10 Virtual Start-up Companies You Should Get to Know

virtual start-up companies

The allure of working for a start-up out of Silicon Valley is difficult for the entrepreneurial, tech-minded job seeker to resist, especially with promises of ping pong tournaments, weekly yoga and catered lunches. Companies like Google, Apple, Netflix and Facebook have all made their headquarters in Silicon Valley, so it’s no wonder the northern San Francisco area has become a hotspot for online innovation and start-ups.

The good news is you no longer have to move to Silicon Valley to be a part of the booming online start-up revolution. Granted, you won’t have access to the many onsite perks, or the possibility of occasionally rubbing shoulders with major tech players, but you can gain experience working in a start-up environment while enjoying one of the biggest job perks of all: telecommuting.

Start-up companies operate at a fast moving pace and focus on innovation and efficiency. Gensler’s most recent U.S. Workplace Survey reported, “innovative companies are 5x more likely to have workplaces that prioritize both the individual and group workspace.” Telecommuting lends itself well to keeping costs low which make it a major resource for start-up companies to utilize.  

What defines a tech start-up company?

There is still a lot of discussion as to a definitive definition of a start-up company, however, there are some points that are generally agreed on when discussing common tech start-up attributes:

A Young Company

A start-up company is generally a business in operation for three to five years that experiences high growth and change at a fast rate. Forbes says start-ups also make under $20 million a year with less than 80 employees.

Can Operate Virtually

Over the past several years, the terms start-up and tech company have been used interchangeably to mean companies that operate without regard for location, meaning they are, in large part, tech businesses with the ability to be managed virtually.

High-Growth Levels

Start-up companies grow quickly and are focused on scaling their product or services efficiently. Within a start-up environment, key players can expect to work many long hours to create methods of automation to get goods or services in front of customers as fast as possible and to solve problems in a new way.

Man's hands typing on laptop keyboard

Two big reasons you may want to work for a start-up

Aside from the onsite perks many Silicon Valley start-ups make available to employees, there are two other significant reasons that make working for one of these young companies so appealing, and you don’t have to move to California to benefit from them:


Most start-up companies out of Silicon Valley are tech start-ups, which means the large majority have people working virtually from all over the country, or even the world. Their goal is maximum efficiency and tapping into geographically dispersed talent is a common theme. Working anywhere on your own schedule is a general benefit most virtual start-up companies offer.

Small Teams & Input that Matters

Working for a start-up gives you a chance to be part of a smaller team where everyone’s opinions and ideas are seriously considered and contribute to the success of the business.  If you want to feel like you are heard and making a difference where you work (and spend a huge portion of your life), a start-up is a great place to be.

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10 Virtual Start-up Companies

With Internet sales reaching 2.2 billion dollars this year, it’s no wonder start-up companies are popping up overnight. However, can be difficult to keep up with which ones offer telecommuting as a benefit.  To help you out, here is a list of 10 start-ups that operate as completely virtual, telecommuting companies and hire remote employees:


virtual start-up companies

View Virtual Vocations’ Complete Balsamiq Company Profile

A young software company that describes themselves as “cozy on the web,” Balsamiq is committed to providing mockups for wireframing experts. The company employs only telecommuting professionals, but its staff enjoys perks like yearly company retreats, training, and the ability to work without a lot of deadlines.



View Virtual Vocations’ Complete Buffer Company Profile

With a team of just over 80 people, Buffer focuses on providing tools for individuals and businesses to engage and build their social media audience. They became a completely virtual company in 2012, but that doesn’t stop them from getting together several times a year in places all over the world for company retreats.

Fire Engine RED

View Virtual Vocations’ Complete Fire Engine RED Company Profile

An education company named after the founder’s favorite color, Fire Engine RED provides services to schools looking to increase their admission rates, reach new potential students, and help bring awareness to new programs.  The company is remotely distributed and even has a virtual book club and walking club to bring employees together.

Greenback Expat Tax ServicesView Virtual Vocations’ Complete Greenback Tax Services Company Profile

Working to provide tax services for Americans living abroad, not only are their clients living globally, but Greenback employs qualified accounting professionals who can also live anywhere in the world. The company has a team of virtually based CPA’s and IRS Enrolled Agents to provide services for their customers.


Jackson River logo

View Virtual Vocations’ Complete Jackson River Company Profile

A company supplying technology consultations and solutions to nonprofits, Jackson River has an office in D.C., but its staff of 30 works virtually from all over the country. They’ve been around for eight years, but have remained an efficient and close-knit company that prides itself on providing exceptional, personal service to clients.


SoftwareMill logo

View Virtual Vocations’ Complete SoftwareMill Company Profile

This company values employee input so much that they utilize a flat company structure, and everyone works remotely from where they choose. SoftwareMill specializes in all forms of software development including web apps, backend development, mobile, and enterprise. Developers looking to telecommute can find a great atmosphere and opportunity for growth here.summit-cpa-groupView Virtual Vocations’ Complete Summit CPA Group Company Profile

As a virtual CFO working with Summit CPA, you’ll need to have a professional accounting background and the ability to work well in a 100% telecommute environment. You’ll be working with small digital service companies as their remote CFO with a load of up to 10 clients. Summit CPA places value on flexibility and family functions, but working 40-45 hours per week is expected.



View Virtual Vocations’ Complete Ghost Foundation Company Profile

With their headquarters located “on the Internet,” this virtual team is distributed all over the world. Ghost is an open-source non-profit company specializing in an online publishing platform. The company offers great benefits in addition to working from anywhere. Flexible, uncounted work hours and time off, as well as global company retreats, are just a few of the benefits of working for The Ghost Foundation.


The Wirecutter

View Virtual Vocations’ Complete Wirecutter Company Profile

If you’re a writer and love penning in-depth reviews of products and accessories before you purchase, you may love working at The Wirecutter just as much. This company is completely remote and focuses on providing consumers reviews of products to help them make educated purchase decisions. They regularly hire writers and editorial assistants to work remotely.


You Need A Budget Logo

View Virtual Vocations’ Complete You Need A Budget Company Profile

YNAB requires all new team members to create a bucket list of 50 items to avoid the gift card rut when your birthday rolls around.  This completely virtual company also values vacations and not working more than 40 hours per week.  You Need A Budget is all about helping people learn to take control of their money, so a love of financial stability is needed.

Finding Start-up Telecommute Jobs

The Internet’s continued saturation with seemingly unending possibilities for growth indicates that virtual start-up companies aren’t likely to vanish anytime soon. With the lower cost of hiring telecommuters, and ease of finding someone with the exact skill set employers need, telecommuting jobs are likely to continue to rise even further past the 103% increase seen just in the U.S. since 2005, according to Global Workplace Analytics stats.

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