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30 Transformative Tips for Moms with WAH Jobs (And Those Who Want One)

Imagine juggling the fulfilling demands of motherhood while diving into the world of WAH jobs — work-at-home jobs. Picture this: one moment you’re prepping a healthy snack for your little one, and the next, you’re on a video call with a client. Sounds challenging, right? But with the right strategies, this balancing act can become second nature. For all the super moms out there already navigating the waters of WAH jobs or those eager to jump in, this is for you! We’ve got 30 transformative tips that promise to simplify, enrich, and revitalize your work-at-home journey. 

5 Crucial Steps to Take Before You Apply to WAH Jobs

1. Self-Assess 

If you’re thinking of finding your own remote job, it’s important to think about why you want to work from home. There are work-at-home scams out there promising you crazy money with barely any effort. But WAH jobs are not a magic ticket to instant riches. Remote jobs are just like any other job, only you might be doing it in your PJs (no judgment!). So, if you’re after that “get rich quick” dream, this might not be your stop. But if you’re up for real work with the perk of a comfy couch? Being a work-from-home mom could be right for you!

2.  Set Realistic Expectations 

It’s important to set realistic expectations before you work remotely. Merging work and family life under one roof can indeed be a delicate dance. Remember, it’s about balance, not perfection. Embrace the journey, and don’t be too hard on yourself.

3. Establish Your Work Space

Designating a workspace is key. It doesn’t have to be a grand home office with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. Sometimes, a quiet corner or a comfy chair with a trusty side table will do the trick. This space signals to your brain, “It’s go-time.” Plus, having a spot to call your work-home helps draw a clear line between ‘mom time’ and ‘work time.’ 

4. Brush-Up on Your Technical Skills 

In the WAH world, being tech-savvy can be a game-changer. No, you don’t need to become the next IT guru overnight. But understanding the basics of your computer, mastering a few essential software tools, or even troubleshooting that pesky Wi-Fi connection can save you time and stress. Remember, a little learning goes a long way. 

5. Get in the Job Search Mindset 

When looking for WAH jobs, it’s not just about skimming job listings. Be strategic. Narrow down roles that match your skills and passion. Dedicate time daily to job hunt, tailor applications, and keep your resume fresh. And remember, it’s about finding the right fit, not just any job.

Hints to Help You Choose Appropriate WAH Jobs

6. Consider Your Work Environment

A conducive work environment is paramount for success in WAH roles. If your home frequently resonates with lively sounds and silencing them isn’t feasible, roles in customer service or other phone-centric sectors may pose challenges. It’s essential to select a job that aligns seamlessly with your surroundings, ensuring productivity and ease.

7. Craft a Childcare Plan

Balancing WAH roles and motherhood requires meticulous planning. While it might be tempting to think you can effortlessly juggle work tasks with children’s needs, a reliable childcare strategy is indispensable. Consider scheduling, backup plans, and perhaps enlisting trusted family or professional services. A well-thought-out plan ensures both your career and parental responsibilities flow smoothly.

8. Look for Virtual Jobs that Interest You

Navigating the WAH landscape is more than just seeking employment — it’s about pursuing passion. With the myriad of remote opportunities available, it’s vital to pinpoint roles that genuinely resonate with your interests and strengths. By aligning your job search with your passion, you’re not just working; you’re thriving in a role tailored for you.

9. Prioritize Flexibility 

As moms juggle familial responsibilities with professional commitments, a role that offers flexible hours can be a game-changer. By placing flexibility at the forefront of your job search, you ensure a work-life balance that caters to both your career ambitions and maternal duties.

10. Understand Your Financial Needs

Are you a SAHM seeking a full-time, permanent remote job with a salary or do you want to earn supplemental income through a temporary remote job or freelance virtual assignment? Embarking on a WAH career path requires a clear financial compass. Understand your monthly expenses, desired income, and any potential investments needed to set up your home office. With a well-defined financial roadmap, you can pursue opportunities that align not only with your professional aspirations but also with your monetary goals.

Remote Cover Letter and Resume Suggestions for WAH Jobs

11. Embrace a Chronological Resume with Confidence

A chronological resume is your best choice as it presents a clear and linear progression of your career. Don’t shy away from including caregiving gaps; modern employers recognize and often appreciate the dedication it takes to care for a family member. This approach showcases your experience, while also highlighting your commitment to family.

12. Use Your Cover Letter to Soften Work History Gaps

You can further soften gaps in your work history by using your resume and cover letter to highlight your educational background, volunteerism, and any recent training or courses you have completed to stay abreast of your industry.

13. Be Mindful of Your Email Username

Virtual first impressions often begin with your email address. A professional, straightforward email username not only conveys seriousness but also sets the tone for future interactions. Opt for simplicity, usually a variation of your name, to ensure that potential employers focus on your skills and experiences rather than being distracted by a quirky or unrelated username.

14. Highlight Relevant Skills Over SAHM Status

In your cover letter, focus on showcasing the qualifications pertinent to the job you’re eyeing versus explaining why you were a SAHM. If, for instance, you’re keen on a remote content management role, underscore your expertise in time and budget management. Let your skills shine through.

15. Network for a Hiring Boost

Your network can be your most powerful asset. Building and nurturing professional connections can open doors to opportunities that may not even hit the public job boards. A well-timed introduction or recommendation can significantly elevate your application, ensuring you stand out in a sea of potential candidates.

Virtual Interviewing Recommendations

16. Get a Sitter

Virtual interviews, much like in-person ones, demand your undivided attention. While the comfort of your home may seem like a relaxed setting, it’s paramount to ensure distractions are minimal. Securing a sitter for your children during the interview not only allows you to focus but also conveys your dedication and professionalism to potential employers.

17. Clear Away Clutter

A tidy backdrop speaks volumes during a virtual interview. While the primary focus is undoubtedly on your skills and responses, a clutter-free environment reflects your attention to detail and organizational acumen.

18. Dress the Part

Even in the virtual world, appearances matter. Donning professional attire for your virtual interview not only boosts your confidence but also sends a clear message about your seriousness and commitment to the role. Remember, dressing the part goes beyond just looking good — it’s about feeling empowered and ready to make a lasting impression.

19. Eliminate Distractions

Distractions can easily shift the focus from your skills to background noise or interruptions. Don’t allow your interviewer to think about anything but you being the best candidate for the job. Take preemptive measures: silence your phone, close unnecessary tabs or notifications on your computer, and create a calm environment.

20. Mind Your Manners

Virtual interactions don’t exempt us from the age-old importance of good manners. Offering a polite greeting, actively listening, and expressing gratitude at the close of an interview can set you apart in the digital space. These gestures, while simple, underscore your professionalism and leave a positive, lasting impression on potential employers.

Advice for Succeeding in WAH Jobs

21. Schedule, Schedule, Schedule 

Plan your day, every day. This tip is arguably the number one must-do for the SAHM-to-WAHM transition. Carving out specific blocks of time for tasks, breaks, and even unexpected interruptions ensures a harmonious flow to your workday. By diligently planning your day, every day, you’re not just managing your time — you’re mastering it.

22. Know Your Limitations

When you recognize that the number of hours in your day is shrinking in comparison to your expected deliverables, it’s time to scale back. Talk to your manager about prioritizing your projects, or have a heart-to-heart with your spouse about needing more help around the house. It’s important to reach out when you recognize that you can’t do it all.

23. Draw a Line Between Work and Home

Once you become a work-at-home mom, you will spend nearly all of your day within your home. In order to avoid the black hole of feeling like you are never done working, you must establish boundaries between your work life and your family life. A defined workspace and set work schedule will help you and your family maintain balance.

24. Don’t Work from Bed

Tempting as it might be, working from bed can inadvertently erode your productivity. Designating a specific work area, separate from your restful spaces, fosters a more focused and disciplined mindset. Keeping these areas distinct ensures that when it’s time to switch off, relaxation truly awaits.

25. Meal Plan

Planning meals in advance might seem unrelated to working remotely, but it’s a game-changer. A structured meal plan can save valuable time during busy workdays, allowing for focused, uninterrupted work sessions. By mapping out your meals, you not only enjoy nutritious dishes but also reclaim moments that might otherwise be lost to indecision or last-minute preparations.

Best Practices for Anyone with WAH Jobs

26. Over-Communicate

Communication is paramount in WAH jobs. Unlike in a traditional office setting where a quick chat by the water cooler can clarify things, remote work relies heavily on proactive communication. Ensure that your team is always in the loop about your tasks, progress, and any roadblocks, fostering a sense of clarity and cohesion even from afar.

27. Be Forthcoming

Honesty is a cornerstone of successful remote work. When you encounter challenges or foresee potential delays, it’s essential to speak up immediately. Being upfront not only builds trust with your team but also paves the way for collaborative solutions, ensuring seamless project execution.

28. Stay Up-to-Date on Your Profession & Industry

Set your Google Alerts for industry news, stats, and blogs within your field of expertise. Staying on top of current trends and shifts within your line of work demonstrates your ability to adapt, your openness to change, and your commitment to advancement. 

29. Thrive Outside of Work

While working from home offers immense convenience, it’s crucial not to let it consume your every hour. Take time to invest in hobbies, engage with family, or simply take a walk outside. By nurturing a life beyond the screen, you’ll find renewed energy and perspective when you do dive back into your tasks.

30. Recognize Work Burnout

Working from home can sometimes blur the boundaries between professional and personal time. It’s essential to be attuned to the signs of burnout, such as prolonged fatigue or decreased enthusiasm for tasks. By identifying these symptoms early, you can take proactive measures to recharge and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Embracing Your WAH Mom Journey with Confidence

Navigating the challenges of work-at-home jobs can seem daunting, especially for moms juggling familial responsibilities alongside their careers. However, with the right strategies, tools, and mindset in place, it’s entirely possible to thrive. Whether you’re a seasoned WAH mom or considering taking the plunge, remember that success lies not just in the work you do, but in how you manage the intricate integration of work and home. Every mom has her own unique rhythm; find yours and embrace the journey of transformation. Here’s to the moms who hustle with heart, from home.

Transition from SAHM to WAHM with a Remote Job 

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