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How to Find Reddit Remote Jobs

With over 450 million users across the globe, Reddit is the 15th largest social media platform in the world and the 9th-largest platform outside of China. Billed as the “front page of the internet,” Reddit has a far different format from many of its contemporaries and competitors. Instead of relying on traditional posts, videos, and pictures uploaded by users, Reddit functions as a social news aggregation site mixed with a low-key traditional forum. Moreover, the popularity of the platform has led to plenty of workers searching for Reddit remote jobs. Are you searching for a job with the social media giant? Here’s all you need to know about securing a position.

A Brief History of Reddit

Reddit is a true underdog story and a tale in perseverance. After a few unsuccessful ideas and failures, Reddit founders Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman eventually came up with the idea that was to become Reddit sometime in 2005. However, the idea for “the front page of the internet” didn’t fall on deaf ears. In 2006, Conde Nast purchased the website, eventually making it an independent subsidiary in 2011.

After leaving the company in 2009, Ohanian and Huffman eventually returned to Reddit in executive roles, building the social media platform into the powerhouse it is today. By creating Reddit apps for iOS and Android, the two original founders pushed Reddit to greater heights in terms of popularity while also improving its revenue stream through advertising.

Today, Reddit is on the verge of an initial public offering, further boosting its funding and valuation to up to $10 billion. Backers also include Snoop Dogg, Peter Thiel, Jared Leto, Rob Conway, and others.

The platform still falls behind the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and other household names. Even so, Reddit still retains a unique setup that makes it an outlier in one of the world’s biggest industries.

What Makes Reddit a Great Employer

Reddit is a household name, or at least to those under the age of 40. However, it doesn’t hold the brand recognition or size of some of its biggest competitors. As a result, Reddit employs only about 530 workers compared to nearly 60,000 workers for Facebook. But with such a smaller group comes a number of benefits, especially for professionals who don’t like the prototypical, rigid corporate structure. So if you love working in mid-sized businesses with a talented group of coworkers, Reddit is a resoundingly great choice.

Reddit and Employee Benefits

Reddit offers a competitive benefits package, salary, and perks to all of its employees. The benefits are provided regardless of whether the worker is onsite at the Reddit headquarters in San Francisco or working from home. Some of the benefits of working for Reddit include:

  • Home office and coworking space benefits
  • Paid time off for volunteering
  • Professional and personal development funds
  • Family planning funds
  • Four or more months of paid parental leave
  • Unlimited vacation days
  • Global wellness days
  • Comprehensive health benefits package
  • Access to Employee Resource Groups

Reddit’s Employer Awards

The allure of working for a major player in the social media space is enough to entice many workers. Nevertheless, Reddit is also widely regarded as a great place to work. Some of its work-related awards include:

Common Questions About Reddit Remote Jobs

Although the above information should put you on the path toward a Reddit remote job, you may still have some other questions and concerns about securing a position with this San Francisco-based employer. Here are a few of the most popular inquiries.

Why Is It So Hard to Find a Remote Job With Reddit?

The reason why many people have trouble finding jobs with Reddit is due to fierce competition. Unlike larger corporations with more job openings, Reddit only has a few dozen openings at any time and maybe less. And because of its popularity and reputation, you’re up against some of the most talented individuals in the country for an open position. However, the wide array of open jobs with Reddit allows people from different backgrounds to secure a job, which may increase your chances for employment.

As a result, you may want to consider a makeover to your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile before you apply.

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