The 7 Best Work from Home Jobs for Moms in 2020

Working from home as a stay at home mom was a pipe dream for many just one year ago. Today, it is a reality for record-breaking numbers of moms. Luckily, it is easier than ever to find legit work from home jobs for moms regardless of your circumstances. Even if you can’t work normal hours, can’t work full time, or have a hard time maintaining quiet for phone or video calls—there is a job for you.

Whether you are recently furloughed, need some extra money, or seek re-entry into the workforce, below are the best opportunities emerging during this tumultuous year. No college degree? Never fear, this list includes well-paying work from home jobs for moms with a variety of education levels.

1. Customer Service Representative

customer service remote job outlook

The variety of work from home jobs for moms in the field of customer service is extensive. All industries, from financial services to healthcare, require a personal touch when communicating with customers. Perhaps more so this year than any other! While flexible hours may be difficult to find, many of these positions don’t require phone work anymore. Instead, relying on email and chat to respond to inquiries and resolve problems.

Look for Job Titles Like:

  • Remote Customer Service Representative
  • Virtual Customer Service Representative
  • Telecommute Customer Service Representative

Median Salary and Job Outlook

The BLS reports that in 2019, customer service reps had a median wage of $34,710 per year or $16.69 per hour. Last year there were 3,018,800 jobs and calls for a minor 2% decline over the next decade. However, due to the pandemic, customer service skills are more in demand than ever and any decline will not be seen in the short term.

Education and Experience

A high school diploma or equivalent is usually the minimum educational requirement for a virtual CSR. Entry level positions will not require any previous experience and training will most likely be short-term and on-the-job. However, the employer might require you to complete assessments before hiring to verify your aptitudes.

Skills Needed

Customer Service Professionals Typically Need Skills Related to:

  • Technical abilities for using the software applications and communication channels as required
  • Active listening skills to effectively understand and respond to customer questions and concerns
  • Interpersonal and conflict resolution skills for gaining customer trust and de-escalating situations
  • Ability to learn and memorize information about products and services

2. Medical Transcriptionist

medical transcriptionist remote job outlook

Medical transcription is a flexible work from home option where moms can work when they have time and set hours are usually not required. It does require a quiet place to work, however. If the healthcare field isn’t for you, legal, insurance, and general business transcriptionists are also in demand.

Look for Job Titles Like:

  • Remote Medical Transcriptionist
  • Remote Medical Scribe
  • Virtual Medical Transcriptionist

Median Salary and Job Outlook

The median hourly wage for medical transcriptionists is $16.05, with annual wages of $33,380 per year as calculated by the BLS. As with many other positions of this type, it is expected to decline over the next 10 years due to improvements in technology. However, as this is a position in the booming healthcare field, only a 2% decline is expected.

Education and Experience

Postsecondary education is typical required for an entry-level transcription position. This requirement is relatedly easy to achieve however with one-year certificate programs offered by vocational schools, community colleges, and distance-learning programs. Initial work experience can be obtained through the education program. Due to this on-the-job training is usually minimal.

Skills Needed

Medical Transcriptionists Typically Need Skills Related to:

  • Listening and concentration skills to accurately interpret and transcribe medical dictation
  • Grammar and spelling abilities for reviewing and editing drafts prepared by speech recognition software
  • Understanding of medical terminology, abbreviations, and jargon
  • Proofreading skills to Identify errors and missing information that could compromise patient care
  • Knowledge of and respect for confidentiality requirements and medical ethics guidelines
  • Technical skills to enter medical reports into electronic health records (EHR) systems

3. Web Developer

web developer remote job outlook

Web developer positions are great work from home jobs for moms. The work is usually project-based, and moms can work whenever is best for them. Meetings with other creative team members and/or clients are likely. So, a quiet space with a decent background is an important asset. Web developers work for companies in a variety of fields and many are self-employed.

Look for Job Titles Like:

  • Remote Web Developer
  • Virtual Web Designer
  • Telecommute WordPress Developer

Median Salary and Job Outlook

Both wages and job outlook are on the rise for web developers. This is one career area that is expected to grow 8% in the next ten years, much faster than average. In 2019, median earnings were $73,760 per year and $35.46 per hour as published by the BLS.

Education and Experience

The most typical education level required for an entry-level position as a web developer is an associate degree in web design or related field. However, some positions require only high school while others ask for a bachelor’s degree. This is due to the varying requirements of the positions. A back-end web developer requires sophisticated coding skills while a WordPress developer only needs an understanding of HTML or XML.

One way to make up for a lack of formal education is to obtain relevant technical certifications. These can carry a lot of weight in the industry.

Skills Needed

Web Developers Typically Need Skills Related to:

  • Interpersonal skills to foster relationships with clients to discuss website requirements
  • Creativity to design and build attractive and engaging webpages
  • Basic coding skills using programming languages such as HTML or XML
  • Teamwork skills as most websites are developed in collaboration with a team of subject specialists, programmers, and designers
  • Detail-oriented to catch and fix any issues

4. Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant remote job outlook

Snagging a job as a virtual assistant is another option for work from home moms. Similar to an administrative assistant position in an office, these positions consist of clerical, record keeping, and correspondence duties. Jobs can be found with companies and with a variety of staffing firms that specialize in providing virtual administrative services. While some of these positions can require specific office hours, many are part-time.

Look for Job Titles Like:

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Remote Administrative Coordinator
  • Virtual Personal Assistant

Median Salary and Job Outlook

The BLS reports that the median wage for Secretaries and Administrative Assistants was $39,850 per year and $19.16 per hour in 2019. They report the outlook for this occupation as in decline with a 9% reduction in positions by 2029. However, because virtual assistants don’t have their own category, this projection does not capture the trend to outsourcing duties that previously were completed by in-house assistants.

Education and Experience

Most virtual assistant positions require a high school diploma or equivalent. Additional courses or training in software applications, such as word processing and spreadsheet programs is often a prerequisite for employer. Most assistants learn via on-the-job training within a few weeks, but some specialized positions in the medical or legal positions can require additional training or experience.

Skills Needed

Virtual Assistants Typically Need Skills Related to:

  • Technical skills to use a variety of remote technologies and software applications as needed
  • Communicating in a professional manner to answer telephones and respond to inquiries
  • Organizational abilities to manage and maintain files and databases, and schedule appointments
  • Writing and editing skills for preparing a variety of correspondence and reports

5.  Social Media Specialist

social media specialist remote job outlook

If you are a fan of social media, a position designing and implementing social media campaigns might be up your alley. The ability to work wherever is a benefit of these positions as you can use a variety of devices including your smartphone to get work done. Some of these positions are in-house, others are available with creative agencies, and there is also the opportunity for self-employment as well.

Look for Job Titles Like:

  • Remote Social Media Specialist
  • Remote Digital Strategist
  • Online Community Manager

Median Salary and Job Outlook

The BLS groups social media specialists with other types of public relations specialists and reports median earnings of $61,150 per year and $29.40 per hour for these workers. This is also a job category on the rise with 7% growth predicted over the next decade, which is faster than the average occupational growth rate.

Education and Experience

You typically need a bachelor’s degree to become a social media strategist in a relevant field such as public relations, communications, or internet marketing. Students that gain practical experience before hitting the job market with have an edge over other jobseekers in gaining coveted entry-level positions. Sometimes gaining experience in a related job is necessary.

Skills Needed

Social Media Specialists Typically Need Skills Related to:

  • Familiarity with social media platforms and networking tools to manage across platforms
  • Empathy and the ability to put yourself in another’s shoes for connecting with an audience
  • Creativity and communication skills are also key for presenting familiar content in interesting ways
  • Quick thinking skills are important when responses need to be timely and sensitive to context

6. Social Media/Search Engine Evaluator

social media search engine evaluator remote job outlook

These are ideal work from home jobs for moms. They can be easily acquired, the hours usually part-time and completely flexible, and there is no requirement to talk to anyone at all. These positions focus on evaluating the outcomes of common search engine searches, the relevancy of paid ads, and the effectiveness of social media content. Most positions are with two main employers in the field: Appen and Lionbridge Technologies.

Look for Job Titles Like:

  • Telecommute Social Media Assessor
  • Remote Internet Search Rater
  • Remote Web Content Judge

Median Salary and Job Outlook

The BLS does not have a category for this type of position so median salary information and job outlook are not available. However, pay is generally between $11 and $15 an hour. Currently these jobs are freely available for those who pass the qualifying assessments.

Education and Experience

There are no minimum education requirements for these positions, but the hiring and assessment process can be rigorous and time consuming.

Skills Needed

Social Media/Web Search Evaluators Typically Need Skills Related to:

  • Ability to follow detailed instructions is critical in these positions
  • Detail-oriented to complete each task accurately
  • Familiarity with social media platforms and search engine research skills
  • Knowledge of current events and pop culture is important for some positions

Apply for a Social Media/Search Engine Evaluator Job With One of These Companies

7. Freelance Writer

freelance writer remote job outlook

Freelance writers can write for a blog, an organization, or an online publication. These are great work from home jobs for moms because they are location and time-independent. There may be requirements for creative team meetings and/or client meetings to decide on content and creative direction.

Look for Job Titles Like:

  • Virtual Freelance Writer
  • Remote Content Writer
  • Digital Content Developer

Median Salary and Job Outlook

According to the BLS, median earnings for writers and authors was $63,200 per year and $30.39 per hour in 2019. The BLS also expects the profession to decline over the decade by about 2% due to the contraction of the publishing industry. Conversely, writing for websites has become a more lucrative venture.

Education and Experience

To ensure high-quality writing skills, many employers require a bachelor’s for many full-time writing jobs. The preferred degrees are in English, communications, and journalism. However, experience and writing skills count for a lot in this profession and can be gained by taking online writing courses and practice. Subject matter expertise can also be instrumental in getting employment in this area.

Skills Needed

Freelance Writers typically need skills related to:

  • Writing skills to create clear copy for communicating with readers
  • Creativity for generating new and interesting ideas for articles and other copy
  • Detail-oriented to catch spelling errors and grammatical mistakes
  • Subject-matter expertise in an area of interest
  • Interpersonal skills for teamwork or client relations
  • Ability to accept and integrate constructive feedback

This year has brought many challenges. But with all these work from home jobs for moms available, finding a flexible remote job shouldn’t be one of them. If you don’t see what you’re looking for today, check back often. Virtual Vocations adds new positions every day!

What work from home jobs for moms interest you? Are you worried about the transition to the remote work world? 
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