Summer Telecommute Job Ideas

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School’s out for the summer and you want to earn an income. Don’t look to Alice Cooper for advice. If you are a student who hopes to use your vacation from pencils and books to save money for next semester, or net enough to avoid your parents’ basement, don’t limit your paycheck potential to lawn mowing, babysitting, or French fry scooping. The virtual world of online employment offers a host of great summer telecommuting opportunities ideal for seasonal money seekers.

Freelance Writer/Blogger
Generating pay-per-post income isn’t only for journalism majors. Are you an expert or avid hobbyist? What about a reality TV junkie or law student? Websites and digital media publishers hire freelance writers and bloggers on a daily basis to work as independent contractors. Some companies and organizations pay hourly rates, while most pay $5-$20 per article or post depending on word count. If you want to see your name in a hard copy publication, inquire with your local newspaper or favorite magazine about being a feature or guest writer.

Ads Quality Rater
Do your friends and family constantly complain about your opinionated nature and the amount of time you spend cruising the web? Turn their complaints into envy by getting paid to do both. As an Advertisement Quality Rater, you could earn part-time or full-time income simply by using your favorite search engine and providing feedback about the appearance and accuracy of its advertisements. Common qualifications for this job include:

  • Fluency in English
  • College-level reading and writing abilities
  • Extensive experience in online searches during both business and personal time
  • Analytical thinker

Customer Service Agent
Not all customer service calls are outsourced abroad; in fact, many customer service calls are routed directly to home phone lines. Channel your gift of gab and earn income this summer by fielding customer service inquiries for a variety of industries. Sales companies, moving businesses, travel agencies, and debt collection firms all seek at-home customer service agents for a variety of roles, including scheduling and support.

As a telecommuting customer service agent you may be required to receive inbound calls or make outbound calls, respond to customer requests via email, or participate in a live chat session with customers. While each company has their own professional and technical requirements, you should have a quiet, dedicated home office space, a landline phone (possibly with multiple lines) and a reliable, high-speed Internet connection.

Online Tutor
If the thought of summer school doesn’t upset your digestive system, consider becoming an online tutor. Virtual tutors offer course assistance to students to supplement regular instruction from elementary through entry collegiate levels. Tutors use email, chat rooms, and webcam conferencing to help students find answers to their homework questions, prepare for exams and review papers. Online tutors receive the benefits of fulfilling work, flexible scheduling, and decent pay without the stress of classroom management and a seemingly infinite amount of assignments to grade.

Working as a telecommuting tutor could be the A+ summer telecommuting job you’ve always imagined, if you meet a few standard requirements:

  • Strong knowledge of a common core content area such as English, math, science, social studies, etc.
  • Ability to effectively communicate concepts to diverse students
  • Be at minimum a sophomore level college student during the current school term
  • Pass subject knowledge exams issued by tutoring agency

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