Increase your chances of getting hired with these tips on rewriting your customer service remote job resume objective

Tips to Help You Rewrite Your Customer Service Remote Job Resume Objective

The future is bright for the remote customer service industry. According to a study by Gartner — a technology research and consulting company — up to 80% of employers have some of their customer service staff working from home currently. In the next year, these same employers expect around 80% of their customer service staff to become completely remote. So if you want to break into the industry, now is the time. However, you need to get your foot in the door. While experience, work ethic, and personality are all important, garnering attention from employers is essential. And that’s why you may need to give your customer service remote job resume objective a makeover.

What Is a Customer Service Resume Objective?

In the past, we might have included a resume objective at the beginning of our resume, but the modern-day replacement is a professional summary. While the resume objective outlines your top skills and accomplishments, a professional summary takes this one step further. It can include the skills and qualifications you can bring to a job or employer. But more importantly, the professional summary provides a position-centric statement that expresses the actual value you can bring to the position and how you can meet or exceed the expectations of the company.

Why is Rewriting Your Customer Service Resume Objective Important?

Dozens or even hundreds of candidates are all vying for the same position. In this way, you need something extra to help you stand out from the pack. And that’s just why you want to rewrite your resume objective into a professional summary. A well-written professional summary establishes your position as a strong candidate in the most attention-capturing and concise manner possible. Furthermore, you can showcase your skills and what you can bring to the job in just a few sentences. Check if your resume can pass the “Six-Second Test” and ensure that it at least garners some consideration from the hiring manager.

Tips to Help You Rewrite Your Customer Service Remote Job Resume Objective

Rewriting your customer service remote job resume objective into a strong professional summary isn’t an inherent skill for many virtual jobseekers. However, the transition to a professional summary is easier than you might think if you have the right tips and hacks. If you’re not sure where to start, use these suggestions to successfully pen an attention-grabbing professional summary.

Length and Construction

The first step in rewriting your customer service remote job resume objective into a superb professional summary is to focus on the length and construction of the summary itself. At maximum, you shouldn’t have more than three or four sentences. By keeping the professional summary succinct, you create more of an attention-grabbing headline rather than a makeshift cover letter.

The construction of the sentences is also important. Instead of using generic phrases that are more vanilla, take the initiative to bulk up your professional summary with the right mix of verbs and industry-related keywords. Adding active verbs can dramatically improve the readability and attention-grabbing nature of the summary. Moreover, using industry-related keywords and keyphrases demonstrates that you’re familiar with the industry. On top of that, it helps you pass applicant tracking systems favored by many larger employers.

What to Include When Rewriting Your Customer Service Remote Job Resume Objective

You may have a basic idea of what to include in your professional summary. Even so, outlining a concrete plan can put everything in perspective and ensure that you don’t leave anything out. Make sure to include these aspects:

  • Explain your work experience, including the amount of time you’ve worked in the industry, management experience, or aspirations of becoming management.
  • Use any numbers or figures that can further describe what you can bring to the company. For example, you may write that you had a 98% customer service satisfaction rating based on customer feedback. The more direct and descriptive you are, the better your chances of wowing a hiring manager.
  • Add in qualifications, such as training or certificate programs you’ve completed, as well as any other credentials or experience that make you a more attractive job candidate.
  • Include any soft skills that are relevant to the job. This might include time management, problem-solving, teamwork, etc.
  • Make sure to add any information that showcases your ability to work from home. Some candidates may have only worked in an office, so noting that you’ve been successful in a remote capacity can make your application stand out.
  • Tailor each professional summary to the specific job or role. Don’t use a generic option. Hiring managers have to pore over hundreds of applications. If your professional summary is blanketed in overused and generic phrases, the likelihood that a manager will look over your entire resume is scant.

Focus on Your Benefits to the Company

Although this was touched upon above, it needs dual mentioning: focus on what you can bring to the employer. This is what differentiates someone who just needs a job versus people who take the job seriously and consider the position the first step on a new career path.

Using this basis, you need to create a basic idea of who you are as a worker and why you’re the preferred candidate for the position. If you’re having trouble, just answer these questions:

  • How are you a better candidate than other applicants?
  • What have you done in the past that makes you a great option for the job?
  • What are your experiences and credentials that make you a strong candidate?
  • How do these experiences translate to the position?

If you can answer these questions and pare your answer down to three or four sentences, you’re well on your way to crafting a top-notch professional summary from your customer service remote job resume objective.

Rewritten Customer Service Remote Jobs Resume Objective Examples

Now that you have a basic idea of what your customer service remote job professional summary should contain, a few examples can help you get the creative juices flowing. Again, you shouldn’t copy these word for word, but rather use them as a stepping stone to creating a strong professional summary that’s uniquely yours.

Reliable and highly motivated customer service representative with eight years of experience in both large corporations and startups. Possesses strong conflict resolution and customer service satisfaction that’s the product of my HubSpot certifications in both help desks and customer service. Aiming to continue my career with excellent customer satisfaction and improve the reputation of your company’s customer service department.

Experienced medical coder with seven years of remote experience looking to make a career change to the customer service industry. Works well with others in a remote atmosphere thanks to strong communication skills. Aiming to use my transferable skills from prior experience to become a trusted employee with Company XYZ.

Adding Numbers to Your Professional Summary

Energetic customer service representative with a passion for working with customers, which is represented by a 97% customer satisfaction rate in my previous job. Excels in a challenging remote landscape and enables customers to resolve issues quickly and without issue. Looking for the next position that allows me to increase customer retention and improve the overall profile of the company in terms of strong customer service.

Customer-friendly professional with six years of experience helping customers in various roles, ranging from entry-level positions to management. Increased customer satisfaction ratings by 17% over the past two years with the prior employer by resolving complaints, processing returns, and handling any questions or concerns in a timely fashion. Searching for a rewarding career with a company that’s known for its strong customer service reputation.

Highly motivated and well-trained individual with 10 years of customer service experience as a call center worker and manager. Ability to resolve customer issues discreetly while fostering a positive atmosphere for customers and employees alike. Seeking to improve upon my 61% customer retention rate by becoming a reliable customer success manager.

Avoid These Customer Service Resume Objective Examples

Understanding what to write is only half the battle. In some cases, knowing what not to write is just as effective of a tool. So in the spirit of knowing what to write, you should also see customer service remote job resume objectives that dabble in vaguery or don’t portray you as a strong candidate for a given position, like a professional summary would.

To secure a job in a customer service role by using a combination of my hard and soft skills. Proven ability to resolve issues based on my past experiences in the customer service industry.

As you can see from this example, the writer doesn’t go into detail about any of their skills or past experience. The result is an outdated resume objective full of fluff that disregards any concrete examples of what the worker can bring to the new company.

Get a position that allows me to utilize my analytical, interpersonal, and communicative skills that improve the customer experience. Ability to create a fun work environment for my colleagues, as well as customers.

This example is again shrouded in vague, sprawling statements that probably won’t attract the attention of hiring managers. A fun work environment may seem like something good for a company. On the other hand, that can also raise questions about reliability and professionalism. Furthermore, this objective doesn’t touch upon anything regarding a remote position, which can lead the hiring manager to ignore the objective altogether.

Need Some Help Rewriting Your Customer Service Resume Objective Into a Professional Summary? Let Virtual Vocations Help!

The examples and tips above should give you the encouragement and inspiration you need to rewrite your customer service remote job resume objective into a solid professional summary. But if you’re still having trouble, don’t stress.

Virtual Vocations offers plenty of resources to point you in the right direction. So whether you need an update to your resume (including your professional summary), job coaching, or a LinkedIn profile update, Virtual Vocations Career Services can help. Sign up with Virtual Vocations today for discounts on career services, a companies database, and a job board with thousands of customer service jobs. It might just be the little boost you need to land your coveted customer service remote job.

Which of these examples gave you a clue to your own shiny professional summary? Are there any other pitfalls of a vague, outdated objective section you would like to add to this list? Connect with Virtual Vocations on FacebookTwitterLinkedInInstagram, and YouTube to share your thoughts and questions. We’d love to hear from you!

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