Virtual Vocations 2018 telecommuting statistics

Virtual Vocations shares its 2018 Telecommuting Statistics and Virtual Vocations Year-End Report. This is the fourth annual statistical analysis of the top companies, industries, and locations for remote work. Virtual Vocations also highlights details about company records broken during 2018, national telecommuting statistics, and a profile, based on Virtual Vocations survey data, of a typical U.S. remote jobseeker.

2018 Telecommuting Statistics and Virtual Vocations Year-End Report


There is no official government or private bureau or institution that consistently monitors telecommuting statistics and trends. To help fill this gap, Virtual Vocations aggregates and examines key website data annually to illustrate the state of remote work, and has done so since 2015.

“The 2018 Telecommuting Statistics and Virtual Vocations Year-End Report is our fourth such examination of annual telecommuting statistics, trends, and remote job outlooks. We believe in utilizing this data to help us determine how we can best assist our users in their searches for telecommuting and virtual jobs in the year ahead, as well as to provide a resource for anyone interested in learning more about the world of remote work and the current state of telecommuting.”

—Laura Spawn, CEO, Virtual Vocations


Our 2018 telecommuting statistics on virtual and remote work were aggregated from the following sources*:

*Individual sources from the above-named publications are linked throughout this blog post. 

For your convenience and ease of sharing, we have also highlighted key 2018 telecommuting statistics and an overview of our latest year-end report in this Virtual Vocations YouTube video.

Virtual Vocations Company Highlights

2018 was Virtual Vocations’ most successful year to date.

“The key to our success in 2018 is our people. We have an amazing team of remote workers who wake up early every day to help others find that ‘perfect fit’ telecommute job. We are excited to find new jobs to share with our jobseekers because we want everyone to experience the joy and satisfaction that comes from finding a remote job that fits your lifestyle and goals.”

—Shannon Cyr, Database Operations Division Manager, Virtual Vocations

We also expanded our services offerings, adding resume writing, LinkedIn profile makeovers, and cover letters to our Career Services options.

“In Career Services, we have continued to grow our staff of trained and certified writers and coaches who are busy creating career marketing documents for clients in every industry.”

—Holly Leyva, Customer and Career Services Division Manager, Virtual Vocations

Throughout the year, we posted more telecommute jobs, vetted more remote-friendly employers, and broke many  company records, including the following:

  • More than 1 million potential telecommute job postings screened
  • 240,977 telecommute jobs added to the Virtual Vocations job board
  • More than 25,000 customer service inquiries fielded concerning Virtual Vocations services and remote work
  • 6,192 new companies vetted
  • 4,550 new telecommute-friendly companies added to frequent searching, and more than 8,200 total companies actively searched for new remote jobs
  • 143 new Virtual Vocations Employer Partners that directly posted telecommute job vacancies with us through our free Employer Partner Program
  • 50% increase in jobs added to the job board when compared to 2017

U.S. & Global Remote Work Stats

Telecommuters are the fastest growing working population in the U.S., a research-focused consulting organization that tracks data and trends on telecommuting and agile work, also found that as of 2018, over 20% of the workforce telecommutes at least partially, and about 50% of all workers have jobs that are telecommute-compatible.

Since the number of employers offering flexible arrangements has been increasing at a rapid rate (up 40% from 2011 to 2016), we can expect even more companies around the world to embrace the remote workforce and offer telecommute options to current and future employees.

Telecommuter Profile

The average remote worker is at least 40 years old with a bachelor’s degree and over five years of telecommuting experience. Most Virtual Vocations members live within the U.S., especially in top telecommute-friendly states like California, Texas, Florida, New York, and Georgia. They also primarily work within the following industries:

  • Information technology
  • Writing and editing
  • Education
  • Customer service
  • Healthcare

Irrespective of age, location, and occupation, our members typically choose a remote career path to:

  • Have more schedule and travel flexibility
  • Take care of children or a family member in their own homes
  • Save money and time
  • Accommodate health or mobility concerns

Top 10 Telecommute-Friendly Companies

The remote employers featured in this list represent the businesses and organizations with the most telecommute job openings featured in the Virtual Vocations job board during 2018. Are you interested in more 2018 telecommuting statistics related to the best companies for remote work? Read our report on the Top 100 Telecommute Companies for 2019Virtual Vocations 2018 Telecommuting Statistics Top Companies for Telecommuting Jobs


10. Syneos Health

Syneos Health helps biopharmaceutical and medical device companies develop, commercialize, and promote products and healthcare services. Though many roles require some travel to client sites and team offices, Syneos offers telecommute options so that staff can work at home or on the road.

Examples of Telecommute Positions:

  • Telecommute Senior Clinical Quality Consultant
  • Telecommute Senior Medical Director
  • Remote Medical Writer

9. Sunbelt Staffing

Sunbelt Staffing is a healthcare staffing firm that helps medical professionals apply for jobs, and organizations find qualified candidates. The company specializes in travel nursing and allied healthcare and frequently posts full-time and part-time telecommute positions for both employees and independent contractors.

Examples of Telecommute Positions:

  • Remote Speech Language Pathologist
  • Telecommute Middle School Speech Language Therapist
  • Telecommute Teletherapy Speech Language Pathologist

8. CTS LanguageLink

CTS LanguageLink is a language translation and interpretation service provider that assists clients with managing language projects, and designing and delivering a variety of media types. This company promotes remote work efficiency by focusing on results and offering different schedules to fit telecommuters’ needs.

Examples of Telecommute Positions:

  • Remote Bilingual Krahn Translator
  • Virtual Chuukese Translator
  • Remote Bilingual Navajo Interpreter

7. Sykes Enterprises Incorporated

Sykes Enterprises provides talent acquisition, customer care, sales, and marketing solutions to businesses around the globe. The company cultivates a culture of growth among its staff by emphasizing work-life balance and offering professional development for all employees.

Examples of Telecommute Positions:

  • Remote Customer Service Representative
  • Virtual Customer Service Representative
  • Telecommute Customer Service Representative

6. Kaplan Inc.

Kaplan Inc. offers exam preparation, advanced learning, testing, and professional licensing services for high school and university students, as well as graduates. Since it provides many online services, including public education degree programs, Kaplan seeks remote workers who value collaboration and long-term learning experiences.

Examples of Telecommute Positions:

  • Telecommute Data Engineer
  • Remote Accessibility Manager
  • Remote Real Estate Instructor

5. Oracle

Oracle is a global information technology enterprise that helps organizations build and maintain infrastructure, databases, cloud services, software applications, and so much more. The company supports work-life balance and hires remote workers to fill roles in over a dozen job fields.

Examples of Telecommute Positions:

  • Telecommute Applications Sales Representative
  • Remote Hardware Product Manager
  • Telecommute Risk Management Analyst

4. VocoVision

VocoVision gives children access to online speech, psychological, and occupational therapy, sign-language interpretation, learning materials for the visually impaired, mobile apps, and other tools to help students and their families succeed. Since VocoVision’s primary services are virtual, the company frequently hires telecommuters and offers flexible schedules to most of its employees.

Examples of Telecommute Positions:

  • Telecommute Speech Language Pathologist
  • Remote Speech Therapist
  • Virtual Psychologist

3. K12 Inc.

K12 Inc. offers online public and private education for grades kindergarten through high school. It also provides early childhood education, extra-curricular activities, and career training programs. K12 fosters a collaborate remote work environment so that professional educators can make a difference in their students’ lives.

Examples of Telecommute Positions:

  • Remote Elementary and Middle School Teacher
  • Telecommute Special Education Specialist
  • Remote High School Chemistry Teacher

2. UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group is a global healthcare insurance provider that offers comprehensive medical coverage plans to members, as well as management and analytics solutions to healthcare organizations. UHG supports work-life balance and flexibility by hosting virtual work environments and extending telecommute positions to over one-fourth of its global staff.

Examples of Telecommute Positions:

  • Telecommute Inpatient Coder
  • Remote Patient Care Coordinator
  • Virtual Senior Business Analyst

1. CyraCom LLC

CyraCom LLC provides a wide range of translation and interpretation services in hundreds of languages, especially for healthcare, customer support, and governmental organizations. This company hires independent contractors who can work from home, set their own schedules, and live anywhere in the U.S.

Examples of Telecommute Positions:

  • Remote Bilingual Finnish Interpreter
  • Virtual Bilingual Afrikaans Interpreter
  • Telecommute Bilingual Fijian Interpreter


Top 10 Telecommuting Industries

Virtual Vocations also captured telecommuting statistics on industries that featured the most telecommute job openings during 2018. Below are the top 10.


10. Translation

Translation professionals covert written material from one language to another. Some may also double as transcribers or interpreters. Remote Translators are in high-demand for all industries, but especially in healthcare, legal, finance, and education.

Occupational Outlook Through 2026: 18% growth

Examples of Popular Job Titles:

  • Telecommute Bilingual Tagalog Translator
  • Telecommute Bilingual Spanish Transcriptionist
  • Remote Bilingual Vietnamese Telephone Interpreter

Median Salary: $47,190

9. Management

Management personnel, from line managers all the way up to executive leaders, are needed across all organizations and industries. Telecommuting Managers lead teams, departments, and businesses, set high-level goals, and ensure daily business activities align with the strategic objectives of their employers.

Occupational Outlook Through 2026: 8% growth

Examples of Popular Job Titles:

  • Telecommute Chief Executive Officer
  • Remote Technology Support Director
  • Telecommute Clinical Services Vice President

Median Salary: $102,590

8. Customer Service

Customer service professionals assist customers with accounts, billing, complaints, questions, and setting up or modifying services. Some Virtual Customer Service Representatives directly interact with customers, while others manage teams or perform internal administrative, operations, or development duties.

Occupational Outlook Through 2026: 5% growth

Examples of Popular Job Titles:

  • Virtual Customer Care Representative
  • Telecommute Community Support Team Lead
  • Remote Customer Success Manager

Median Salary: $32,890

7. Education

Online education organizations steadily post new job vacancies for all levels of learning. Remote- and virtual-friendly education companies seek telecommuting teachers, tutors, technologists, and administrators for both general instruction and development as well as specialized learning programs.

Occupational Outlook Through 2026: 9% growth

Examples of Popular Job Titles:

  • Remote High School English Teacher
  • Virtual Adjunct Faculty Member
  • Telecommute Professional Learning Specialist

Median Salary: $48,740

6. Project Management

Project management is not only a top telecommute job category but also an in-demand professional discipline. Companies in every industry hire telecommuting Project Managers to plan and implement projects within a defined budget, scope, and time frame.

Occupational Outlook Through 2026: 2.2 million new jobs annually worldwide

Examples of Popular Job Titles:

  • Telecommute Senior Healthcare Project Manager
  • Remote Construction Project Manager
  • Remote Software Project Manager

Average Salary: $75,474

5. Consulting

Consulting firms equip businesses and teams with the knowledge, skills, and capabilities needed to grow revenues, decrease costs, develop strategies, and refine business activities. Remote Independent Consultants may partner with specialized companies to expand their services and implement solutions for their clients.

Occupational Outlook Through 2026: 14% growth

Examples of Popular Job Titles:

  • Remote Business Consulting IT Analyst
  • Remote Organizational Development Consultant
  • Telecommute Professional Services Consultant

Average Salary: $79,526

4. Account Management

Account management involves the continuous nurturing of client relationships. Once clients purchase a company’s products or services, Remote Account Managers provide support and help expand the business by upselling and renewing contracts. In some companies, sales professionals also serve as account managers, but large enterprises usually separate such roles.

Occupational Outlook Through 2026: 7% growth

Examples of Popular Job Titles:

  • Remote Territory Account Manager
  • Telecommute Technology Account Manager
  • Remote Customer Success Account Manager

Average Salary: $59,082

3. Healthcare

Healthcare is an ever-growing industry with a continuous need for remote medical and patient care professionals. Most telecommute healthcare positions require formal education, training, and clinical or occupation-related experience. Some positions, such as Telecommute Registered Nurse, also require state licensure.

Occupational Outlook Through 2026: 18% growth

Examples of Popular Job Titles:

  • Telecommute Medical Coder
  • Remote Clinical Research Associate
  • Telecommute Nurse Manager

Median Salary: $64,770

2. Sales

Telecommute Sales Professionals help customers find solutions to problems through the purchase and use of products and services. Remote and virtual sales specialties span all industries including manufacturing, information technology, education, healthcare, real estate, and insurance.

Occupational Outlook Through 2026: 3% growth

Examples of Popular Job Titles:

  • Remote Services Sales Representative
  • Telecommute Business Developer
  • Telecommute Regional Sales Director

Average Salary: $52,000

1. Information Technology

Information technology is a broad industry that includes the development, production, and utilization of hardware, software, infrastructure, information, system integrations, managed services, and equipment repairs and maintenance. Telecommute Information Technology Specialists should be pleased with the availability of remote jobs in this field as it is consistently the top category among all remote work careers.

Occupational Outlook Through 2026: 13% growth

Examples of Popular Job Titles:

  • Telecommute Front End Developer
  • Telecommute Systems Administrator
  • Remote UX Designer

Median Salary: $84,580


Top 10 Locations for Telecommuting Jobs

Remote work is on the rise thanks to states like Oklahoma and Vermont which offer relocation incentives for telecommuters. With support from both government agencies and private-sector companies these 10 locations lead the way for the remote workforce, according to our 2018 telecommuting statistics.


10. Massachusetts

Virtual Vocations Massachusetts remote jobs

Although Massachusetts is recognized for its renowned educational institutions, jobs in healthcare and information technology are skyrocketing with no signs of slowing down. The state is also pushing to expand its cybersecurity workforce by funding training and helping professionals find Massachusetts remote jobs. Fortunately for jobseekers, telecommute healthcare, information technology, and cybersecurity jobs are abundant.

Popular Telecommuting Job Titles:

  • Telecommute Cyber Security Specialist
  • Remote Implementation Services Specialist
  • Telecommute Clinical Project Manager

Remote-Friendly Companies Headquartered in Massachusetts:

9. North Carolina

Virtual Vocations North Carolina remote jobs

North Carolina has a thriving small business community which employed 44% of all private-sector workers in 2015, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. As more companies expand their talent pools by tapping into the telecommuting workforce to fill North Carolina remote jobs, these businesses won’t remain small for long.

Popular Telecommuting Job Titles:

  • Remote Strategic State Organizer
  • Remote Software Developer Evangelist
  • Telecommute Web Developer

Remote-Friendly Companies Headquartered in North Carolina:

8. Pennsylvania

Virtual Vocations Pennsylvania remote jobs

Pennsylvania has a diverse blend of Fortune 500 companies, small- to medium-sized businesses, and ambitious entrepreneurs across various industries. However, business support, sales, education, finance, and healthcare take the lead for the most in-demand jobs through 2026, according to the Pennsylvania Center for Workforce Information & Analysis. These represent some of the most popular industries for Pennsylvania remote jobs.

Popular Telecommuting Job Titles:

  • Remote Coding Coordinator
  • Telecommute Field Sales Recruiter
  • Telecommute Executive Assistant

Remote-Friendly Companies Headquartered in Pennsylvania:

7. Virginia

Virtual Vocations Virginia remote jobs

Many Virginia companies offer information technology, defense, aviation, engineering, and consulting services to governmental organizations. Thanks to telecommuting arrangements, workers don’t have to relocate to Fairfax County to advance their careers in such lucrative industries supporting Virginia remote jobs.

Popular Telecommuting Job Titles:

  • Telecommute Business Development Solution Architect
  • Remote Multimedia Support Specialist
  • Telecommute Anti Fraud Strategy Consultant

Remote-Friendly Companies Headquartered in Virginia:

6. Georgia

Virtual Vocations Georgia remote jobs

Since Georgia’s state minimum wage is $5.15 for workers who aren’t covered under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), residents can make ends meet through full-time or part-time Georgia remote jobs. Workers in virtually all industries can make a good living by leveraging remote occupations.

Popular Telecommuting Job Titles:

  • Telecommute Supply Chain Manager
  • Remote Senior Database Administrator
  • Telecommute Graphic Designer

Remote-Friendly Companies Headquartered in Georgia:

5. Illinois

Virtual Vocations Illinois remote jobs

Illinois residents don’t have to move to Chicago to snag top-notch Illinois remote jobs and reliable pay. Telecommuters around the state and nation can find work with the Prairie State’s leading companies, especially in the professional business services, healthcare, and education industries.

Popular Telecommuting Job Titles:

  • Telecommute Instructional Designer
  • Telecommute CRM Business Analyst
  • Remote School Speech Language Pathologist

Remote-Friendly Companies Headquartered in Illinois:

4. Florida

Virtual Vocations Florida remote jobs

Florida is more than a relaxing vacation and retirement haven. It’s also a place to launch a successful career (or rocket ship). Businesses in the Sunshine State employ thousands of aerospace professionals, interpreters, nurse practitioners, financial advisors, and software developers each year. In addition, their education and health services industries are currently looking for qualified telecommuters to fill Florida remote jobs.

Popular Telecommuting Job Titles:

  • Telecommute Nurse Practitioner
  • Remote Full Stack Software Engineer
  • Telecommute Communications Faculty Member

Remote-Friendly Companies Headquartered in Florida:

3. New York

Virtual Vocations New York remote jobs

Over half of all New York workers spend at least 30 minutes commuting to work each day according to the U.S. Census 2017 American Community Survey. Given that, more and more professionals are seeking alternative arrangements, like New York remote jobs, with time and geographical flexibility. Fortunately, telecommute employees around the Empire State can take a bite of the Big Apple without leaving their home office.

Popular Telecommuting Job Titles:

  • Telecommute Front End Developer
  • Remote Customer Success Engineer
  • Remote Social Media Coordinator

Remote-Friendly Companies Headquartered in New York:

2. Texas

Virtual Vocations Texas remote jobs

Dubbed the “Silicon Valley of the South,” Texas technology giants rival sunny California’s and boast dozens of Fortune 500 company rankings. As the second most populous state in the U.S., Texas telecommute-friendly companies have access to a diverse and talented pool of Lonestar candidates for Texas remote jobs.

Popular Telecommuting Job Titles:

  • Remote Project Analyst and Coordinator
  • Remote Enterprise Account Executive
  • Telecommute Network Consulting Engineer

Remote-Friendly Companies Headquartered in Texas:

1. California

Virtual Vocations California remote jobs

California is home to some of the world’s most influential technology companies including Google and Apple. Although job competition can be fierce in Silicon Valley, organizations in every industry around the state seek talented telecommuters to join their teams and succeed in California remote jobs.

Popular Telecommuting Job Titles:

  • Telecommute Senior Android Developer
  • Remote Content Marketing Manager
  • Remote Backend Ruby Engineer

Remote-Friendly Companies Headquartered in California:


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