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Remote Recruiter Jobs & How to Find Them

As a specialty of human resources, recruiters are charged with attracting the best applicants to fill organizational openings. Also known as “headhunters,” recruiters can be employed in-house, or a growing number work for staffing firms and provide outsourced services. Either way, recruiters are needed across all industries and market sectors.

In addition to searching for talented jobseekers, they are responsible for screening candidates by reviewing resumes, conducting skills tests, scheduling drug tests, and completing background and reference checks. Once shortlisted, recruiters also interview potential job candidates. While most of a recruiter’s job responsibilities can easily be performed remotely, interviews may be completed in-person, and travel to job fairs and college campuses may be required.

With the major shifts occurring in the domestic and international job market, recruiters are now in demand to fill both remote and on-site job openings. The job outlook for recruiters is good and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is projecting the number of human resources specialists to grow 10% between 2020 to 2030. However, many openings are expected to result from replacing workers due to career transitions or retirement.

Everything You Need to Know About Remote Recruiter Jobs

Remote recruiter jobs are great for people who like working with people while also working from home. If you have always wanted to work remotely but were concerned about social isolation, this job may be the perfect fit.

How to Become a Remote Recruiter

Although there is no “recruiting degree,” most employers prefer candidates to hold a bachelor’s degree in human resources, business, or a related field. In addition, recruiters can pursue certification by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) or HR Certification Institute. These can add to your professional credibility as you gain experience, but there are no recruiter-specific certifications.

Most remote recruiter jobs require some experience as well, however, the path to becoming a recruiter can take a variety of paths, including human resources, customer service, sales, or other client-facing positions. In addition, recruiters working in technical fields might need previous industry experience. Due to technical advances in applicant tracking systems, familiarity with this technology is also important.

Remote Recruiter Salary Information

According to the BLS, the median annual wage for human resources specialists in May 2020 was $63,490. The top wages prevail in the professional, scientific, and technical services industry with a median wage of $71,960.

Common Types of Remote Recruiter Jobs

Remote recruiter jobs are available across all industries, and professionals come with a range of experience and education. Below is information regarding how to get recruiter jobs in a variety of common categories.

Remote Entry-Level Recruiter Jobs

As explained above, most employers will require a bachelor’s degree and some professional experience. If you feel you are lacking in experience, be sure to add any public-facing experience you may have. Experience can include volunteer experience, service industry experience, or retail sales. The most important quality employers are looking for is the ability to engage with a wide variety of people.

Remote entry-level recruiters will also benefit from demonstrating their proficiency with communication technologies, including email, social media, and video calls. Include these skills as well as information on your home office technology in your resume. When searching for entry-level remote jobs, common position titles include:

  • Remote Entry Level Recruiting Coordinator
  • Remote Corporate Recruiter
  • Telecommute Talent Acquisition Intern

Telecommute Technical Recruiter Jobs

One of the fastest-growing segments of the recruiter job market is technical recruiting. Technical recruiting is a specialization in acquiring talent for telecommunications, information technology, and engineering positions. These positions will usually require industry experience, whether it is work experience in a technical position or prior experience recruiting for similar positions. Common job titles include:

  • Remote IT Recruiter
  • Telecommute Technical Recruiter
  • Telecommute Senior UX Recruiter

Remote Healthcare Recruiter Jobs

Another robust sector of the recruiting job market is for remote healthcare recruiters. These recruiters will search for top talent in the healthcare professions, including clinical, administrative, and management positions. Healthcare recruiters will frequently need to source staff for multiple sites as when working for a healthcare network or insurance provider. Job titles you might find include:

  • Remote Home Health Healthcare Recruiter
  • Telecommute Healthcare Recruiter
  • Remote Senior Healthcare Talent Recruiter

Part-Time Remote Recruiter Jobs

If you are looking for a part-time remote recruiter job, there are some available. Many part-time opportunities are with staffing firms that may hire part-time or temporary recruiters to handle the extra seasonal volume or during special projects. You can find other opportunities for part-time employment with companies that have ongoing high-volume recruitment needs.

  • Telecommute Recruiter
  • Per Diem Remote Recruitment Specialist
  • Part-Time Talent Acquisition

Companies Hiring for Remote Recruiter Jobs

As noted above, recruiters are required across all industries. From in-house human resources departments to service firms that specialize in talent acquisition, there are a wide variety of companies offering employment for recruiters. Below are a few examples of companies that frequently hire recruiters.

RUN Studios

RUN Studios

RUN Studios creates world-class creative content to tell brand stories for established and emerging brands, using an extensive network of artists, producers, and storytellers.

Amazon, Inc, Inc. (Amazon) is the world’s largest retailer outside China.

Robert Half

Robert Half International Inc.

Robert Half International Inc. is a large staffing and human resources consulting agency with locations nationwide.


If you’re looking for a career where you can work from home but also work with colleagues and clients on a daily basis, then being a recruiter could be your best option. With a positive occupational outlook, opportunities exist across all industries. In addition, there are career paths for both advancement and specialization that increase your earning potential over time.

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