support you in your search. Our teams of dedicated career services and customer service professionals are eager to make New Year’s dreams come true and turn you into one of our many successful remote jobseekers.

Read on for more information about how we can advance your remote career aspirations. Along the way, we’ll introduce testimonials by Virtual Vocations members about how they used our services to reach their goals.

1. Update Your Job Search Skills

Job search techniques evolve over time. An effective strategy five years ago is not as effective in today’s marketplace. In addition, there are specialized job search techniques for finding positions and achieving success working remotely. Successful remote jobseekers find the information and tools they need to polish their skills at Virtual Vocations.

“Virtual Vocations made it very easy for me to identify and apply for remote positions. I also appreciated the numerous resources provided that gave me tips and tricks for applying for remote positions. Overall, I’m very happy with my investment in this service and recommend it to anyone looking for remote work.

Jeff D.

By registering with Virtual Vocations, you can access an array of free and subscription-based resources—resources designed to hone even the rustiest job search skills. Learn how to conduct a remote job search by downloading the comprehensive Telecommute Handbook and take the exclusive e-course. Premium membership unlocks our complete Telecommute Toolkit. This is a full library of resources including career guides, industry overviews, and e-courses in a variety of subjects.

In addition. Virtual Vocations offers access to free guidance on the Virtual Vocations blog. Check out the latest information in the following remote job search areas:

  • Job Search Techniques – Learn how to find the perfect remote job openings for you.
  • Remote Work News – Be informed regarding the latest research and trends in remote work.
  • Self-Marketing Tips – Put your best foot forward with articles on resume writing, interview prep, and much more.
  • Lifestyle – Get advice on how to optimize the perks and minimize the downsides of a remote lifestyle.

2. Search for the Right Jobs

One of the most frustrating aspects of a remote job search is finding high-quality remote jobs. Open positions are sometimes listed in hard to find places. In addition, there are a lot of scams that prey on remote job seekers with promises of easy work and lots of money. And, if you’re looking for anything specific like a partial remote position or a 100% virtual company, forget about it! Luckily, the Virtual Vocations jobs database is here to help.

It was wonderful searching through the list of remote positions that were real jobs for real companies. It definitely made my search easier!

Amy J.

VV alerted me to a job that would never have shown up in my normal job searching. The company had posted the position through a local employment agency. Both the employer and I are thrilled to have found such a great match. Thank you!

Lisa F.

As you can see from the Virtual Vocations testimonials from successful remote jobseekers, we are experts at ferreting out the best remote jobs. Every day our research team hand screen and vet hundreds of advertised positions to provide our clients with a curated database of remote and work from home jobs. They seek out the best listings by visiting thousands of industry and specialty job boards, social media streams, remote-friendly employer websites, blogs, and direct employer listings to find the latest job leads. Currently we have over 40,000 high-quality positions listed.

3. Customize Your Resume and Cover Letter

It’s not just job search techniques that change over time, the content and format of your job search documents do, too. Updating your job search documents may rank high on your list of unpleasant tasks, but it’s a necessity. Successful remote jobseekers need to meet the expectations of today’s employers regarding skills and accomplishments. In addition, documents need to be optimized for machine-reading by applicant tracking systems (ATS).

Writing may not be your strength and many people find it difficult to brag about accomplishments. If this sounds like you, the Virtual Vocations career services team is ready and waiting to assist.

“Career Services,
I appreciate the combination of listening to what I was trying to communicate in my resume and cover letter, fast turn-around time on first draft, insightful advice on strategy and support throughout the process. Thanks!

Cathy D.

I really needed the help as I was stuck on how to correctly articulate my education and experience. It was a pleasure to do business with you! Fast, professional, and extremely proficient in completing my documents.

Cynthia B.

Start off with a resume assessment by a certified professional to identify any problem areas. As your primary marketing document, your resume needs to effectively highlight your strengths and present them in an easy to read format for both humans and machines.

With an assessment in hand, you can decide if you are up to making the changes or would prefer to hand the task to a professional. In addition to entry level, mid-level, and executive level resume writing services, Virtual Vocations also offers add-on cover letter and LinkedIn profile writing services.

Land Your Next Job with Professional Resume Services from Virtual Vocations

4. Research Your Dream Company

Company research is one of the most important aspects of a remote job search. In addition to the basic information available on a website, remote job seekers also benefit from learning about corporate telecommute policies. A great place to conduct initial research for remote-friendly companies is the Virtual Vocations companies database. Currently the database hosts information on over 26,000 potential employers.

This was such a blessing! I was able to find a quality company whose needs matched my skills perfectly in less than 30 days. I would never have found EVA without your website. Thank you!

Sharon W.

My resume is strong and gets me a lot of attention, but I needed Virtual Vocations to know where to send it. I found out about so many companies I had not previously known of. I found a great opportunity, they loved me, and I start Monday!

Bob M.

The researchers at Virtual Vocations do an incredible job on the research and information they provide on every opening they hand curate. THANK YOU to your entire team for the amazing research they do with every organization and job out there today. I’m grateful for your services!!

Lori R.

All the companies and organizations listed in the Virtual Vocations company database are individually researched and include information important to remote job seekers. This includes an overview, types of remote jobs advertised for, and additional details regarding remote work tools, benefits, and culture. You can limit your search by keywords and by selecting an industry from the list provided.

How to Effectively Target Companies in Your Remote Job Search

5. Ace the Interview

One aspect of applying for remote positions that is very different than applying for an in-person position is the interview process. The first difference is the remote nature of the interviews that are held via telephone or video conference. Another difference is the length of the interview process. In order to feel confident about their hiring selections, many companies hold multiple interviews with different members of the organization. Don’t feel intimidated though, Virtual Vocations offers a variety of resources to bone up on your interview skills.

I applied for the position in August of 2019. After being contacted about 3 weeks later, I had about 5 over the phone interviews. I was offered the job at the end of October. It was a very smooth process and I was very happy with Virtual Vocations as it has more virtual jobs to apply for within my field than any other site.

Elise C.

Our certified career professionals have prepared a comprehensive resource to help you ace remote interviews. Simply register for our subscription service and you can download Virtual Vocations Interview Guide. If you’re looking for more personalized assistance, we also offer interview skills coaching sessions on an individual basis. Our career coaches will work with you to offer advice and guidance, and help you practice your interview skills.

What Are You Waiting for?

The New Year is here! Position yourself for your best year ever by depending on the dedicated professionals at Virtual Vocations. As the successful remote jobseekers above attested to, we’ll be there to support you throughout the entire job search process. You can rely on us to help you:

  • Brush up on remote job search skills with e-courses, handbooks, guides, and research reports.
  • Find the perfect jobs to apply for with our curated list of over 45,000 job postings.
  • Research your favorite employers with up-to-date information on over 26,000 remote-friendly employers.
  • Create high impact resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles that will score you those all-important interviews.
  • Prepare and practice for remote interviews whether they are by telephone or video call.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to adding you to our list of successful remote jobseekers by making your remote career goals a reality in 2021. Happy New Year from all of us at Virtual Vocations!

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