10 Remote Jobs Rural Utah Residents Should Try

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Do you live in rural Utah and lack access to a variety of sustainable employment opportunities? You’re in luck! The Beehive State has stepped up their telecommuting initiatives so that rural Utah residents are able to pursue reliable remote careers.  

The State of Utah recently passed a bill that grants over $2 million to support telecommuting jobs in rural areas. Utah State University is spearheading the program to educate, mentor, and market to rural communities about telecommuting jobs and benefits.

Why would Utah spend so much money helping rural residents find remote employment?

Utah’s unemployment rate has decreased to 3.0%, which is lower than the national percentage, but the government noticed an increase of jobless residents in smaller communities throughout the state.

To encourage economic growth without the need for mining, logging, construction, hospitality services, and other industries that significantly contribute to unemployment, the state is helping residents find work in telecommute-friendly fields.

In addition, Utah has a hard time retaining residents, as educated individuals tend to leave after high school to seek higher education and career paths. Therefore, the government wants to provide more resources for individuals to select a reliable career path within state boundaries.

If you’re a Utah resident who lives in a rural community and you’re interested in pursuing a work-at-home career, here are our top 10 suggestions for remote jobs rural Utah residents should try. We’ve also included a list of telecommute-friendly companies to get you started in your search.

10 Remote Jobs Rural Utah Residents Should Try

There are all sorts of telecommuting occupations that come with full-time, part-time, temporary, or contract employment agreements. Many employers hire entry-level candidates, while some require specialized education or training. Regardless of your background, however, there are many different available positions that can satisfy your interests and career goals.

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1. Remote Customer Support Jobs

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Customer support personnel answer phones, emails, and other messages to help customers troubleshoot problems, pay bills, get refunds, change their account settings, and access related products and services. Some customer support professionals specialize in certain industries or business fields, such as technical support, billing support, and account service support.

Most customer support agents need at least a high school diploma or GED. Most employers offer entry-level positions that require minimal work history and relevant educational experience. On-the-job training is usually provided, and many jobs include full-time benefits, such as healthcare insurance and retirement plans.

Median Hourly Wage for Customer Service Representatives: $15.81

Examples of Telecommute Job Titles: Remote Customer Service Representative, Work-at-Home Customer Support Specialist, Virtual Technical Support Agent

2. Remote Project Management Jobs

View All Telecommute Project Management Jobs at Virtual Vocations

Project managers organize a team of professionals to ensure that work activities, resources, and budgets align with business objectives and desired outcomes. They perform daily managerial tasks for short- or long-term projects and facilitate collaboration and productivity among staff. They also report to upper management and serve as a liaison between individual team members and high-level stakeholders.

Employers typically seek project managers with project management experience or a history of working on teams in a similar environment. Required education and subject matter knowledge usually depend on the industry and project. Plus, organizations like the Project Management Institute (PMI) recognize a significant gap in the project manager candidate pool, as more professionals are retiring and more companies need to fill vacant roles.

Median Salary for Project Managers: $71,729

Examples of Telecommute Job Titles: Remote Project Manager, Virtual IT Project Manager, Work From Home Engineering Project Manager

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3. Remote Sales Jobs

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Sales professionals network with potential clients, develop relationships, and sell products and services to customers. They also provide customer service and, depending on their specialty and responsibilities, may assist with installation, upgrades, and other activities related to a sale.

Employers often overlook formal education and focus more on personality and skills. Though previous sales or customer service experience is helpful, many employers offer entry-level positions and provide in-house training.

Median Salary for Sales Representatives: $52,510

Examples of Telecommute Job Titles: Remote Inside Sales Representative, Telecommute Sales Manager, Virtual Account Manager, Work-at-Home Business Development Specialist

4. Remote Software Development Jobs

View All Telecommute Software Development Jobs at Virtual Vocations

Software developers design and build computer software programs, such as operating system software, web application software, and mobile applications. For example, they create financial services programs, games, and word processing apps.

Though a college degree in computer science is helpful, it isn’t necessary. Software development skills can be learned through non-traditional means, and many employers are generally interested more in skills than education credentials.

Median Salary for Software Developers: $103,560

Examples of Telecommute Job Titles: Telecommute API Software Developer, Remote OSX Software Developer, Virtual Full Stack Software Developer

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5. Remote Insurance Jobs

View All Telecommute Insurance Jobs at Virtual Vocations

Insurance claims adjusters, examiners, and investigators help insurance customers file claims due to loss or damages. They assess the customers’ situation and determine whether their insurance programs cover the financial repercussions. They also help identify insurance fraud, determine the monetary value of the claim, and ensure compliance with regulations.

Many large insurance companies offer entry-level positions, and any amount of college experience is more favorable than none. Depending on the job responsibilities and career level, previous experience may be required.

Median Salary for Insurance Claims Adjusters, Examiners, and Investigators: $64,900

Examples of Telecommute Job Titles: Remote Insurance Claims Adjuster, Telecommute Liability Adjuster, Remote Senior Claims Examiner

6. Remote Recruiting Jobs

View All Telecommute Recruiter Jobs at Virtual Vocations

Recruiters find and hire professionals to fill job vacancies. They use social media, networking events, and internal marketing strategies to match qualified candidates to various positions. They may work for a single employer, or they may work for a recruitment agency that helps multiple companies find temporary and permanent employees.

Recruiters don’t usually need formal education, but experience and coursework in human resources or a business-related field is helpful. However, successful placement and employee retention are better indicators of recruiters’ effectiveness.

Median Salary for Recruiters: $48,001

Examples of Telecommute Job Titles: Telecommute Recruiter, Remote Talent Acquisition Specialist

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7. Remote Teaching Jobs

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Telecommute teachers educate students using similar strategies and lessons as classroom teachers, expect that all instruction is performed online. Teachers can find work in all grades from kindergarten through post-secondary school.

Elementary and middle school teachers need national and state licensure, as well as at least a bachelor’s degree in education. High school teachers and college instructors need at least a master’s degree and proven proficiency in their field.

Median Salary for Teachers: $57,160 for kindergarten and elementary; $57,720 for middle school; $59,170 for high school; and $76,000 for post-secondary

Examples of Telecommute Job Titles: Telecommute Special Education Teacher, Remote K-12 Teacher, Virtual Adjunct Faculty Member

8. Remote Training Jobs

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Professional trainers provide education and development for the workforce. They may work for a single employer and oversee a company-wide employee training program or provide outsourced training services to multiple clients.

Trainers typically need knowledge and skills in certain subjects or industries, and some employers may overlook formal education for proven competency and industry-related experience.

Median Salary for Training and Development Specialists: $60,360

Examples of Telecommute Job Titles: Telecommute Employee Traning and Development Specialist, Virtual Technical Trainer

9. Remote Nursing Jobs

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Nurses provide healthcare services to sick and injured individuals. They administer diagnostic tests, treatment programs, and medications. They also educate patients on their conditions, wellness strategies, and overall health plan.

Most telecommute nurses have a least a Registered Nursing (RN) license from an accredited nursing program or two- or four-year college. Some continue their education and become Nurse Practitioners so that they can prescribe medication, diagnose patients, and offer more solutions to address their patients’ needs.

Median Salary for Registered Nurses: $70,000

Examples of Telecommute Job Titles: Telecommuting Registered Nurse Case Manager, Remote Telehealth RN, Virtual Call Center Nurse

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10. Remote Medical Coding Jobs

View All Telecommute Medical Coding Jobs at Virtual Vocations

Medical coders translate healthcare information into a coding system that insurance companies use to process payments, reimburse patients, and send bills.

Medical coders need to pass a certification exam to learn the coding system. Prior healthcare experience is helpful, but not always required. Employers offer entry-level positions to coders with proper credentials and proven competency.

Median Salary for Medical Coders: $40,234

Examples of Telecommute Job Titles: Virtual Outpatient Medical Coder, Telecommute Medical Coding Specialist, Remote Evaluation and Medical Coder

10 Companies that Hire Telecommuters in Utah

The amazing part about telecommute work is that you don’t have to work for companies located in Utah. Though there are lots of telecommute-friendly companies in Utah, when you remove geographical boundaries, you expand your job search and potential employment opportunities.

Here are links to profiles of 10 of the most telecommute-friendly companies in the Virtual Vocations database:

  1. UnitedHealth Group
  2. Kaplan Inc.
  3. Oracle Corporation
  4. CyraCom
  5. Salesforce.com
  6. Anthem, Inc.
  7. Walden University
  8. Amazon Web Services Inc. AWS
  9. U.S. Bank (U.S. Bancorp)
  10. Convergys Corporation

During your job search, it’s important to research employers online and get a feel for the company culture, size, and advancement opportunities. Unfortunately, you may come across a handful of remote job scams, so you’ll need to learn how to spot fake work-at-home positions before you apply. Luckily, services like Virtual Vocations filter out scams and false opportunities to help you stay safe and use your job search time effectively.

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How to Start a Telecommuting Career

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