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8 Remote Job Ideas for Fast Typists and Texters

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Looking for in-demand remote employment or a side gig to top off your piggy bank? If you also love being on your phone or computer, consider these telecommute job suggestions for fast typists and texters to earn extra bucks and gain valuable remote work experience.

8 Remote Job Ideas for Fast Typists and Texters

In our digital economy where content is king, typists and texters quickly discover that speed is key for increasing earnings. There are hundreds of organizations that offer living wages, full-time and part-time employment, and independent contractor positions. Here are eight telecommute job ideas for fast typists and texters who enjoy writing and reading online.

1. Transcription

Telecommute transcription jobs are plentiful in the Virtual Vocations job board. Transcription workers listen to audio files and type what they hear. For example, they may type out dialog during an interview, business presentation, or conference speech. They may also transcribe legal proceedings and medical reports, which usually require strict accuracy.

Additionally, professionals may provide captioning services, where they watch videos and transcribe the audio so that viewers can read the narrations and dialog. Some captioning projects are performed live, while others involve transcribing pre-recorded files.

Typical Job Requirements: Employers usually overlook education, but some may require at least a high school diploma. Some full-time and part-time employment positions require prior experience, while many entry-level and independent contractor positions just require successful completion of online assessment tests. Jobs for specific industries, such as legal and healthcare, may require field-specific experience or knowledge of industry terminology.

Median Hourly Wage: $15.14 for general transcribers; $16.95 for medical transcriptionists, and $26.50 for legal transcribers (i.e., court reporters)

Equipment You Need: Computer, high-speed internet, headphones (noise-canceling are best), and possibly word processing software (e.g., Microsoft Word) if the employer doesn’t provide an application

Example Job Titles: Telecommute Legal Transcriber, Remote Medical Language Specialist, Telecommute Transcriptionist, Virtual English Transcript Editor

View All Telecommute Transcription Jobs at Virtual Vocations

2. Translation

Translators convert books, articles, website content, reports, and other written material from one language to another. Many telecommute translation jobs offer work-when-you-want options and flexible quotas. Some translators may also work as transcribers and provide sub-titles for foreign language video and audio.

Though you may find translation and interpretation jobs lumped in the same category, they differ in nature. Translation typically includes converting written content, while interpretation involves translating live conversations or speeches orally.

Regardless if you prefer written or oral communication, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the demand for translators and interpreters will increase by 18% through 2026, which is 11% faster than all other occupations. Thus, fluency in multiple languages will prove profitable for years to come.

Median Hourly Wage: $26.69

Typical Job Requirements: Employers in certain fields, such as healthcare and science, may require a specific educational background, since content may be highly technical. However, most employers need to see proven fluency in multiple languages and successful completion of language assessment tests. As with any occupation, prior experience in translating or speaking in multiple languages is helpful.

Equipment You Need: Computer, high-speed internet, headphones (noise-canceling are best), and possibly word processing software (e.g., Microsoft Word) if the employer doesn’t provide an application

Example Job Titles: Remote Bilingual Spanish Patient Communication Specialist, Telecommute Bilingual Russian Translator, Virtual Translator Linguist

View All Telecommute Translation Jobs at Virtual Vocations

3. Data Entry

Data entry professionals fill out forms, add information to databases, update tables, and correct information errors. These days, employers typically combine their role with other remote positions, such as secretary, scribe, customer support specialist, or abstractor. However, Virtual Vocations still posts data entry clerk jobs for full-time and part-time employees, as well as independent contractors.

Median Hourly Wage: $14.87

Typical Job Requirements: Employers usually specify if they require a PC or Mac computer, but it’s helpful to have experience using both. Data entry professionals should have experience in standard office software, such as Microsoft Word and Excel, as well as familiarity with online forms and applications. Workers usually need at least a high school diploma and some office-related experience. Healthcare-related positions typically require specific medical knowledge and at least an associate degree in health information.

Equipment You Need: Computer, high-speed internet, and standard office software (e.g., word processing and spreadsheet software) if the employer doesn’t provide an application

Example Job Titles: Telecommute Data Entry and Customer Service Support Representative, Remote Pediatric Clinical Data Abstractor, Remote Title Insurance Data Entry Clerk

View All Telecommute Data Entry Jobs at Virtual Vocations

4. Chat Agent

Gladly’s 2018 Customer Service Expectation Survey shows that 82% of customers prefer to contact customer support representatives by phone, yet 43% of customers engage in live chat to solve problems quickly. Live chat agents deliver real-time support via messaging systems that are built into a company’s website. So, customers can visit a company’s website, open a chat window, and get the help they need without waiting on the phone for the next available representative.

Though some chat agents are artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots, companies still need real live people to monitor activity and answer questions that robots can’t yet handle. So, if you have customer service or online sales experience, and you want to avoid talking on the phone, live chat agent jobs may be your meal ticket.

Median Hourly Wage: $14.87

Typical Job Requirements: Employers usually require at least a high school diploma, and some prefer prior customer service experience. Chat agents should also be able demonstrate their skills using basic cloud-based applications, especially messaging and ticketing systems. For sales agent positions, employers may also require prior online sales experience.

Equipment You Need: Computer, high-speed internet (employers typically provide cloud-based applications and give chat agents account access)

Example Job Titles: Telecommute Live Chat Agent, Remote Live Chat Sales Agent, Telecommute Live Chat Coordinator

View All Telecommute Chat Agent Jobs at Virtual Vocations

5. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants help managers and leaders keep schedules, take meeting minutes, plan events, respond to inquiries, update social media accounts, and communicate with suppliers, customers, and other affiliates. They do more than take notes and make appointments, however. Modern-day virtual assistants have a breadth of technical knowledge, analytics skills, and business acumen that make them vital members of management teams.

Some professionals work as executive virtual assistants, where they provide business administration support for upper management and C-Suite leaders (e.g., Chief Executive Officers). Such positions typically require a bit more experience and skill, yet they often come with a higher salary.

Median Hourly Wage: $15.69

Typical Job Requirements: Many employers seek virtual assistants with a bachelor’s degree in a business-related field and experience working with management or executives. They also typically require proven skills in scheduling, coordinating, and a variety of cloud-based applications.

Equipment You Need: Computer, high-speed internet, headset, standard office software (e.g., word processing and spreadsheet software)

Example Job Titles: Virtual Administrative Assistant, Virtual Executive Assistant, Virtual Purchasing Assistant

View All Virtual Assistant Jobs at Virtual Vocations

6. Writer

Remote writing jobs span all industries and levels of expertise. Many entry-level positions include online content writing, copywriting, and social media copy. There are also writing jobs specific to business proposals, grants, contracts, and medical, legal, science, and technical disciplines.

The neat thing about writing is that you can transfer to a telecommute writer position from whatever field you’re in, given you have adequate grammar and composition skills. For example, if you are an accountant that loves to educate others on taxes and investments, you can easily find writer jobs for online financial companies around the nation.

Median Hourly Wage: $29.72

Typical Job Requirements: Most online content writing positions require proven composition skills and completion of aptitude tests. The more technical the job, however, the more qualifications are needed. Plus, industry-specific positions, such as financial, medical, or legal writing, require subject matter knowledge and experience working in the field. Disciplines like medical and legal writing may also require certifications from accredited institutions.

Equipment You Need: Computer, high-speed internet, word processing software (an advanced spelling and grammar checker is also helpful)

Example Job Titles: Remote Lifestyle Writer, Remote Senior Medical Writer, Virtual Copywriter, Telecommute Health and Fitness News Trends Writer

View All Telecommute Writing Jobs at Virtual Vocations

7. Editor

Telecommute editor jobs fall into one of two categories: proofreaders or content managers. Proofreaders review content for grammar, spelling, and consistency. They may also confirm factual accuracy and ensure the style and tone is appropriate for the audience.

Content managers drive publications, lead teams of writers, create editorial calendars with themes and topics, and assign tasks to staff and freelance writers. They may either assign proofreading tasks to other editors or polish up content themselves before publication. They also steer the social media direction and make sure content is broadcast on relevant mediums.

Though editing jobs are not as typing intensive as writing or transcription positions, they do require quick use of the keyboard to communicate with team members, report to upper management, refine content, and post finished pieces online.

Now, don’t take these editor jobs lightly. As Grand View Research predicts, the enterprise content management (ECM) industry will grow to nearly $94 billion by 2025. ECM includes management of documents, web content, records, and digital rights. Though such responsibilities may not always fall under an editorial role, editors are critical members of ECM teams for large, global corporations.

Median Hourly Wage: $28.25

Typical Job Requirements: Employers seek editors who are proficient in writing and proofreading, and content managers usually need prior experience working on an editorial team. Jobs for technical publications, such as medical and scientific journals, typically require industry experience and subject matter expertise.

Equipment You Need: Computer, high-speed internet, word processing software (an advanced spelling and grammar checker is also helpful), a cloud-based editorial management tool for planning and assigning tasks

Example Job Titles: Remote Associate Editor, Virtual Technical Science Editor, Remote English Content Editor, Telecommute Scientific Research Editor

View All Telecommute Editing Jobs at Virtual Vocations

8. Social Media Marketer

Social media marketers write copy, take photographs, post images, and engage with audiences by responding to comments, sharing relevant posts, liking other people’s posts, and initiating contact with followers and other businesses. They typically work on editorial or marketing teams and adhere to company branding and advertising requirements.

Some social media marketers even manage teams of social media specialists, assign tasks, and lead projects much like content managers or editors do. Regardless of rank, many social media marketers can perform their jobs from mobile devices anywhere in the world.

Median Hourly Wage: $16.06

Typical Job Requirements: Some employers seek individuals who already have a sizable social media following and engagement history. Employers often require at least a high school diploma, but professionalism, understanding of target audiences, and ability to communicate strategically are the most important credentials.

Equipment You Need: Computer or mobile device, high-speed internet or data connection, active social media accounts (a high-quality camera, graphic design software or online design application, and advanced spelling and grammar checker are also helpful)

Example Job Titles: Virtual Social Media Specialist, Remote Social Media Coordinator, Telecommute Social Media Marketing Manager

View All Telecommute Social Media Jobs at Virtual Vocations

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