How to Land a Telecommute Job When You Have No Remote Work Experience

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Ready to trade in your commute suit for a seat in your home office, but you’re worried about the likelihood of landing a telecommute role when you have no remote work experience? We’re here to help! 

Although most telecommute job descriptions state that candidates should have previous experience working from home, it is possible to land a telecommute job when you have no background in working virtually. Here’s how: 

Talk to your boss about telecommuting in your current role. Employers don’t like to lose good employees. If the job you’re doing now is tech-friendly and could be done part-time or full-time from home, ask for consideration to work remotely.

Your boss may insist on a gradual transition to telecommuting, especially if your employer has little to no experience in managing telecommuters, but if you’re good at managing your time and staying in the communication loop you could be on your way to a positive professional experience, as well as to setting a telecommuting precedent for any of your co-workers who have wanted to work remotely.

Add essential telecommuter traits to your employment documents. You may not have virtual work experience, but you can use your resume and cover letter to play up characteristics that you share with successful virtual workers. When drafting your employment documents, highlight past work experience, volunteerism, and educational endeavors that demonstrate the following telecommuter traits:

  • Self-motivation
  • Independence
  • Strong management skills
  • Ability to meet tough deadlines
  • Honesty
  • Reliability
  • Performing well under minimal instruction
  • Quick ability to learn

Ready your home office before you apply to telecommute jobs. One of the benefits to hiring telecommuters with previous experience in working remotely is that they have a pre-established, functional home office. You can increase your hirability in the telecommuting sector by readying your home office with essential equipment and resources that you will need no matter what remote job you undertake.

  • High speed Internet: You’ll need enough upload and download speed from a reliable provider to send emails, video conference, download documents, efficiently perform Internet searches, and use cloud services
  • Computer and accessories: Your hardware should be less than two years old and upgraded with the most current operating system, drivers, and word processing and anti-virus software, as well as accompanied by a working printer, copier, and document/photo scanner
  • Separate phone line: It’s best to install a dedicated business line that you only release to clients and co-workers and reserve your home phone for personal calls from friends and family.

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