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5 Remote Companies That Prioritize Employee Wellness

From a negligible commute to being able to work in your pajamas, there are dozens of benefits to teleworking—but did you know working from home can actually make you healthier?

In an interview with Employee Benefit Adviser’s Kathryn Mayer, Flex+Strategy Group/Work+Life Fit, Inc.’s CEO Cali Yost discussed a recent study by her firm suggesting not only that remote workers are more productive and dedicated on the job, but also that telecommuters prioritize their own well-being more than office-bound employees.

The Flex+Strategy Group/Work+Life Fit, Inc. report found that telecommuters may be able to take better care of themselves than those stuck in strict, monotonous work routines. According to Yost, teleworkers are able to more easily prioritize their own well-being because their immense job flexibility allows them to take time for themselves when necessary; for example, remote employees don’t need to take time off just to visit the doctor.

Furthermore, Yost argued, the discipline required for most remote work carries over into the daily lives of the employees,

To be a successful teleworker, you need to be intentional. You need to be thoughtful about what you’re doing.

This is true even outside of work, where many telecommuters are taking advantage of the minimal commute to make time for working out or eating healthier.

According to the study, remote employees simply feel more inclined to participate in wellness activities—both company-sponsored and independent. And when employees are happy and healthy, businesses thrive. In this sense, companies who prioritize employee wellness are at a great advantage.

Remote Companies That Prioritize Employee Wellness

Would you like to work for a company that values the telecommuting work model as much as they value employee wellness? Virtual Vocations makes it easy!

We dove into our Telecommute Companies Database, which features more than 1,200 profiles of industry leading remote employers eager to hire offsite workers, and compiled this quick list of remote companies that prioritize employee wellness:


gateway health

Headquarters: Danville, Virginia

Founded: 1994

Website: GatewayHealth.com

Who they are: With offices in both Virginia and North Carolina, Gateway Health Alliance, Inc., partners with businesses across the country to help them provide health insurance and healthcare plans to their workers.

How they prioritize wellness: The mission of Gateway Health focuses specifically on employee wellness—and not just their own. They want everyone to have access to healthcare, so they work diligently with employers and providers to facilitate care. Gateway Health’s passion carries right over to their own employees, who have access to resources like Healthy Solutions—their one-stop shop for employee support resources for anyone who wants to be the healthiest they can be.


employee wellness

Headquarters: New York, New York

Founded: 2002

Website: EverydayHealth.com

Who they are: Everyday Health, Inc. is the company behind a group of digital applications aimed toward consumer health and wellness. With engagements from over 60 million customers—including two-thirds of physicians—their portfolio includes fitness apps and pregnancy trackers.

How they prioritize wellness: Everyday Health brings personal well-being into the digital age by making it readily available to millions of users, no matter where they are. Their prioritization of health is reflected in their employees, who often take part in corporate fitness challenges and other company-provided wellness opportunities.


Heroku Logo

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Founded: 2007

Website: Heroku.com

Who they are: Heroku works with businesses to enhance their mobile applications by handling all the complicated stuff. They want to make sure that app developers have the space to do their work without worrying about cyber-security, hardware, and other irrelevant distractions, so Heroku will do the dirty work for them.

How they prioritize wellness: This company is known for having a stellar work environment, especially for its remote employees, with fun social gatherings yearly and particularly flexible schedules. They even have onsite wellness programs telecommute staff can enjoy, depending on their location.


employee wellness

Headquarters: Reading, Pennsylvania

Founded: 1946

Website: Fortna.com

Who they are: Fortna is an engineering and business consulting firm that helps companies take their business to the next level. They’ve worked with top-level brands like O’Reilly Auto Parts and Asics to enhance strategies and ensure maximum profitability.

How they prioritize wellness: Fortna is especially committed to ensuring that its workers are happy and healthy, no matter where in the world they are located. Their constant efforts to improve the “culture of health for its employees” even earned them a BlueCross Worksite Wellness Award in 2014.


employee wellness

Headquarters: Skokie, Illinois

Founded: 1971

Website: Forsythe.com

Who they are: Forsythe Technology works with existing businesses to maximize their use of information technology. They offer a variety of services, from finances to security, and seek to make their clients more efficient, productive, and profitable.

How they prioritize wellness: Since Forsythe is 100% employee-owned, they excel as far as benefits are concerned. Workers enjoy a breadth of wellness programs and community support events—whether they work onsite or remotely.

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