Remote writing jobs

Remote Writing Jobs: How to Find the Right One for You

From writing social media posts to publishing the Great American Novel, writing is a career category that encompasses a wide range of jobs. In addition to the variety of positions available, remote writers can find positions across all industries and market sectors.

Regardless of the business, there is always a need for written content including print and online marketing content, technical manuals, blog posts and articles, just to name a few. In addition, jobs can be found with media companies, content providers, non-profit organizations, and many more.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) forecasts a mixed job outlook for writers with jobs for technical writers projected to grow by 12%, while the general category of writers and authors is expected to increase by 9% between 2020 and 2030. The BLS notes that writers who adapt to digital writing formats will have an advantage.

Everything You Need to Know About Remote Writing Jobs

While everyone knows how to write, not everyone is a writer. In addition to the obvious grammar and spelling skills, it’s important to have an unending supply of curiosity, creativity, and a love for research. In addition, you must be prepared to work independently most of the time. Writing is a career that can be isolating at times.

One of the biggest perks of remote writing jobs is the level of flexibility that they afford. If you are an employee, there may be some limits about work hours and how much you can work from locations other than your home. However, if you are looking for remote freelance writing jobs, you can write whenever and wherever you feel like it. The drawback here is the lack of job security and steady income. Many writers will offset this risk by combining remote freelance writing gigs with ongoing contracts.

How to Become a Remote Writer

Most writing jobs require a bachelor’s degree in English, Communications, or Journalism. If you write as a freelancer, you may not require a degree, but most of the time you will need prior experience in both writing and in your subject matter.

In the beginning, regardless of the path chosen, gaining initial experience through internships, blogging, or writing for community and school papers is helpful to help build a portfolio of work. If you’re planning on specializing in certain subject areas, formal education or work experience in those areas can assist with building credibility. This is especially true if you are pursuing a career in technical writing.

Salary Information

The 2020 median annual wage according to the BLS is $74,650 per year for technical writers and $67,120 per year for writers and authors.

Remote Writing Job Search Advice and Common Titles

As mentioned above, there is a great variety of remote writing jobs to choose from. Below is specific advice and examples of job titles to help you in a few frequently asked about areas.

Entry-Level Remote Writing Jobs

Entry level remote writing jobs are hard to come by. Almost all positions will suggest a minimum level of experience and ask for links to your published writing or a portfolio of your work. Gaining experience requires some perseverance, but there are a few common ways you can get started including:

  • Signing up with a freelance project website. Websites such as Freelancer or Upwork post a wide variety of jobs, but writing is one area where work can be found.
  • Look for a job/contract with a content marketing or blog content provider. This category of companies creates content on behalf of clients and may offer entry level opportunities.
  • Research blogs in your area of expertise or interest. Many blogs offer both paid and unpaid guest blogging opportunities.

Part-Time Remote Writing Jobs

Part time remote writing jobs are quite common, especially if you’re willing to work on a contract or freelance basis. Getting part time work is also a good way to add to your experience. From content writing to proposal development, to grant writing, there are options to choose from. A few common titles include:

  • Telecommute Content Writer
  • Remote Twitter Content Writer
  • International Development Proposal Writer

Remote Technical Writer Jobs

Technical writers are tasked with writing policy manuals, procedure guides, journal articles, and other documents that communicate complex and technical information. Remote technical writer jobs are a great option if you want to get into writing and have work experience or education in a technical or specialized subject area. Common job titles include:

  • Remote Technical Writer
  • Telecommute IT Technical Writer
  • Remote Technical Writer and Editor

Remote Content Writer Jobs

Content writers develop articles or blogs posts in a variety of topics as opposed to specializing in one subject area. This type of writing is usually used for content marketing purposes including corporate blogs, websites, and newsletters. Job titles for remote content writers include:

  • Remote Content Writer
  • Telecommute SEO Content Writer
  • Remote Product Content Writer

Companies Hiring for Remote Writing Jobs

As mentioned above, almost all businesses need writing services. Writing jobs can also be found with media outlets and marketing firms as well. In addition, writers are needed by companies around the world and in a variety of languages. Below are a few examples of companies that frequently hire writers.

Quartz Media

Quartz Media, Inc.

Quartz Media, Inc. is a digital media company that publishes news and journalism targeted towards businesspeople with an emphasis on providing information via mobile devices.



ContentBacon is a digital marketing company that helps businesses design and implement content marketing strategies to meet their goals.

Bard na nGleann

Bard na nGleann

Bard na nGleann is an information management company that offers technical writing and Irish language services.

Join the Rewarding World of Remote Writing

Choosing writing as a remote profession offers a high degree of flexibility and can be very rewarding, especially for independent workers. While there are opportunities in almost every industry, breaking into the profession can be challenging and require a little persistence. However, once you gain credibility and experience, this can be a long-term career with many opportunities.

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