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11 Companies Hiring for Online Tutoring Jobs

Are you looking for flexible work opportunities and passionate about teaching? Online tutoring jobs might be the perfect fit for you. With the rise of remote learning, many companies are now offering online tutoring positions. These roles allow you to share your knowledge from the comfort of your home, providing personalized support to students of all ages.

Whether you’re an experienced educator or a subject matter expert, there’s a demand for your skills. Online tutoring jobs not only offer flexibility but also the chance to make a meaningful impact on students’ lives. In this article, we’ll explore 11 companies that are actively hiring for online tutoring roles. Get ready to discover opportunities that can turn your passion for teaching into a rewarding career.

1. Achieve Test Prep

What They Do: College is one of the most expensive ventures in a person’s life. So to help people save money, Achieve Test Prep offers “Credit-by-Examination” courses. These courses allow students to enter a university with college credits, provided they pass the exam. Currently, the education company offers 17 courses with a 93% student pass rate on exams. To give its students the best online instruction, Achieve Test Prep hires for tutors and instructors in a variety of subjects at various proficiency levels.

Common Job Titles: Remote English Instructor, Remote Chemistry Instructor, Telecommute U.S. History Instructor

2. BookNook

What They Do: BookNook, Inc. is a company providing an education technology platform that specializes in helping to educate children in traditionally disenfranchised communities. It provides user-friendly tools to facilitate small group learning for elementary school students. Their mission: “At BookNook, our unwavering mission since 2016 has been to ensure every student has an equal chance to excel through our research-driven instructional materials and consistent tutor relationships. Committed to continuous growth, we navigate the learning framework with innovation, equity, and boundless opportunities for each student’s pathway to success. “

Common Job Titles: Online Tutor for K-8 Students, Online Math Tutor, Remote Tutor Quality Partner

3. CareerFoundry


What They Do: Unlike other online tutoring and education companies, CareerFoundry is 100% devoted to IT instruction in a variety of sub-disciplines. Based out of Berlin, Germany, the company has “job-guaranteed” courses in subjects such as user interface and user design, web development, and data analytics. With instruction from its staff of IT experts, students can complete their course and receive a job offer in as little as five months.

Common Job Titles: Virtual UI Design Tutor and Mentor, Online Data Analysis Mentor and Tutor, Remote UX Design Tutor and Mentor

4. Chegg

What They Do: Traded on the New York Stock Exchange, Chegg is one of the largest online education companies in the United States and a foremost hirer for remote tutoring jobs. Unlike other education platforms, Chegg offers tutors 24/7 to work around the schedules of busy lifestyles. The company also offers textbook alternatives, flashcards, math classes, educational videos, Q&A sessions with live tutors, and more. Each year, Chegg tutors and instructs over 40 million students, showcasing its success in the online education industry.

Common Job Titles: Remote Academic Tutor

5. Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University

What They Do: Founded in Baltimore in 1876, Johns Hopkins University (JHU) is one of the top higher-education institutions in the country. Often considered a top-tier medical school, JHU has 52 majors and 48 minors. However, with no set core curriculum, the school embraces the freedom to explore, embrace, and combine academic interests for its students. While the school has over 26,000 students, JHU continues to increase its online offerings, building a sizable remote student body in the process.

Common Job Titles: Online Bilingual Spanish Programs Tutorial Assistant, Remote Writing Program Tutorial Assistant, Online Math Tutorial Assistant

6. Stride, Inc.

What They Do: Founded in 2000, Stride is a leading provider of online education for students from kindergarten through the 12th grade. In recent years, the company has provided online alternatives for public school students who can’t attend class, whether due to a disability or during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to its public school curriculum, K12 also provides one-on-one tutoring, online private school, and adult continued education classes. Due to the sheer number of students, K12 is always hiring for remote tutoring jobs.

Common Job Titles: Remote Blended Learning Tutor

7. Kaplan

What They Do: For over 80 years, Kaplan has provided tutoring, mentoring, and teaching classes for individuals of all ages. While widely known as an industry leader in standardized test preparation, the company also offers professional education, certification, and licensing for working adults. In addition to its professional classes, some of its offerings include advanced placement prep, college entrance prep, grad school exam prep, and Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Today, Kaplan remains one of the top and most trusted online education platforms.

Common Job Titles: Online Sports Medicine Course Mentor, Online Test Prep Course Mentor, Telecommute Real Estate Instructor

8. Pearson (Pearson Education)

What They Do: Known as “The World’s Learning Company,” Pearson (formerly known as Pearson Education) is a digital education provider with over 225,000 students across 70 countries. Pearson uses innovative software to connect with students, enabling better understanding for students and alleviating frustration for teachers and tutors. In addition, the company owns eTexts, which combines a digital textbook, notebook, and study aid in one. Along with this platform, Pearson has several other groundbreaking educational techs. As a result, students can study 10 different subjects at their leisure or with the help of tutors.

Common Job Titles: Telecommute Computer Science Tutor, Online Statistics Tutor, Remote Introductory Finance Tutor

9. SAGA Innovations, Inc. dba Saga Education

What They Do: Saga Education is an education management company that provides a tutoring program for students who have fallen behind. Its tutors meet with students both in-person and virtually. They are a learning-driven organization committed to continuous improvement. Thriving on feedback, they stay resilient and adaptable in tough situations. They prioritize their goals and relationships, viewing mistakes as opportunities for growth. Dedicated to collective success, they focus on consistent advancement. They believe all students can learn at high levels and hold a growth mindset about the students they serve.

Common Job Titles: Remote Math Tutor, Part-Time AmeriCorps Math Tutor

10. Upswing International

What They Do: Building upon online learning platforms, Upswing International is an e-learning company that adds a virtual assistant to help each student stay on track. The company currently partners with over 100 colleges to streamline the learning and studying processes, as well as make sure that each student knows their schedule and how to succeed. Since 2014, Upswing International estimates that its interface has prevented over 50,000 dropouts — a testament to the company’s success and business model.

Common Job Titles: Online Computer Science Tutor, Online Accounting Tutor, Online Business Tutor

11. Varsity Tutors

What They Do: Varsity Tutors LLC is an educational technology company that connects learners with experts for personalized learning programs. Varsity Tutors LLC provides a live learning platform connecting students with tutors who are experts in their fields. The company matches learners with the best tutor for them and offers services in-person, online, and on-demand.

Common Job Titles: Remote Geometry Tutor, Remote Study Skills and Organization Tutor, Online Nursing Certifications Tutor

Ready to Start Your Journey Toward Online Tutoring Jobs?

Exploring the world of online tutoring jobs opens up a world of possibilities. Whether you’re looking to supplement your income or transition into a new career, there’s an opportunity waiting for you. These 11 companies offer diverse roles that cater to various subjects and teaching styles.

With the flexibility to set your own schedule and work from anywhere, online tutoring jobs provide a perfect balance for those seeking remote work. Explore this exciting field and start making a difference in students’ lives today. Your next teaching adventure is just a click away!

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Original September 2020 article content written by Eric Schad.

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