Finding Google remote jobs

How to Find Google Remote Jobs

Google has come a long way since its inception as a research project by two Stanford PhD students in 1996. Originally based around building a better search algorithm, today Google has extended its reach to include a wide variety of other products and services for email, productivity, cloud storage, video chat, translation, mapping, mobile OS, and web browsers, just to name a few.

Google’s rapid growth means that today the company boasts some impressive stats. As of 2020, there are over 100,000 full-time workers, known as “Googlers,” in more than 50 countries. In addition to the full-time workforce, there are approximately 121,000 temporary and contract employees. Annual earnings for the tech giant topped $181.69B US in 2020.

Everything You Need to Know About Google Remote Jobs

Another positive development is the recent relaxation of Google remote jobs policies. In May 2021, the company announced that employees could apply to work fully remote, maintain a hybrid schedule, or transfer to another office. Applications were evaluated individually, and decisions were based on the requirements of the role.

Google is estimating that 20% of its workforce will be fully remote, another 60% will be hybrid, and the last 20% will transfer to offices. In addition, Google is offering employees four weeks a year to work wherever they wish to better accommodate employee vacations.

While Google is announcing new remote work policies, they advertise very few remote positions. This indicates that any preferences for remote or hybrid work arrangements will be discussed during the hiring process. Since Google extended its voluntary return to work policy until early 2022, how the new policies will work during hiring is yet to be seen. With a history of discouraging remote work, job applicants may feel pressured to stay quiet regarding remote work preferences until after being hired.

Salary Information

Google’s policy is to pay at the top end of the pay scale as determined by the local market where the employee works from. This means that their pay rates vary from city to city. The downside to Google remote jobs is that employees may face compensation reduced by as much as 25% depending on their situation. Currently, employees whose applications for remote work have been approved are facing the difficult choice of whether to work remotely and face a pay cut or return to the office.

How to Become a Google Employee

Estimates indicate that Google receives over 2,000,000 applications a year and hires only 1 out of every 130–150 candidates. So, it is very difficult to get employment at Google. To effectively wean through the enormous number of applicants, there is a stringent hiring process in place. If you really want a job at Google, you have to prepare to spend a lot of time and energy on your resume and the application process.

On the Google careers website, they suggest that applicants spend time reflecting on career goals and researching the company prior to applying. In addition, they advise creating job-specific resumes and include specific pointers as to how to create your resume.

On the bright side, they do not require cover letters. So, unless you have a specific reason to include one, such as explaining a gap in work experience, don’t include one. Another thing to keep in mind is that you can only apply for three positions in 30 days.

After you submit your stellar, laser-focused resume, they might ask you to participate in the interview process. Initially, you will be contacted for brief video chats or phones. Then, prepare to take skills tests and complete small projects to demonstrate your skills. If they’re still interested, you will take part in three or four in-depth interviews (either video or in-person) over the span of a day. Interview questions will be primarily open-ended, so preparing ahead of time is key to doing well.

Entry-Level Google Remote Jobs

If you are committed to working for Google and are currently enrolled in a degree program, you have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of Google student internships. Positions differ based on the degree and include everything from computer science to MBAs. While there are undergraduate internships, many are only open to master’s degree or PhD students.

Of course, being awarded an internship is just as hard, maybe harder, than getting a full-time job. The same principles apply to getting an internship regarding the preparation and application processes. In addition, make sure to plan ahead as internships at Google are advertised a year in advance.


If you are up for the challenge of pursuing Google remote jobs, you will need commitment, persistence, and a good strategy. While they are implementing remote and hybrid work policies, the clear focus is on maintaining close teams to promote synergies. However, if you get a job at Google, the policies are in place to allow remote work unless the role is determined to be ineligible.

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