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Remote Jobs for Veterans: How Virtual Vocations Can Help

Updated November 2023

Transitioning to the civilian workplace after leaving the military can be a difficult experience. You may have unrealistic expectations regarding the type of positions for which you are qualified. Employers may not understand how your skills can be of benefit. Sometimes, you may feel they are talking a different language as you struggle to translate military work experience into civilian positions. And, if you are a veteran searching for virtual or remote jobs, that just adds another layer of complexity. But remote jobs for veterans do exist, and these are our best tips to help you find them!

Identify Your Job Target

To transition from the military to the civilian job market, veterans first need to identify their target position, albeit with realistic expectations. It’s common for veterans to overestimate their qualifications in the civilian market. While a 21-year-old in the military may have life or death responsibilities, in the civilian world, this may only transfer to entry-level opportunities.

Translate Military Skills into Civilian Language

Once you have an idea of jobs you want to apply for, you need to create an effective resume. Your new resume should list job titles, responsibilities, and accomplishments in a way easily understood by non-military human resources personnel. In addition, ensure the content, format, and layout of your resume is optimized to be read by applicant tracking software (ATS).

If you prefer the DIY approach, a premium account with Virtual Vocations includes resume writing, self-paced online courses, and guides. If you need extra help, Virtual Vocations also has a team of certified professionals on hand. You can access personalized career coaching and writing services including resume updates, LinkedIn profile makeovers, and cover letter writing.

Federal Government Jobs for Veterans

Armed with your new targeted job search documents that highlight your accomplishments in civilian terms, you can begin your search. One employer that’s always happy to employ veterans is the federal government. In order to access positions with the government, you will need to create an online account with the specialized job board, USAJobs.

In addition to job ads, the website has information regarding programs that help veterans find government employment. One program is the veterans’ preference program where you can qualify for “preference points” over non-veteran applicants. Complete details regarding the federal government’s efforts to hire veterans can be found on the FedsHireVets website.

Equally important for remote jobseekers, the government offers a number of remote or partially remote positions. Thankfully, you can find these jobs quickly on Virtual Vocations. Conveniently, the remote jobs listed on the USAJobs website have been vetted and added to our database. In addition, USAJobs is listed in the Virtual Vocations companies database.

Government & Military Contracting Jobs for Veterans

Government and military contractors are another good source of veteran employment. As a veteran, your familiarity with government and military protocols, processes, and procedures make you an invaluable asset. You can speak the government’s language and help administer and manage specific contracts. You can also serve as the client account manager.

In addition, many veterans enjoy what is called “Protected Status” with federal contractors. This status was created through an amended version of the Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974 (VEVRAA). The goal is to prevent discrimination and provide affirmative-action type benefits to veterans. This is especially helpful for disabled veterans who want to work from home as a “reasonable accommodation” to complete required job duties.

There are a couple of ways to identify these types of positions in the Virtual Vocations jobs database. First, protected status is a requirement of federal contractors and subcontractors. So, typing “protected status” in the search bar should bring up all relevant government contractor positions. Alternatively, you can enter “government contractor” or “federal government contractor” in the search box as well.

Jobs for veterans with protected status are easy to find with the Virtual Vocations job search bar.

Leverage Your Security Clearance

Veterans also have an advantage with jobs that require security clearances. Current or prior security clearances such as confidential, secret, top-secret, or sensitive compartmented information can set you apart from the competition. When searching for these types of positions, Virtual Vocations can save you time. After clicking on ‘Jobs’ at the top of the page, start by customizing the filters on the left side of the page. Then, type your security clearance in the search box to find relevant positions with that clearance listed as a requirement.

Security clearance jobs for veterans on Virtual Vocations job database.

Military and Veterans Encouraged to Apply

Another method for using Virtual Vocations to help find veteran-friendly remote positions is to enter “military and veterans encouraged to apply” in the jobs database search box. This phrase is common when a company is hiring for a position where knowledge and understanding of military life and protocols are helpful.

Remote jobs that military and veterans are encouraged to apply for are found in the Virtual Vocations job database.

Corporate Leaders Providing Jobs for Veterans

Instead of searching for jobs, you can also research companies with a history of hiring, developing, and promoting veterans. There are several reputable media outlets and organizations that develop lists of the top companies you may want to consider:

Identify the companies that interest you and then research your choices in the Virtual Vocations Remote Companies Database. This is a quick way to find remote jobs currently available and learn more about the company’s history offering virtual jobs.

Veteran-Owned Businesses

A final category of company with a vested interest in helping veterans find work is small businesses owned by veterans. These companies understand the experience of transitioning to civilian life and many will offer specialized services for veterans.

In order to qualify for programs and incentives offered by the U.S. Small Business Administration, they are certified as “veteran owned” or “service-disabled veteran owned.” This information is recorded by our researchers in the Virtual Vocations Remote Companies Database. Search by typing “veteran owned” in the search box. In addition, you can limit the search by industry by clicking on the Browse by Industry links prior to entering the search term.

Transitioning from military to civilian employment can be daunting, and looking for remote employment can add to the stress. Trust Virtual Vocations to help at every stage of your job search, from identifying your ideal job to interview preparation. At Virtual Vocations, our 100% remote staff is devoted to helping our members find rewarding virtual work. We are living proof of the possibilities! We are also united in our wish to thank our veterans for their service and look forward to supporting you launch the next phase of your career.

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