Fully Remote Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere

Fully Remote Jobs: 6 Ways You Can Truly Work from Anywhere

During the height of COVID, more workers reported from home than at any other time in the history of mankind. Let that sink in for a moment. However, the writing may have been on the wall. As vaccines rolled out, fewer people were sick, and more people returned to the office, at least part-time or in a hybrid model. A McKinsey & Company study shows that up to 35% of Americans still enjoy fully remote jobs based on 25,062 respondents, while an additional 23% can work from home part of the time.

However, no studies officially show how many people can truly work from anywhere among that 35%. Fully remote jobs are certainly one way to get you closer to that goal, especially if you want to live abroad or indulge in your wanderlust. Moreover, specific jobs can push you even closer to that goal, as the need for in-person meetings with coworkers or clientele is almost nonexistent. If you want to truly work from anywhere with a fully remote job, here are a few career avenues to pursue.

1. Freelancer

When you think of truly working from anywhere, you may not think about betting entirely on yourself. After all, few people envision any sort of career that’s entirely on their own doing. Americans, in particular, are educated to become cogs in the machine rather than forward-thinking entrepreneurs. That’s not to say that there’s any less honor in being an employee. But once you’ve gained the necessary skills to succeed in a job, you have a viable option where you call the shots: freelancing.

As a freelancer, you take your specific skill set and find clients on your own. While this is more labor-intensive, at least at first, you can choose your own rates, your own clients, and your own hours. If you want a fully remote job where you can truly work from anywhere, this is it. You just need to trust in your abilities and be willing to take the extra steps to make it happen.

However, freelancing doesn’t necessarily mean you need to cold call or send email after email in search of clients. Job boards often have opportunities specifically for freelancers. Why? Because companies need work done on a temporary or part-time basis, and they don’t want the hindrances of offering full-time positions where they have to pay additional taxes and benefits. The result is a higher-paying job that gives you an opportunity to do what you do best.

2. Tutor

Tutoring is another fully remote job that gives you the freedom and flexibility that few other jobs offer. As a tutor, you can choose what you teach, who you teach, and when you teach in most cases. Many online companies are always looking for tutors, ranging from experienced to entry-level. One of the huge upsides is that the move to online learning has become widespread across the country as well as the globe. In this regard, you have more students in various age ranges, which can translate into more job opportunities.

3. Project Manager

One of the most diverse fully remote jobs is a project manager. The term project manager is often used loosely by employers, but a project manager generally oversees what’s known as a project life cycle. This life cycle consists of five steps, including:

  • Initiating a project
  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Controlling and monitoring
  • Closing

More specifically, a project manager is the organizational force behind a project, making sure that it’s done on time and within certain budgetary constraints. Traditionally, a project manager may have been needed on the job site. But thanks to the improvements in videoconferencing, drones, phones, and internet connectivity, project managers can work fully remote jobs from just about anywhere.

4. Software Developer

A software developer hasn’t traditionally been a fully remote job that allows you to work from anywhere simply because many companies want teams to work from the office. The synergy created in these atmospheres is unbeatable and preferred by many different companies. However, the need for software developers on an employee, contract, or freelance basis continues to rise.

As a software developer, fully remote jobs are everywhere; it’s one of the most highly sought-after professionals in any industry. As such, you have more options than other types of professionals, make your own demands, and find a fully remote job that suits your needs.

Entry-Level and Part-Time Fully Remote Jobs

Maybe you’re not quite ready to make the leap to a fully remote full-time job, and there’s no issue with that. Jumping head-first into a remote job can feel daunting and scary — at least a first. Plus, you may not have the skill set necessary to find employment in a fully remote job. That’s when entry-level and part-time remote jobs can help you get your foot in the door. Regardless of your skill set, you can find something that appeals to your interests, background, or expertise.

5. Virtual Assistant

In-office assistants aren’t overly expensive in the grand scheme of things, but to cut overhead costs, many companies are turning to fully remote jobs for virtual assistants. More directly, administrative assistants aren’t always productive for 40 hours a week, leading to an increased interest in temporary or part-time virtual assistant positions. As a result, businesses can change the hours of their virtual assistants to suit their needs and budget, and you can take one or more fully remote jobs to suit your income and timing needs. Organizational abilities, communication skills, and an eye for detail are mandatory for this position, but if you have experience, you should be a shoo-in.

6. Salesperson

Salesperson may seem like an unlikely candidate for a fully remote job, but if you have the drive, the network, and the wherewithal to sell a particular service or product, you may find the current market rife with fully remote job opportunities. The major distinction is that you’ll likely have to become an inside salesperson as opposed to an outside salesperson.

Inside sales reps guide customers through the sales process while also answering questions, providing insight, and ultimately, guiding the client to the best product for their problems. On top of this activity, salespeople build continuing relationships with clients, nurture leads, and report sales data to employers — all of which are easily done from a fully remote location.

Virtual Vocations Is Your Source for Fully Remote Jobs

In an effort to conceal the true nature of jobs or get its opening in front of more eyes, many companies have added a remote label in job descriptions. The only issue is that the jobs aren’t exactly remote at all. They may be hybrid or partially remote, but they’re certainly not fully remote jobs. Moreover, job boards do an inadequate job of ensuring these jobs are fully remote in any capacity — causing you to waste valuable time sifting through misleading job postings.

That’s what makes Virtual Vocations stand out from the rest. When you register for Virtual Vocations, you can rest easy knowing that the 15,000-plus jobs in our database are fully remote. With Virtual Vocations, there’s no more sifting through misleading ads or applying for jobs only to find out that it’s not remote. Just log into your account, hit the jobs board, and forget the worry. Virtual Vocations respects your time and brings you one step closer to finding the best fully remote gig quicker and faster than anywhere else on the web.

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