5 Ways to Stay Fit in a Telecommute Job

The allure of a business-suit free atmosphere has enticed numerous office workers into leaving their cubicles for virtual work. Unfortunately, the lenient telecommuter dress-code can also lead to an equally lenient stance on personal fitness. Just as telecommuters should never neglect a virus software update, they should not neglect the opportunity to stay fit in their telecommuting job.

Following are five fitness tips to help you avoid the secretary spread and keep yourself in svelte shape.

1. Stay Hydrated
Scanning websites over the rim of a coffee mug does not count as hydration. The only beverage that keeps your body properly hydrated is water. Water helps stabilize your metabolism, curb food cravings, and improve concentration. So put down the shot-of-sugar in a can and load up on the agua. If you want something a little more favorable, you can always add some lemons or limes.

2. Regulate Mealtimes
You don’t have to condition yourself to be one of Pavlov’s dogs, but allotting time for snack breaks and a proper lunch-hour can regulate your metabolism and keep your all-day, unhealthy munching on a leash. If junk food still calls to you while you field customer service calls or mull over a clever title for your latest blog post, consider these tidbits:

  • Empty your desk’s candy drawer so that you won’t fall victim to taste bud temptation
  • Chew sugar-free mints or gum
  • Munch on a low-calorie, crunchy snack like celery

3. Walk Around (Really!)
Sometimes the simplest solutions are the surest. Think about the amount of walking you eliminate from your daily routine when you transition from a traditional office to a home office: you aren’t walking to and from your car, you don’t have to leave your work space for lunch, and you don’t have to utilize the stairs to avoid the woman from Human Resources who wears too much perfume. Make walking a habit again by using a wireless headset to answer calls while you stroll around your home, or set a goal for every hour you sit at your desk you take 10 minutes to get up and move.

4. De-stress
Is you work space disorganized? Did you miss a deadline? Do you feel guilty about skipping a family activity to catch up on work? These job-related stressers aren’t merely headache inducing, they also can induce weight gain. Stress releases hormones into your body that can initially cause weight loss, but when tensions are prolonged, these hormones can increase your appetite. When feeling stressed, take a breath and consider using one of these de-stress techniques:

  • Make a daily to-do list
  • Eliminate clutter
  • Decorate your work area with items you love
  • Take four minutes to rock out to your favorite song
  • Go into your bedroom and scream into a pillow (Hey, you work from home, so make home work for you.)

5. Establish an Ergonomic Environment
Staying fit in a telecommuting job involves more than monitoring your waistline. Sitting at a desk all day can take its toll on your body by negatively impacting everything from your blood circulation to your posture to your eyesight. Create a functional, ergonomic work space in your home by making a few office overhauls like adjusting the height of your desk chair to ensure your feet rest on the floor, adding an anti-glare filter to your computer monitor, and using keyboard and mouse wrist supports to improve the shape of your body.

Do you have any tips for staying fit while working from home?

image credit: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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