Is Virtual Vocations a Scam?

Dear Tess,

I subscribe to a few free sites that provide online job listings where came across a link to First, I had to sign up (pretty common), but then I learned that I couldn’t see the job without paying to be a subscriber. Is this a scam?

Matt from Elysian Fields, TX

Hi Matt,

You know, if it were up to me, as everything should be, I’d wave my magic wand and open everyone’s eyes to the advantages of Virtual Vocations services. But, since I don’t have Harry Potter on speed dial and my wand is slightly bent, I’m more than willing to answer your questions about Virtual Vocations the old-fashioned way.

First, I gotta get this out: Virtual Vocations is not a scam

Whew, that’s better. Now, it’s no secret that scam artists prey on vulnerable job-seekers looking to work from home. Consider the hundreds of websites and digital and print advertisements boasting you can make hundreds of dollars a day in your pajamas, or the ones promising access to hidden opportunities for payment. These claims can lure you into a web of misinformation and malicious intent. Chances are if you do fall prey to an employment scam artist, you will find yourself missing money, sensitive personal information, and even your dignity.

But as they say, the proof is in the pudding (mmm…pudding). Let’s debunk the Virtual Vocations’ scam claims with a few simple questions.

What does Virtual Vocations do?

Virtual Vocations provides you with hundreds of legitimate job listings from companies looking for telecommute workers. It’s the safest and easiest way to find real telecommute jobs.

Each employment opportunity is hand-screened before being made available to you. Virtual Vocations has a team of highly trained researchers who spend countless hours every day sorting through hundred of online job ads to find the best telecommute jobs out there. Once jobs are identified, our managers perform another check to verify the authenticity of the position, and then their quality-control summary writers ensure every position adheres to the company’s strict guidelines for real, paying, telecommute jobs that offer hourly, salary, or project pay.

It’s also important to keep in mind that Virtual Vocations provides many listings directly from companies who have not posted the opening elsewhere. The company isn’t charged any money for posting on the site, but they do have to meet Virtual Vocations’ quality standards.

Why does Virtual Vocations charge?

Virtual Vocations charges a subscription fee because the service they provide is geared toward job-seekers, not advertisers, employers, or scammers posing as employers. Because the job-seeker is Virtual Vocations’ client, the job-seeker will always be the company’s number one priority. Basically, they work for you. They understand if you’re not happy with their service, you won’t subscribe.

What are the benefits of membership?

In addition to offering job-seekers a safe, easy, and efficient way to find all telecommute jobs in one place, your subscription also comes with a bounty of benefits to boost your telecommute career. Consider the following membership pluses:

• Unlimited access to all telecommute jobs posted to the website
• Professional review and enhancement of your resume
• Emails containing telecommute tips and job information
• Access to Virtual Vocations’ exclusive listing of more than 500 companies that frequently hire independent contractors and employees to work from home

Is it worth the money?

That depends on how much you value their service. If you want to search multiple job boards and verify the legitimacy of the postings before you apply, it’s probably not worth it to you. However, if you don’t have the time or energy to spend several hours a day searching for legitimate online jobs (much less applying to them), using Virtual Vocations will be worth every penny.

Why become a member?

Simply put, Virtual Vocations knows who their client is – you! They work hard to keep you satisfied with their service by saving you time and keeping you safe from online job scams.

Whether you are currently employed and considering remote work or are unemployed and in the market for a telecommute job, you need to find and apply to as many credible job openings as possible. The more jobs you apply for, the greater your chance at getting called in for an interview and getting the job. Instead of spending hours pouring over job listing after job listing while continuously wondering if the job you’re interested in is as fake as Joan Rivers’ face, you can review a host of human-researched telecommute opportunities in one location: Virtual Vocations’ Telecommute Jobs Database.

Final Thoughts

When using Virtual Vocations, you are paying for a service, not a job. If you’re still not sure: Virtual Vocations offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee. That’s right. The Double Vs will refund the price of your subscription if you are not satisfied with the site’s service for any reason. It’s just like those infomercial deals, only you don’t have a mammoth treadmill to mail back. Pretty good, huh?

For more information about Virtual Vocations and why you should become a subscriber, check out the FAQ page.

Matt, I hope this quenched your thirst for information on Virtual Vocations. If you have any more burning questions, leave ’em in a comment!