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The 7 Best Remote Weekend Jobs

In the wake of the COVID pandemic, remote jobs aren’t just an option for tenured professionals or upper-level management. They’re highly accessible to people of all skills, backgrounds, and educational levels. So whether you’re searching for part-time employment, contract work, or temporary gigs, remote weekend jobs are within your grasp. All you need to do is find one that appeals to your interests and skill set. To get your creative juices flowing for your job hunt, here are some of the best remote weekend jobs available right now.

1. Content Writing

Earnings Range (according to PayScale): $19.65 per hour

What You’ll Do: Content writing consists of crafting various types of content for websites. The type of content varies on your background, interests, and level of writing skill, but once you find the right employer, you can create tons of different work. Some examples might include landing pages, blogs, articles, whitepapers, or technical writing.

While PayScale shows an average rate of $19.65 per hour, few of these jobs are hourly. Instead, employers often pay by the word or by the piece. This can create improved earnings, especially if you’re a quick thinker, master researcher, or a wordsmith.

What Makes It a Great Remote Weekend Job: For most content writing jobs, you can take on as little or as much work as you want. If you can find an employer or a client that has a few hours a month of work they need, it’s the optimal remote weekend job.

2. Customer Service Representative

Earnings Range (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics): $17.75 per hour

What You’ll Do: Customer service representatives are some of the most important individuals in a company, acting as the face of an organization to customers. Generally speaking, customer service agents troubleshoot products, process orders or returns, handle questions and concerns, and refer individuals to other departments for assistance. Even more importantly, most customer service jobs require little experience, lowering the barriers to entry, especially if you only need a part-time gig or weekend job.

What Makes It a Great Remote Weekend Job: While many remote employers only require workers to be in the virtual office during the week, customer service is different. Many customers only have time to troubleshoot a product, file a return, or get help on weekends. As such, the high demand for weekend work coupled with the low supply of reps willing to work on weekends can work in your favor in terms of opportunities and potential pay.

3. Data Entry Specialist

Earnings Range: $16.74 per hour

What You’ll Do: As a data entry specialist, you’ll take information or data and enter it into databases based on the needs or requirements of your employer. While this seems simple at its base level, speed and accuracy on the keyboard are tantamount to success. If you have a background as an administrative assistant, this job is a natural move in terms of typing skills.

Mid-level specialists may also have to enter customer information or process orders as they come in, adding a slight degree of difficulty to the job.

What Makes It a Great Remote Weekend Job: Data entry never seems to end for many organizations. As such, many companies are always hiring data entry specialists, which can make finding a job easier. Moreover, if you only have a weekend to work, they’re still willing to hire you to complete the never-ending workload.

4. Social Media Manager or Specialist

Earnings Range: $16.75 per hour

What You’ll Do: As a social media manager or specialist, you’re the one in charge of the social media presence of an organization. From Instagram to Twitter to YouTube, you create and cater content to your target markets using data and a corresponding strategy. While managers may have a more involved role that may go beyond the weekend, specialists often work about 10 to 15 hours a week or less.

What Makes It a Great Remote Weekend Job: If you love social media, know your way around several platforms, and can use social media posting tools like HootSuite, this position probably won’t even feel like work. In all likelihood, you’re going to use social media on weekends, so why not make a few extra bucks doing so?

5. Bookkeeper

Earnings Range: $21.90 per hour

What You’ll Do: Bookkeepers are responsible for keeping the financial records of an organization, such as recording sales, finding and reconciling receipts, and data entry. Unlike an accountant, however, you typically only need an associate’s degree, which can make jobs easier to find for some individuals. Furthermore, many small- and medium-sized businesses don’t require a bookkeeper on staff, instead offering a part-time role to qualified individuals.

What Makes It a Great Remote Weekend Job: If you can balance a ledger, have a love of numbers, and have some knowledge of bookkeeping software, it’s a low-stress remote weekend gig that pays as well as any.

6. Tutor

Earnings Range: $18.28 per hour

What You’ll Do: Tutors are educational professionals that provide supplemental instruction and learning materials to students of all ages. They usually have a specific focus or expertise, often in the form of professional experience or a college degree. Through their knowledge of a specific topic, they can craft study guides, practice exams, and one-on-one instruction that can increase a student’s understanding.

What Makes It a Great Remote Weekend Job: With the increase in popularity of online teaching and tutoring post-pandemic, the demand for tutors remains high. Plus, you can choose your own hours, what students you’d like to work with, and the topic of instruction you feel comfortable with.

7. Medical Coder

Earnings Range: $21.75 per hour

What You’ll Do: Medical coders are medical professionals that take medical transcripts and code them into the computer for insurance purposes. Moreover, coders may also organize and manage this data to make it easier to code. However, an associate’s degree or a certification from an accredited institution may be required for employment.

What Makes It a Great Remote Weekend Job: Although the barriers to entry are a bit higher, you can effectively increase your part-time income compared to some of the other weekend job options available on the market.

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