8 Questions You Should Ask During a Virtual Job Interview

If you’re looking for a work-at-home job, arm yourself with these telecommute interview questions that will clearly communicate you’re a viable candidate.

8 Questions You Should Ask During a Virtual Job InterviewIf you’ve been searching for the ideal telecommuting job and are wondering how to demonstrate you understand what it means to work from home, set yourself up for success by asking the right questions.

When a hiring manager asks one of the most important questions of the day, “Do you have any questions you’d like to ask me?” seize the opportunity to show you understand what it means to work from home! Asking the right questions communicates interest and knowledge, while providing you with valuable insight on whether or not the job is a good fit.

8 Questions You Should Ask During a Virtual Job Interview

I’d like to find out what the system requirements are for the job, and if I’ll need to purchase any special office equipment. Can you please tell me what’s required?

Why: If you need to purchase special equipment, you’ll want to find out if the company reimburses you for the cost, or if it is an expense you’ll burden. Depending on your system, you may need to invest money to start working for the company. Is that an expense you can afford?

I want to be sure I’m prepared to succeed in this job. Can you tell me if training provided? If so, how will training take place?

Why: First, you should confirm that you will receive training and support in order to do well in the position. Next, it’s important to know upfront if you’ll be required to travel to a location for training and who will cover travel expenses. Additionally, this question can give you a peek into how you’ll be treated as a new hire.

Can you give me an idea of the typical schedule a person in this position follows? For example, are there set work hours or is the schedule flexible? Should I be prepared to work weekends and holidays?

Why: Asking this question shows you’re a planner who thinks ahead, while also letting you gauge if the required schedule is compatible with your lifestyle.

If hired, will I be guaranteed a certain amount of hours each week? If so, about how many?

8 Questions to Ask During a Virtual Job InterviewWhy: Ask this question to determine if you’ll be getting enough (or too many) hours to accommodate your schedule. Since you probably have a general idea of the pay rate, you’ll also be able to estimate what you’ll make weekly.

What does your organization do to include telecommuters in your culture?

Why: The answer to this question will give you an idea of how you can expect to be treated as a telecommuter. Will the company go the extra mile to keep you in the loop or will you be treated like an outsider? Asking this question also lets the interviewer know you feel it’s important to be a member of the company even though you’re working virtually.

I’m curious how will I be evaluated. Can you tell me about the company’s evaluation policy?

Why: One of the biggest complaints telecommuters have is not being evaluated accurately because their boss isn’t watching their every move. You’ll want to be sure a solid evaluation system is in place and that it accommodates your telecommute role. Asking this question also lets the interviewer know you value feedback about your work.

I’d like to know if there are any fees or costs for coming on board with this company.

Why: There are thousands of legitimate telecommute jobs out there, but you still need to be alert to those that aren’t above board. If you’re asked to pay to work for the company, it’s a red flag that the company isn’t genuine. If you’re searching for legitimate telecommute work, read our posts on how to avoid job-search scams.

If hired, how will I be paid and how often will I be paid?

Why: These days, companies pay workers in a variety of ways including manual check, direct deposit, and PayPal. Before you accept a job, you deserve to know how and when you’ll be paid. Asking this question also shows you’re not afraid to ask tough question and demonstrates your confidence.

Remember, the questions you ask differentiates you from other candidates. By asking intelligent, well thought-out questions, you will demonstrate you have proactively investigated the requirements of the job and that you’re also the type of person who would fit well into the company’s culture. Bingo!

Which of these telecommute job interview questions will you most likely ask?

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