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Work and Travel Programs for Adventurous Remote Professionals

travel programs

If you are a remote professional who can be found working at the beach just as often as a café or shared workspace, consider work and travel programs that could give you the opportunity to work virtually while traveling to different corners of the world.

Work and Travel Programs for Adventurous Remote Professionals

travel programs

You may have heard of professionals who take early retirements to travel the world well before their senior years. If you’re envious of the freedom of traveling but want to continue working, there are options for you.

Work and travel programs facilitate employment while allowing professionals to travel as a portion of their remote work responsibilities. Each program has specific requirements including citizenship, fees, age, and skills.

Although the option to work from anywhere may sound appealing at first glance, there are a variety of factors to consider before you apply. Take a look at the specifics of a handful of popular travel programs to find out if this adventurous work style is a good fit for you.

Multi-City Travel Programs

The following travel programs give you an opportunity to travel to several places throughout your journey. Depending on the length of your stay, you may experience two, four or eight locations. These programs are perfect for people who want to relocate frequently and benefit from the inspiration that comes from a varied work experience.

Remote Year

The Program

Remote Year facilitates travel and networking opportunities for professionals currently working remotely or those who want to transition into a remote working arrangement.

The company brands itself as a way for virtual workers to make authentic connections abroad. They offer packages that include a four-month or one-year experiences including assistance from a team of professionals who help to make the process of working abroad a smooth transition.

Remote Year has a variety of pre-determined itineraries including residencies in Portugal, South Africa, Serbia, and Argentina. Remote workers travel and live as a cohort.

The total cost of the 12-month experience is $27,000. This includes access to a co-working space, transportation, living quarters that are shared by you and your cohort of travelers, and on-site support provided by Remote Year. The company also coordinates events in each city you travel to help each participant get the most out of their time abroad.


You must be currently employed to apply for Remote Year. Additionally, although you do not need to be fluent in English, some English conversation skills are needed to do well in the program. You can apply from any country and do not need to be a U.S. citizen, however, you will need to obtain a passport and be able to travel outside of the U.S. or your country of origin.

Hacker Paradise

The Program

Hacker Paradise encourages professionals from a diverse array of countries to travel together while telecommuting. The organization has a particular focus on technology professionals such as computer programmers, developers, and designers.

The program provides group living and co-working spaces. Hacker Paradise does not arrange visas or flights, however, once you arrive you can benefit from the support you need to get work done while you experience new cultures in places like Berlin, Tokyo, Palermo, and Lima.

The typical size of your travel group will be 20-30 people who range from their early 20s to late 30s. Although this age range is the norm, Hacker Paradise also encourages older professionals to join the travel and work experience.

The total price of a work and travel package through Hacker Paradise depends on the length of your stay. One benefit of Hacker Paradise is that their packages are customizable based on your budget. Your trip can be as short as three months or as long as one year. The price per month ranges from $500 to around $2,000.


Hacker Paradise requires that you book your own flights and be able to travel to the countries included in your itinerary. You do not need to speak the local language, although language classes may be available if you choose to learn.

The program has an application and interview process that will help you and the organization decide if their experience will work well for you.

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We Roam

The Program

We Roam brands themselves as a work and travel program with an emphasis on building international professional connections. The organization offers itineraries to destinations such as Santiago, Prague, Mexico City, and Melbourne.

We Roam offers professional development opportunities, language classes, and at least one health and wellness opportunity on each of its trips. Additionally, the company has an employer partner program with the goal of to attracting businesses who want to expand their remote workforce.

We Roam participants may also live in separate rooms throughout the destination city yet share a co-working space. The program cost is $2,000 per month and includes flights to each destination excluding your first and last flight to and from home.


To be a part of We Roam, you must be accepted through their application process which includes a general application and interview. Applicants are accepted from countries around the world and there is a one-month minimum for travel.

Applicants are required to pay a registration fee and are also responsible for maintaining their work while abroad. We Roam does allow couples to travel and offers discounted accommodations for couples pursuing work and travel adventures.

Singular-Destination Travel Programs

The programs outlined below are perfect for professionals who want to focus on working and traveling in one location and immerse themselves more fully in a new culture. The programs are usually more exclusive, accepting less than 20 participants at a time.

Project Getaway

The Program

A non-profit that offers a single destination journey to East Africa, Project Getaway is geared towards professionals who want an all-inclusive experience.

This program offers meals, a working space, activities and more. The program is open to entrepreneurs and can range between $2,800 and $4,400 per month. This rate will depend on your chosen level of luxury.


Project Getaway does not require that you currently have a remote position. The program is geared toward entrepreneurs and is open to established business owners and new business professionals who want to network and brainstorm serious business ideas.

WiFly Nomads

The Program

WiFly Nomads offers short-term work and travel trips to single locations such as Chile, Thailand, Colombia, and Brazil.

The program offers events and accommodations that are fairly private, promising that participants will not share rooms and will only share housing with two or three other participants.

Additionally, the organization also offers travel and learn programs that allow you to take career-specific training to help advance your career while you travel, develop your skills, and network. WiFly offers destinations in Asia and Latin America for approximately $2,000 per month.


You must be currently employed to apply for WiFly Nomads. Additionally, you must hold a passport for six months before applying and most trips require that you cover the costs associated with your visa. If your job allows, you can also join several consecutive trips.

International Co-Working Spaces

If you are looking to create your own travel plans as well as looking for a safe and reliable place to work and live, there are several international co-working spaces that can facilitate your remote working needs while you travel.

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The Program

Roam provides living and working spaces for professionals while they are traveling internationally. Roam is perfect for remote workers who want to find other professionals to share ideas and network, all while exploring a new environment.

The program is less expensive than some traditional work and travel programs because it only provides the basics such as accommodations, reliable Wi-Fi, and office equipment.

All the events, transportation, and meals are left up to you. You can book your stay in London, Miami, Tokyo or Bali. Rates start at $500 per week.


Roam requires that you stay at your destination for at least a week, however, the organization prefers longer stays. Additionally, you are responsible for coordinating all the details of your stay including travel to your destination, visa requirements, work arrangements, food, and transport while abroad.

Nomad House

The Program

Nomad House is another co-living/co-working space available in a variety of places such as India, Bali, Vietnam, and Spain.

Nomad House offers a very flexible trip length and participants can pay per night. The organization does not pay for transport or meals and participants must arrange for their own visa and passport documents.

Usually, the trips are cohort style and Nomad House prides themselves on the diversity of their travel programs. They are open to remote workers of all ages and experience levels.

Nomad House limits their trips to 20 people. The cost per night can range from $15 to $95.


For consideration, you must arrange your own flights, be able to work and live in the destinations you choose and have a remote position.

Quick Tips to Find Success While Exploring Work and Travel Programs

travel programs

No matter what kind of work and travel arrangement you choose, these tips will help you make the best of your time working and traveling to new and places.


When entering a new environment, jet lag, as well as the excitement and culture shock of your new living space, can be a bit overwhelming. It is important to communicate with your employer about your itinerary ahead of time.

Let your employer know you may need at least one day to settle into your new surroundings. This may involve using a vacation day to make sure you are fulfilling your work responsibilities.

Once you are settled, you should try to stick to a regular work schedule as much as possible. While adventure may want to take priority in your life, ensure you keep up with assignments, deadlines, and projects. This is the first step to exploring stress-free while working abroad.

Keep a Journal

Pictures are an amazing way to remember your journey, but writing is also a great way to process everything you learn.

Experiencing a new culture can have amazing benefits both professionally and personally. Keep a journal to jot down your feelings, thoughts, and the major adventures you seek.

This record will help you long into the future as you incorporate the lessons you learned while traveling into your knowledge as a citizen of the world. It could even inspire a blogging adventure, which you could monetize or use as the jumping off point for a new telecommuting adventure in travel writing.

Make Lasting Connections

Although you are working while you travel, don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with local professionals, experience tourist attractions, and learn about the culture around you.

You will gain valuable insights just by listening to and eating with new friends who can show you around and accompany you to local events. It may be a bit intimidating at first, but part of traveling abroad is taking safe and calculated risks to expand your horizons.

Don’t let the next work and travel adventure start without you!

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