6 Tips for Avoiding Job Scams on Monster.com

The popular job search website Monster.com has been serving job seekers for over a decade and covers over 50 countries around the globe. But even a highly reputable job search site like Monster.com isn’t impermeable to scammers.

“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” The adage is old, but it couldn’t be more relevant to job seekers. The economy is tight, jobs are at a premium, and scam artists are more cunning and sophisticated than ever. And if you’re in the market for a telecommuting, virtual, or work-from-home position, you can count on coming across a scam or two.

Monster.com takes job scams seriously, but scammers inevitably do what they do best- dupe innocent job seekers out of money, time, and their identities. If you’re serious about job searching on Monster.com, we strongly encourage you to arm yourself against these vulchers by following our six tips for avoiding scams on Monster.com:

1. Check the BBB and Get Googling. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is an excellent place to begin your investigation of a company. After you’re read about the organization, Google the company and read through everything. If the company claims to be a member of a professional organization, take the time to find out if it truly is.

2. Visit Monster.com’s Security Center. Monster.com has a pretty heavy-duty security center full of excellent scam fighting resources. Our advice: use it!

3. Question your Email. Monster.com does not ask you to reveal your username or password. If, during your job search, you get an email that appears to be from Monster.com asking you for this or any personal information, don’t respond to it. It’s a scam. Report the email to Monster.com immediately.

4. Avoid Investments. If an employer promises you big money if you’ll “just invest a few grand,” you can bet it’s a scam. Of course, legitimate companies such as Avon and the like might require a small upfront investment. So do your due diligence and investigate before you invest.

5. Just Say No. Often, job scams include words such as quick, fast, easy, urgent and free. If you read these, or similar words, just say “no” and move along to another job posting.
6. Don’t Get Personal. Remove personal information such as your address and phone number from your resume when applying to jobs on Monster.com. You might also consider changing your Monster.com resume search settings. Monster.com allows you to decide what level of exposure your resume receives, including public, confidential, or private Resumes.

Reporting a Job Scam

If you think you’ve come across a scam, report it. Consider contacting the Better Business Bureau (BBB), U.S. Secret Service, the Internet Crime Complaint Center or your local authorities. Monster.com offers you additional resources for reporting suspected scams.

If you aren’t sure if an employer is on the up-and-up, try these tactics:

• Ask for a phone number and call it
• Ask for the company’s physical address
• Ask how often you will be paid, how much you will be paid and how you will be paid (PayPal, Check, Direct Deposit, etc.)

When searching for a job on Monster.com, we encourage you to keep our six tips in mind, be knowledgeable about the latest scam trends, and report suspected scams ASAP. Do these simple things and you’ll be fighting off scams like a superhero, leaving you with plenty of time to surf Monster.com for that golden job.

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Share with us: What “red-flag” alerts you to a job scam?

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