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What has two thumbs and can help you land a telecommute job? A Virtual Vocations Professional Resume Services Writer! Check out our menu of Professional Career Services, including resume and LinkedIn profile writing, to maximize the success of your remote job applications.

Virtual Vocations Professional Resume Services

Whenever you submit your resume online, chances are it’s going through an applicant tracking system (ATS) before any recruiter sees it. Even then, it takes recruiters only six seconds to review your resume and decide whether they want to interview you. That’s shorter than the recommended length of an elevator speech!

As a telecommute jobseeker, how do you beat the ATS algorithm? And if you’re successful, how do you impress employers after a mere glance at your resume? Well, you have two choices. You can:

  1. Learn about constructing outstanding resumes and go at it alone
  2. Hire professional resume services to craft winning resumes

For those who are already overburdened with responsibilities, let’s explore how option two frees up hours of your time while significantly increasing your chances of landing a remote job interview.

“[My writer] was wonderful! Provided updates during the process and produced a great final product. I got two phone interviews within 2 days of using the new resume.” – Happy Virtual Vocations Customer

The Benefits of a Professional Resume Writing Service

Looking for a telecommute position is a full-time job. To save time and headaches, you can hire a professional resume services writer through Virtual Vocations. Our team of expert writers helps you:

  • Market yourself and stand out from the competition
  • Align your application materials with industry standards
  • Adhere to the best ATS practices so your resume gets ranked
  • Customize your resume according to your career level and desired job

Though you have valuable skills, knowledge, and experience, you may be selling yourself short on paper. That’s why Virtual Vocations assembles your work history, accomplishments, and professional growth into a concise document that recruiters want to read.

Professional resume services are especially helpful for jobseekers with gaps in employment for any reason. Our writers can advise you on how to address periods of unemployment and demonstrate your continued growth and sustained knowledge.

So, why waste time and risk guessing whether you’ll get it right? Visit the Virtual Vocations Career Services menu to give your critical career documents a professional makeover. Read on to learn about each service and find the ones that are right for you.

Professional Resume Assessment

If you already have a working resume that could use a second set of eyes, the Professional Resume Assessment service is perfect for you. Our expert resume reviewers provide an in-depth analysis to compare your resume with industry standards, typical requirements for your occupation, and recruiter preferences.

Who Should Use This Service: Jobseekers at any career level who already have a resume and are seeking advice on how to improve content and layout. Also, jobseekers who need help tailoring a resume for ATS submission.

What You Get: Insight on general formatting standards and recommendations; suggestions for rewording bullet points, qualifications, and descriptions; information on how to present your work history; and additional resources to help you refine your document.

Turnaround Time: 2-3 business days

Purchase the Virtual Vocations Professional Resume Assessment Service

“Thank you for the resume enhancement. It looks much better, and I appreciate the suggestions. Also, I wanted to thank you for your site. I am looking at it daily, and it saves a ton of time! I have an interview Tuesday for a Marketing Researcher project that I got through your site.” – Cheryl C., Virtual Vocations Member

Mid-Level Professional Resume Services

Your resume bullet points typically increase as you gain work experience, but you need to craft each statement carefully to get an employer’s attention. Accomplishments and job duties must be concise and contain keywords that match your industry’s needs and targeted job title. With our Mid-Level Professional Resume service, you’ll upload your current resume and answer a series of questions to help our writers get to know you better. You’ll also share a few example job listings so that we can align your resume with your current career goals.

Who Should Use This Service: Jobseekers with at least two years of work experience who need a new resume written from scratch.

What You Get: A one- to two-page resume in both Word and PDF formats with up to two revisions.

Turnaround Time: 5-7 business days

Purchase the Virtual Vocations Mid-Level Professional Resume Service

“I was exceptionally impressed with this personalized service and got more than I paid for. I recommend using the career services products on Virtual Vocations for any professional looking to revitalize their career search.” – Happy Virtual Vocations Customer

Executive-Level Professional Resume Services

First, congratulations on making it to the top tier of leadership. Though you have what it takes to lead and manage a department or business, you might be underplaying your accomplishments and limiting your career growth. When the stakes are this high, it’s best to secure the services of an expert that will save time and make your resume stand out. Our professional writers review your current materials and provide a questionnaire to gain an in-depth understanding of your professional goals, as well as the industry and type of position you seek.

Who Should Use This Service: Jobseekers looking for President, Vice President, C-suite, or Director positions who need a new resume written from scratch.

What You Get: An executive-quality resume in both Word and PDF formats with up to two revisions.

Turnaround Time: 7-11 business days

Purchase the Virtual Vocations Executive-Level Resume Service

“In spite of having four degrees, I had continued to create my resume the way they taught me during my first 2 years of college. I was not doing myself justice but didn’t really have the time to look into it and do better. So, I took the leap and decided to give the resume prep a try and the results were phenomenal. I highly recommend this, it would have taken me a month or more to do this, and I don’t think I could have touched the results. Please invest in yourself and do this!” – Happy Virtual Vocations Customer

Cover Letters

Whenever someone tells you that cover letters are dead, let those words go in one ear and out the other. In a sea of bulleted resumes, cover letters are your best chance to showcase your personality and explain why you want to work for a company. Think of your resume as a career spec sheet that describes your qualifications and work chronology, whereas your cover letter is a personalized introduction that gives employers a reason to review your application.

Given all that, it’s hard to make your cover letter consistent with your resume without repeating information verbatim. It’s also hard to craft striking statements without embellishing or sounding like your hand’s caught in the corporate jargon cookie jar. Fortunately, our professional resume writers are skilled in constructing cover letters that match your resume format and tone, and entice employers to turn the page.

Who Should Use This Service: This service is available as an add-on for the Mid-Level Professional Resume and Executive-Level Resume services, but not the Professional Resume Review service. You can also receive this service as part of a package for mid-level or executive-level jobseekers.

What You Get: One cover letter targeted for a specified job title and a matching thank-you follow-up template.

Turnaround Time: 2 business days

Purchase the Virtual Vocations Cover Letter Add-on Service

LinkedIn Profile

Did you know that 87% of recruiters rely on LinkedIn to find new talent and prescreen candidates? These days, your social media presence is just as critical as your resume. However, it’s not just about creating an account and interacting with other people’s posts. You need consistent social media profile content that aligns with your resume and cover letter. Plus, you need to regularly update your LinkedIn profile with new accomplishments, certifications, and skills, as well as targeted keywords based on your industry’s trends and climate.

Therefore, in addition to resume and cover letter writing services, our professional writers can give your LinkedIn profile a makeover to polish off your professional branding so you can deliver a complete application package to recruiters.

Who Should Use This Service: This service is available as an add-on for the Mid-Level Professional Resume and Executive-Level Resume services, but not the Professional Resume Review service. You can also receive this service as part of a package for mid-level or executive-level jobseekers.

What You Get: A search engine optimized, completely rewritten profile that you can copy and paste into your LinkedIn account.

Turnaround Time: 2 business days

Purchase the Virtual Vocations LinkedIn Profile Add-on Service

Kick Your Career into High Gear with Virtual Vocations Career Services

It’s time to put the pedal to the metal! To take full advantage of the Virtual Vocations Career Services, first, determine your career level:

  • Student/Entry Level (less than two years of experience)
  • Mid-Level Professional (at least two years of experience)
  • Executive-Level (president, vice president, C-suite, or director)

Then, decide what kind of assistance you need:

  • Resume assessment with suggestions on how to improve
  • New resume written from scratch

If you’re a mid-level or executive-level professional, decide whether you also need a:

  • New cover letter written from scratch
  • LinkedIn profile makeover

Next, gather your materials for submission. For example:

  • If you currently have a resume or cover letter, keep those files handy
  • If you have website or LinkedIn profile, be prepared to submit those links for our experts to review

Finally, visit the Career Services page and scroll until you find the service or package that matches your needs. If you’re a Virtual Vocations member, you get to enjoy a hefty discount on all our Career Services items. If you’re not a member yet, sign up to receive discounts plus exclusive access to our entire telecommute job database and helpful job search resources.

Some services require you to answer a questionnaire so that our writers can get to know you better. Answer the questions honestly so that our writers can deliver the most accurate documents possible. After reviewing your drafts, you can have the writers revise the materials up to two times to ensure precise alignment with your career trajectory.

When you’re done, please tell us how it went! We want to provide you with the best possible service to ensure you land the job of your dreams.

“Writing the resume is the hardest part of finding a job, and you made it easy!” – Happy Virtual Vocations Customer


Is it time for you to put our professional resume services to work and land that new remote job? Connect with Virtual Vocations on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to tell us what you think. We’d love to hear from you!

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