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Top 14 Massachusetts Remote Jobs

Top Massachusetts remote jobs

If you’re tired of the traditional 9-to-5, remote jobs can provide a breath of fresh air. Use this list of top Massachusetts remote jobs to relieve stress and find your ideal work-life balance.

1. Medical Director

Average Wage: $114.88 per hour (PayScale, 2020)

Job Growth Rate: 18% (Bureau of Labor Statistics [BLS], 2019)

Job Description: A medical director is a healthcare professional who manages the physicians, nurses, and other employees of a health care facility. They work directly with health care providers to improve overall patient care. In addition, they form leadership committees and workgroups to stay focused on organizational goals and budgetary constraints.

Requirements: Medical directors must have a medical degree with a valid medical license to secure employment. Along with experience as a practicing physician, a medical director should also have experience in hospital administration and management roles. Excellent verbal and written communication skills and computer proficiency are also important skills of a medical director.

2. Sales Manager

Average Wage: $60.89 per hour (BLS, 2019)

Job Growth Rate: 5% (BLS)

Job Description: Sales managers are responsible for overseeing a team of salespeople. Moreover, these professionals need to set sales quotas, develop training and supplemental materials, and mentor their salespeople. They might also assign certain districts or regions among their sales team. In addition to their sales and management responsibilities, they may analyze statistics to develop sales forecasts and prepare budgets.

Requirements: Sales managers typically have a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, advertising, management, or another business-related field. Depending on the size and complexity of the position, sales managers may also need a master’s degree in business administration. Great written and verbal communication skills and computer proficiency are mandatory.

3. Software Developer

Average Wage: $50.77 per hour (BLS, 2019)

Job Growth Rate: 21% (BLS)

Job Description: Software developers are technical professionals who oversee the process of creating software applications from start to finish. Working with programmers and technicians, these individuals maintain current software and develop new software. In addition, these professionals retrieve data to analyze a system’s capabilities and meet with clients to determine their software needs. In some roles, software developers may also mentor and coach junior-level developers and programmers.

Requirements: Most software developers hold a bachelor’s degree in software engineering, computer science, or another computer-related field. Depending on whether a candidate is pursuing a career in systems development or applications development, they may need a certification, as well as a strong grasp of development software such as C, C++, or Java.

4. Business Analyst

Average Wage: $40.99 per hour (BLS, 2019)

Job Growth Rate: 14% (BLS)

Job Description: Business analysts combine their in-depth knowledge of a particular industry with analytical skills to identify how a business can improve and how to implement new policies. Additionally, these individuals use their comprehensive skill set to solve business problems, meet shareholder expectations, design or modify business systems, spearhead project management, and provide training for company employees.

Requirements: Most business analysts have a bachelor’s degree in a business- or IT-related field and three to five years experience in a single industry. Certifications are also crucial to higher pay and more career options. For example, business analysts often obtain the highly coveted Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) distinction from the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA).

5. Salesforce Developer

Average Wage: $39.21 per hour (PayScale, 2020)

Job Growth Rate: 21% (BLS, 2019)

Job Description: As one of the leading platform experts for customer relationship management, Salesforce developers are one of the top Massachusetts remote jobs. A Salesforce developer uses the Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform to develop applications, integrate the CRM platform with other technologies, and work on website applications. Furthermore, they may also customize the CRM for a client’s particular needs and wants.

Requirements: Although no formal education is required to become a Salesforce developer, most successful candidates have a bachelor’s degree in software engineering or a computer-related field. In addition, most employers look for a candidate with a Salesforce developer certification from Salesforce University—Salesforce’s own online education center.

6. Accountant

Average Wage: $34.40 per hour (BLS, 2019)

Job Growth Rate: 6% (BLS)

Job Description: Accountants analyze budgetary requirements, accounting and finance reports, tax records, and other accounting data to determine the operational efficiency of a business. These business professionals are also responsible for balancing the general ledger and other accounts, as well as adhering to local, state, and federal accounting and tax laws.

Requirements: A bachelor’s degree in accounting is required to find employment as an accountant. Some employers may also require a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification for upper-level positions.

7. Insurance Underwriter

Average Wage: $33.67 per hour (BLS, 2019)

Job Growth Rate: -5% (BLS)

Job Description: Insurance underwriters determine what type of coverage insurance customers can get based on an assessment of their risk and a variety of other factors. With specialized training in risk management, underwriters review the information available to them and write policies in addition to finding ways to mitigate claims in the future.

Requirements: Most insurance underwriters possess a four-year degree in business, finance, economics, or another business-related field. However, experience in the insurance industry and computer proficiency is enough to become a viable candidate at some companies. An underwriter certification can also help improve the odds of employment and put candidates on the fast track to mid-level and upper-level management.

8. Penetration Testing Consultant

Annual Salary: $30.02 per hour (PayScale, 2020)

Job Growth Rate: 32% (BLS, 2019)

Job Description: Penetration testing consultants are crucial to a company’s IT security and infrastructure. Also known as an ethical hacker, a penetration testing consultant uses their knowledge of hacking to probe and exploit the vulnerabilities within a network, software program, or other web-based application. After testing the system, the consultant provides valuable feedback to improve the cybersecurity of a company. Depending on their role, a penetration testing consultant may also help in the development of security systems and training.

Requirements: A four-year degree in a computer-related field such as cybersecurity, IT, or computer science is recommended to pursue a career as a penetration testing consultant. However, experience and the level of hacking expertise plays an important role in finding employment. Other necessary skills include knowledge of Unix or Linux operating systems, programming languages, and security software.

9. Content Strategist

Annual Salary: $29.04 per hour (PayScale, 2020)

Job Growth Rate: 8% (BLS, 2019)

Job Description: Using data, research, industry knowledge, and experience, a content strategist is a high-demand Massachusetts remote job that develops content for a branded website, manages a company’s social media accounts, and implements search engine optimization (SEO) practices. They may also build mutually beneficial partnerships with other companies. Writing is one of the most important skills to become a content strategist, but these professionals should also have some basic knowledge of video and photo editing, programming languages, analytics, and social media.

Requirements: No specific degree is required to become a content strategist and successful strategists come from a variety of backgrounds ranging from business to IT to art. Multi-platform and multimedia knowledge is a must to excel at the position, although many companies provide additional training.

10. Product Manager

Average Wage: $20.71 per hour (PayScale, 2020)

Job Growth Rate: 8% (BLS, 2019)

Job Description: Product managers are essential personnel who guide the success of a particular product by crafting a product vision and leading teams to design, test, and promote the product. This individual defines and determines the when, why, and how of the product to build a strategy, develop product features, and brainstorm new ideas.

Requirements: Employers in a variety of industries will require the services of a product manager. A four-year degree is usually required, although the specific type depends on the product. Knowledge of logistics, marketing, advertising, communications, and management are also core qualities that many employers require in a potential product manager.

11. Tutor

Average Wage: $19.65 per hour (PayScale, 2020)

Job Growth Rate: 4% (BLS, 2019)

Job Description: A tutor is a person with knowledge in a particular subject that helps and instructs students outside of normal school hours. By reviewing student assignments, discussing the content, and assisting students to improve their comprehension of a subject, tutors provide students with the tools necessary to succeed in the classroom. They may also develop supplemental materials, study guides, and practice tests to improve learning.

Requirements: The educational requirements for tutors vary by subject and the grade level of the student. For example, tutors with a high school diploma should have the knowledge and expertise to teach grade-school students, while tutors teaching high school or college level students should have a bachelor’s degree in a related field of study.

12. Content Writer

Annual Salary: $18.17 per hour (PayScale, 2020)

Job Growth Rate: 0% (BLS, 2019)

Job Description: Content writers produce engaging website content to build trust with customers and produce sales leads. In most instances, content writers have a specific niche that makes them an expert on the topic. Using this knowledge and style requirements from their employer or client, they craft written material such as blog posts, white pages, articles, product descriptions, and more.

Requirements: Content writers have varied backgrounds depending on their area of expertise. While some may have studied English or journalism, others have degrees in business, science, or other topics combined with a knack for writing. Many jobs also require a portfolio, references, or a website that shows their writing style and grammatical proficiency.

13. Recruiter

Average Wage: $17.95 per hour (PayScale, 2020)

Job Growth Rate: 5% (BLS, 2019)

Job Description: Recruiters are specialists who help companies find candidates to fill positions. To find the perfect candidate for the job, recruiters review resumes or solicit individuals via email, social media, and phone calls. Recruiters may also negotiate salaries, interview potential employees, and work as a liaison between the company and the candidate.

Requirements: To become a recruiter, most employers require a four-year degree in business administration, management, or a field related to the hiring industry. Mid-level and upper-level recruiting jobs may require certification in addition to extensive relevant experience as a recruiter.

14. Customer Support Representative

Annual Salary: $16.69 per hour (BLS, 2019)

Job Growth Rate: -2% (BLS)

Job Description: Acting as a liaison between customers and a company, customer support representatives answer questions, address concerns about products, and troubleshoot any problems. In addition, they may process orders and returns, and handle other activities geared toward improving customer satisfaction.

Requirements: A high school diploma is usually the only educational requirement to obtain employment as a customer support representative. Some companies with highly technical or complex products may seek out candidates with a four-year degree in an equivalent field. In addition, familiarity with customer relationship management (CRM) software is also a highly coveted skill by many employers.

As you can see, Virtual Vocations provides a comprehensive range of vetted career opportunities for remote job seekers in Massachusetts, from customer support representatives to health care providers and everything in between. Uncover your professional and personal ambition with these Massachusetts remote jobs.


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