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How to Use Job Search Filters in Our Remote Work Database

Job Search Filters

This is it. You’ve decided to change your life and find a remote job, but how can you determine what telecommuting position is right for you? Where do you even begin your remote job search? Instead of wading through thousands of job posts that may not fit your specific needs, start with the Virtual Vocations job board that offers you 11 different ways to narrow down your search results using job search filters.

The Job Category Filter

Job Category Filter


What type of job interests you? Are you looking for an administrative position? What about a virtual teaching job? Maybe you aren’t set on a specific remote job, but know you want to work in the healthcare industry?

The Job Category search filter will help you find the kind of job you are looking for or help you find a job in a specific industry. The top 10 most popular remote job categories include:

  • Information Technology
  • Sales
  • Healthcare
  • Account Management
  • Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Education
  • Customer Service
  • Management
  • Translation

The Telecommute Level Filter

Telecommute Level Filter


The Telecommute Level search filter will help you determine how much telecommuting the job allows. It is broken into four distinct choices, each with a different travel range:

  • 100% Telecommute
  • Majority
  • Frequently
  • Occasionally
  • Telecommute During Pandemic

The 100% Telecommute filter selection is self-explanatory. Jobs found under this choice do not require any travel and will enable you to hibernate and work from home in your pajamas if you so choose.

The Majority filter selection allows you to choose jobs that require a minimal amount of travel, such as attendance at yearly company events, initial in-person interviewing, or onsite training. Following these obligations, you are free to work remotely.

The Frequently filter selection brings up jobs that require moderate travel (between 11% and 20% of the time) and allows telecommuting three to four days a week.

The Occasionally filter selection lists jobs that require the most travel (up to 30% of the time) or allows telecommuting only twice a week.

The Telecommute During Pandemic filter selection allows you to choose jobs that are remote during the pandemic, but may be required to return to the office at some point.

In most cases, 100% telecommute jobs posted to the Virtual Vocations database are more abundant than any other type. That’s great news for jobseekers looking to work from their couch!

The Location Filter

location filter


Are you looking for remote jobs hiring in specific states or time zones? The Location search filter will help narrow down jobs to your required geographical area. Although these are all telecommuting jobs, some employers can only hire in select locations due to tax laws, heavy regional travel, or a preference for remote staff to work occasionally onsite.

  • Nationwide
  • Jobs by State
  • Jobs by Region
  • Jobs by Timezone

Jobs by state, region, and time zone are self-explanatory. But use the Nationwide filter if you prefer to find jobs available for residents in all 50 states or if you desire more location flexibility. For jobs available only on the U.S. mainland (excluding Alaska or Hawaii), remember to add the Contiguous search filter selection to Nationwide.

The Travel Requirements Filter

Travel Requirements Filter


The Travel Requirements filter has five options with two specific options regarding the type of travel required.

  • The Field Travel Required filter selection indicates that workers will need to travel to various locations or client offices, attend conferences and trade shows, drive across regions to multiple cities, or take flights to domestic or international locations.
  • The Onsite Required filter selection indicates employers that require employees to attend company functions, meetings, training, or work onsite from time to time.
  • The Some Travel filter selection indicates that the job requires some travel, but the type of travel may or may not be included in the job ad.
  • The Possible Travel filter selection alerts the jobseeker that, based on the job duties and role requirements, the job may require travel that was not included in the job ad.
  • The Onsite Possible filter selection indicates employers that might require employees to attend company functions, meetings, training, or work onsite from time to time.

Remember, if you absolutely, positively cannot travel, always select the No Travel filter. The job ads that will appear using this filter will never have a requirement to leave your home. Throughout the year, the Virtual Vocations database list tens of thousands of jobs that require no travel at all.

The Weekly Hours Filter

Weekly Hours Filter


One of the benefits of remote work is the ability to achieve a greater work-life balance by choosing when and how much you work. This search field sorts jobs based on required work availability, including:

  • Day Shift
  • Evening Shift
  • Flexible
  • Full Time
  • Part Time

Virtual Vocations defines jobs requiring a weekly time commitment of 30 or more hours a week as Full Time. However, some job ads that refer to the position as Part Time but require more than 30 hours a week are found under the Full Time selection.

Jobs can be further tailored to your needs by using one of the shift filters. Are you a night owl and interested in only working evenings? If yes, then select Evening Shift. If you prefer working during daylight hours, then Day Shift is the right choice for you.

Do you desire the freedom to choose your own work schedule? In that case, select the Flexible filter option, as the work hours for positions listed under this search field are not fixed.

The Employment Status Filter

employment status filter


What kind of employment are you looking for? These filters will help narrow down your job search based on your lifestyle needs using U.S. employment law job classifications.

  • Permanent
  • Temporary
  • Independent Contractor
  • Paid Internship
  • Seasonal

For a traditional W-2 employee work situation, select the Permanent filter. This employment status requires employers to pay taxes and compensation premiums. The worker may or may not receive benefits and does not have a set end-date to their employment.

The Temporary filter is for jobs based on the immediate needs of the hiring company and can end at any time at the discretion of the employer. This employment status allows the company to meet business demands while avoiding the cost of hiring a regular employee.

Are you looking to break into a new career but unsure of taking the plunge into something permanent? Use the Independent Contractor filter to find freelance jobs. Keep in mind that independent contractors are 1099 positions and must pay their own taxes.

If you are a student needing work experience to fulfill graduation requirements, select the Paid Internship filter. This filter lists job listings from employers that are open to working with colleges or university students.

Jobseekers interested in a short-term job during the holidays or summer should consider using the Seasonal filter. Some employers commonly hire extra help during peak business times.

The Employer Type Filter

employer type filter

The job ads in our database have two types:

  • Employer
  • Staffing Agency

Some jobseekers prefer to work with staffing agencies that offer benefits. Many have also found that recruiters provide a better opportunity to get their resume in front of a hiring manager. In this case, use the Staffing Agency filter.

If you prefer the more direct route, choose the Employer filter to apply directly with the employer. This is also the selection to choose when looking for an “in-house” job with a staffing agency.

Whichever choice you make, the job ads posted on our website have been thoroughly reviewed and go through a rigorous screening process to ensure you find legitimate jobs.

The Career Level Filter

career level filter


How advanced are you in your chosen career? This section will help you find jobs that fit your appropriate skill-level, whether you are a recent graduate or have a few years of experience under your belt. The Career Level filter falls into five categories:

  • Entry Level
  • Experienced
  • Manager
  • Senior Level
  • Executive Level

The Entry Level filter applies to jobs that accept recent graduates with no previous experience or workers with limited professional experience in the field. These types of jobs are the first rung of the career ladder, perfect for new job market entrants or jobseekers interested in forging a path in an entirely new field.

Jobs found using the Experienced filter are for candidates with a few years of professional experience under their belt. Therefore, employers may require applicants to work more independently, accept increased responsibility, and demonstrate skill competencies.

If you are looking to put your leadership skills to good use, the Manager filter is for candidates able to oversee lower-level employees. This is usually the first supervisory level for jobseekers looking to climb the corporate career ladder.

The Senior Level filter will display jobs for candidates with extensive professional experience and previous management skills. These roles typically supervise other managers, direct programs, or oversee business units.

The Executive Level filter is for job posts geared at filling C-Suite positions. These are the highest level positions in a corporation requiring extensive experience and advanced leadership skills. For example, some professional titles commonly found using this filter are CEO and CFO.

The Education Level Filter

education level filter


With the wide variety of remote jobs entering the marketplace, education requirements will vary depending on the job or career level. Many remote jobs either don’t have any education requirements or only require a G.E.D. or high school diploma. For those that have educational requirements, the following selections are among the options available to tailor your job search.

  • Some College
  • Bachelor’s
  • Master’s
  • Doctorate

The Additional Information Filter

Additional Information Filter


Need to narrow down your job search even more? There are four additional filter choices to meet specialized needs:

  • 100% Virtual Company
  • Continuously Hiring
  • Future Openings
  • Benefits Available

Do you want to work for a company that fully embraces the telecommute lifestyle with no central office, and where everyone from administrative staff to top management works from a remote location? The 100% Virtual Company filter will display only the job ads from employers that fit this criteria.

Some employers have jobs that are always open or need consistent staffing, and those jobs fall under the Continuously Hiring filter. Many call centers, higher education, or retail employers fall under this category.

Are you interested in getting your resume in front of a hiring manager before the job is open? The Future Openings filter will display only job ads from reputable companies actively hiring for jobs that will be available after a specific date.

If you need a job that offers health insurance, a 401k, or vacation benefits, choosing the Benefits Available filter will only display jobs that offer those options.

The Date Posted Filter

Date Posted Filter


To ensure you find the latest and freshest job ads, the database allows you to select jobs that have been added to our database within the last 24 hours and as far back as 14 days. Take a quick look at our search date options:

  • 24 Hours
  • 2 Days
  • 7 Days
  • 14 Days

In this case, the early bird does catch the worm, and the hottest telecommuting jobs tend to get filled quickly. As soon as you determine that you’ve found the best job that matches your lifestyle and career goals, start that application process.

The Advanced Job Search Filter

Advanced Search Filter

Are you a jobseeker who knows precisely what you are looking for? Then the Advanced Job Search filter will tailor your remote job search to your exact specifications. Not only are the previous job search filters still available (with the exception of the Date Posted filter), but there are two additional keyword-related filters that will help you further refine the job search results.

  • Keywords
  • Exclude These Keywords

Advanced Search Filter

If you are searching for a job in a specific category, using the Keywords filter will shrink the search results to job listings that contain the exact keyword or phrase within the job ad or title. For example, let’s say you are an information technology professional and are specifically looking for a job working with WordPress. By entering WordPress in the Keywords filter and checking the box for Exact Phrase, the search will return all the job listings that contain WordPress. To search for job listings that only contain the keyword in the job title, make sure you check the box for the Title Only option.

To further narrow your search, the Exclude These Keywords filter will make sure your results do not include any undesired keywords—either in the job title or the job ad. Let’s say you only want to find jobs for WordPress Editors since you have zero hardcore software development skills. However, when you include WordPress in the keywords filter, the bulk of the job search results include developer positions. This is where the Exclude These Keywords filter comes in handy. By adding developer to this filter, you prevent the search from returning any job results with the word “developer” either in the title or within the job ad.

Using the Job Search Filter to Find Your Next Virtual Job

Although you may be tempted to be less selective in your job search to find as many remote jobs as possible, resist the urge! This is especially hard if you’ve been out of work for a while, or are urgently seeking a change. Not tailoring your search can result in wasting your time reading job ads that don’t match your skill set, or applying for jobs that do not fit your needs. Remember, time is money. Take advantage of our job filters and quickly find the remote job of your dreams.


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