Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs in 2020

Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs in 2020 - Virtual Vocations Report

Virtual Vocations names the Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote jobs in 2020. This is the fourth annual ranking of the top 100 remote-enabled companies that posted the most telecommuting and virtual job openings during the previous year.

Remote jobseekers searching for flexible and home-based jobs in 2020 should begin their job searches with this list of businesses known for recruiting telecommuters.

The State of Remote Work Telecommuting Statistics

During 2019, Virtual Vocations saw a 26% increase in the number of remote jobs vetted and posted to the company’s job board. In addition, Virtual Vocations saw a 60% increase in the number of employers partnering directly with Virtual Vocations to post their remote job openings. In a weekly blog series, Virtual Vocations highlights Employer Partner job postings through its Employer Alerts.

Virtual Vocations State of Remote Work - Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs in 2020

Virtual Vocations CEO’s Statement on Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs in 2020

Laura Spawn, Virtual Vocations’ CEO and Co-Founder, is excited about what the this brand new companies list means for the state of remote work and the availability of virtual and telecommuting jobs for remote jobseekers. Of the Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs in 2020 report, Spawn said,

“Our fourth annual top 100 companies list is a great resource for those seeking careers with employers who are interested in utilizing remote work to attract top job candidates, regardless of location.

Each year, remote work continues to grow in popularity as more and more jobseekers see it as a standard benefit.”

Virtual Vocations CEO Laura Spawn Quote - Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs in 2020

Report Methodology for the Top 100 Companies for Remote Jobs in 2020

Virtual Vocations analyzes its annual database statistics from January 1 to December 31 to determine which companies’ remote job openings were most frequently posted to the Virtual Vocations job board.

The analysis of 2019 company statistics revealed that of the more than 300,000 remote job openings added to the Virtual Vocations job board during the year, 57,198 of them were from the top 100 companies.

Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs in 2020 List

In this written report, Virtual Vocations highlights in-depth the top 15 remote-enabled companies from the list. Each survey of a top 15 company includes the following data:

  • Headquarters location
  • Year founded
  • Company overview
  • List of remote job title examples based on telecommuting job openings from the employer that have appeared on the Virtual Vocations job board
  • Link to the company’s Virtual Vocations Company Profile—a researched employer overview including company facts, links to the company’s website, social media profiles, and news, as well as a list of remote job openings available with the employer in the Virtual Vocations database

The remaining 85 telecommute-friendly companies have been categorized by special classification, like Virtual Vocations Employer Partners, or by remote job industry. In parentheses next to each company’s name is that business’s ranking from the Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs in 2020 list.

Virtual Vocations - Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs in 2020



1. CyraCom, LLC

CyraCom - Virtual Vocations Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs in 2020

Headquarters: Tucson, Arizona

Founded: 1995

For the second year in a row, CyraCom, LLC is the number one remote-enabled company on our list of the top 100 companies posting telecommuting and virtual jobs. More than 6,200 remote job openings from CyraCom were added to the Virtual Vocations job board throughout 2019.

The translation company supports a plethora of languages and provides services for healthcare organizations, state and local governments, and customer contact centers. CyraCom specializes in providing solutions via a telephone and video interpretation platform as well as offers in-person interpretation services, HIPAA compliant translation and localization services, and a variety of assessment and training services.

Remote Job Title Examples from CyraCom:

  • Virtual Bilingual [Language] Interpreter
  • Remote Translation Sales Consultant
  • Telecommute Government Proposal Writer

Want to know more? Visit CyraCom’s complete company profile at Virtual Vocations


2. VocoVision

VocoVision - Virtual Vocations Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs in 2020

Headquarters: Skokie, Illinois

Founded: 2011

VocoVision is an educational and therapeutic services company. It provides schoolchildren with access to specialized and certified school therapists and professionals via state-of-the-art video conferencing software as well as other online and mobile technologies. VocoVision’s services are available to public and charter schools, virtual schools, and mobile and at-home educational services. This company is dedicated to making teletherapy fun for patients and aims to help remove location and language barriers.

The company hires licensed remote speech therapists, special education teachers, occupational therapists, social workers, sign-language interpreters, and school psychologists. In 2019, VocoVision offered more than 3,700 telecommute-friendly job leads for full-time and part-time roles that also provided flexible scheduling to hirees.

Remote Job Title Examples from VocoVision:

  • Virtual School Psychologist
  • Telecommute School Speech Language Pathologist
  • Remote School Social Worker

Want to know more? Visit VocoVision’s complete company profile at Virtual Vocations


3. UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group - Virtual Vocations Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs in 2020

Headquarters: Minnetonka, Minnesota

Founded: 1977

UnitedHealth Group is a diversified managed healthcare company offering clinical expertise, advanced technology, data and health information, and insurance services. In 2019, this major healthcare company offered more than 2,900 telecommute-friendly jobs for remote jobseekers working on a full-time, part-time, or per diem basis.

UnitedHealth Group offers customers health benefits and services in all 50 states and in more than 130 other countries via the UnitedHealthcare and Optum brands. Talented professionals can find careers with the company in specialties such as customer service and claims, healthcare operations, project management, sales and marketing, technology, and clinical services.

Remote Job Title Examples from UnitedHealth Group:

  • Remote Digital Analytics Manager
  • Telecommute Clinical Pediatric Program Manager
  • Telecommute Regional Infertility Account Manager

Want to know more? Visit UnitedHealth Group’s complete company profile at Virtual Vocations


4. ProCare Therapy

ProCare Therapy - Virtual Vocations Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs in 2020

Headquarters: Jacksonville, Florida

Founded: 2006

Shooting up to number four on the list is ProCare Therapy, a staffing and recruiting firm specializing in school-based therapies. This company provided an additional 1,515 remote job opportunities for a total of 2,145 available positions for telecommuting therapists and clinicians.

ProCare Therapy connects specialized school professionals with students needing special care. The company offers mentoring and training, as well as places school psychologists, special education teachers, school nurses, sign language interpreters, speech-language pathologists, school-based physical therapists, and teachers for the visually impaired in remote roles with school districts.

Remote Job Title Examples from ProCare Therapy:

  • Virtual Teacher for the Visually Impaired
  • Remote Teletherapy Speech Language Pathologist in Los Angeles
  • Telecommute Teacher for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

 Want to know more? Visit ProCare’s complete company profile at Virtual Vocations


5. K12 Inc.

Headquarters: Herndon, Virginia

Founded: 2000

K12 Inc. is an online learning provider specializing in grades K through 12th. This company works with both public and private online education schools to develop technology and curricula that will help remove barriers to learning. The company offers students traditional, blended, and online-only learning options as well as independent learning courses.

This company provides telecommute-friendly jobs for state-certified teachers, education support specialists, and administration professionals. Some non-teaching roles for remote jobseekers include software engineers, curriculum writers, finance managers, and human resources specialists. Training is provided and most jobs are full-time or part-time and may require occasional travel.

Remote Job Title Examples from K12 Inc.:

  • Remote Elementary Teacher
  • Telecommute Academic Administrator and Elementary Principal
  • Virtual High School Family and Consumer Science Teacher

Want to know more? Visit K12’s complete company profile at Virtual Vocations


6. Oracle

Headquarters: Redwood Shores, California

Founded: 1977

Oracle is a global computer technology company. The company designs, manufactures, and sells both software and hardware products and focuses on database management systems, cloud engineered systems, middleware, business applications, business intelligence products, and enterprise software products. Oracle also offers financing, training, consulting, and hosting services as well as training and professional certifications via Oracle University.

This company offers telecommute-friendly careers that may require occasional travel. In 2019, Oracle offered more than 1,200 job opportunities in sales, engineering, development, support, consulting, and a variety of corporate functions. Health, retirement, tuition, and wellness benefits are available with the company.

Remote Job Title Examples from Oracle:

  • Remote Marketing OMC Sales Representative
  • Telecommute Software Developer 4
  • Virtual Cloud Operations Director

Want to know more? Visit Oracle’s complete company profile at Virtual Vocations


7. Nigel Frank International Limited


Headquarters: New Castle, United Kingdom

Founded: 2006

Nigel Frank International Limited is a staffing agency specializing in Microsoft recruitment. This global leader in Microsoft business management solutions provides access to expert consultants in Dynamics, Azure, Office 365, SharePoint, Skype for Business, Business Intelligence, SQL, and .NET.

This company provides permanent and independent contract roles to qualified professionals and offers a Dynamics returnship program for jobseekers seeking to return to work after a career break. The company also offers jobs that are completely 100% virtual as well as some that require travel and maintains a database of more than 50,000 Microsoft technology candidates for Microsoft customers and partners to select from.

Remote Job Title Examples from Nigel Frank International Limited:

  • Remote Dynamics NAV Developer
  • Telecommute Full Stack Developer
  • Remote Azure Senior Cloud Architect

 Want to know more? Visit Nigel Frank International’s complete company profile at Virtual Vocations


8. Sunbelt Staffing

Headquarters: Tampa, Florida

Founded: 1989

Sunbelt Staffing specializes in education and healthcare staffing services. For 30 years this company has focused on placing telecommute talent in nursing, therapy, education and school support, allied health, and advanced medical practice positions. The employment agency delivers professionals for schools, colleges, and a variety of healthcare facilities such as emergency rooms, urgent care facilities, private practices, nursing homes, and public health departments.

Jobs with Sunbelt Staffing offer benefits and remote roles can be 100% virtual or require some travel, depending on the field. Some telecommute-friendly positions can require specific licenses or certification and the company helps jobseekers navigate the application process and with any related fees.

Remote Job Title Examples from Sunbelt Staffing:

  • Virtual School Speech Language Pathologist in Fort Wayne
  • Remote Speech Language Pathologist in Ellensburg
  • Telecommute Student Sign Language Interpreter

 Want to know more? Visit Sunbelt Staffing’s complete company profile at Virtual Vocations


9. Kelly Services Inc.

Headquarters: Troy, Michigan

Founded: 1946

The number of remote jobs that are available in the workforce is certainly increasing per year. This trend is best exemplified by Kelly Services Inc., a global company that had 192 telecommute-friendly job leads available in 2018 and ballooned up to posting an amazing 1021 fully remote job leads in 2019.

This staffing and recruitment agency hires virtual workers for a variety of sectors. Kelly Services recruits for full-time, part-time, temporary, contract, and freelance roles. Hirees provide workforce solutions to contact centers, education companies, government offices, and commercial businesses requiring engineering expertise, manufacturing, information technology, marketing, finance, accounting, and administrative help.

Remote Job Title Examples from Kelly Services Inc.:

  • Telecommute Human Resources Recruiter
  • Remote IT Architect in Ridgefield
  • Virtual Solutions Engineering Director in Pontiac

 Want to know more? Visit Kelly Services’ complete company profile at Virtual Vocations


10. ADTRAV Travel Management

Alabama telecommuting job resources

Headquarters: Birmingham, Alabama

Founded: 1977

ADTRAV Travel Management is a corporate travel management firm specializing in helping companies travel more efficiently. The company works with corporations, non-profit organizations, and is the second-largest government travel provider in the United States. For more than 40 years, the company has dedicated itself to providing a strong focus on customer service and using technological innovations to help streamline processes and improve the overall client travel experience.

With that in mind, it is no wonder that this telecommute-friendly company has achieved a 99.3% customer satisfaction rate. Since the company focus is serving more than 400,000 travelers around the globe, most remote job roles include positions for travel agents, itinerary account managers, and travel consultants and provide added benefits such as travel perks and flexible hours.

Remote Job Title Examples from ADTRAV Travel Management:

  • Remote Group Air Travel Agent
  • Virtual After-Hours Travel Consultant
  • Telecommute VIP Travel Consultant

 Want to know more? Visit ADTRAV’s complete company profile at Virtual Vocations


11. Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated

Headquarters: Tampa, Florida

Founded: 1977

Customer service professionals will certainly find virtual job opportunities with Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated. This company specializes in providing outsourced customer service, sales support, multichannel demand generation, technical support, digital marketing, and customer engagement services to Global 2000 companies in a wide variety of industries.

Sykes Enterprises Incorporated has 72 locations worldwide in 23 countries and has an extensive telecommuting workforce. Fully remote jobs are available for full-time, part-time, permanent, or seasonal roles. Because the company offers telephone, email, chat, and email support services in more than 40 languages, staff may also be required to be fluent in a second language for some roles.

Remote Job Title Examples from Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated:

  • Remote Search Quality Evaluator
  • Telecommute Tax Software Customer Support Agent
  • Remote Area Operations Training Director

 Want to know more? Visit Sykes Enterprises’ complete company profile at Virtual Vocations


12. Dell

Headquarters: Round Rock, Texas

Founded: 1984

A major player in the global computer technology software and hardware sectors, Dell employs more than 145,000 people from around the world. Part of Dell Technologies, the company is focused on helping drive human progress by providing better access to technology.

This telecommute-friendly employer regularly offers remote job opportunities in a variety of sales, information technology, and technical support roles. Occasional travel may be required for some positions and staff are often able to choose their own flexible schedules.

Remote Job Title Examples from Dell:

  • Telecommute Senior Cloud Engineer
  • Remote Commercial Sales Account Manager in Denver
  • Remote Infrastructure Automation Engineer

 Want to know more? Visit Dell’s complete company profile at Virtual Vocations


13. PRA Health Sciences

Headquarters: Raleigh, North Carolina

Founded: 1982

PRA Health Sciences in a global clinical research organization. The company specializes in providing end-to-end drug development and diagnostic services across several therapeutic areas. This research company provides services in more than 90 countries, enabling it to execute clinical trials locally leading to obtaining international regulatory and U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval for more than 85 products.

With more than 16,000 staff members around the world, this telecommute-friendly employer is dedicated to employee growth and development. PRA Health Services primarily hires clinical research associates, clinical trial managers, medical directors, and clinical data managers. It offers full-time, part-time roles, with some requiring travel and fluency in a second language.

As you search the Virtual Vocations jobs database, you will see the following titles for job leads offered by PRA Health Services:

  • Telecommute Clinical Trials Project Manager
  • Remote Senior Biostatistician
  • Virtual Senior Statistical Programmer

Remote Job Title Examples from PRA Health Sciences:

Want to know more? Visit PRA’s complete company profile at Virtual Vocations


14. Connections Academy

Headquarters: Columbia, Maryland

Founded: 2001

For educators searching for virtual and telecommute jobs, Connections Academy is a remote-enabled education provider. This online education company offers tuition-free online schooling for students in grades K through 12.  The company also offers online summer school, college preparation courses, and Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses.

As a leader in virtual education for students, the company offers full-time or part-time remote jobs for teachers, tutors, administrative support professionals, education specialists, and other school management roles. Some jobs may require occasional travel and state licensing credentials in education and/or core content areas.

Remote Job Title Examples from Connections Academy:

  • Remote Special Education Teacher
  • Telecommute Assistant Principal
  • Virtual Secondary English Substitute Teacher

 Want to know more? Visit Connections Academy’s complete company profile at Virtual Vocations


15. Randstad

Industry: Staffing Agency

Headquarters: Diemen, Netherlands

Founded: 1960

Randstad is an international human resource consulting and staffing firm. With more than 250,000 clients, the company has helped more than 2.5 million candidates find new jobs. This company has more than 38,000 corporate employees and occasionally offers telecommute-friendly jobs in a wide variety of industries.

This company hires staff for direct-hire, contract, temporary, and per diem jobs. Occasional travel may be required for some positions and the company offers paid development programs and an assortment of other benefits.

Remote Job Title Examples from Randstad:

  • Remote Employment Specialist
  • Telecommute Agile Coach in Tampa
  • Remote Insurance Defense Litigation Attorney in Providence

Want to know more? Visit Randstad’s complete company profile at Virtual Vocations


Virtual Vocations Employer Partners

Virtual Vocations Employer Partners are a select group of telecommute-friendly businesses that have been pre-screened and vetted that are part of the Employer Partner Program. Employer Partners provide job leads that are distributed via a targeted email alert, are featured in a weekly blog post, are shared across all company social media accounts, and directly posted to the Virtual Vocations job board.

The following Employer Partners, along with top 15 company K12 Inc., are part of our Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs in 2020:


Top Telecommute Accounting and Financial Companies

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects accounting and financial jobs will increase by 6% through 2028. These jobs include roles for accountants, auditors, budget analysts, bookkeepers, CPAs, financial analysts, and financial examiners.


Top Telecommute Business Services and Consulting Companies

Interested in a career in consulting? This career path is lucrative, flexible, and boasts 14% projected job growth through 2028. Business consultants, also known as management analysts, usually specialize in one area of business like marketing, human resources, management, or other specialties.


Top Telecommute Education Companies

The education industry is perfect for telecommuting. As technology becomes more accessible and more students grow up to become digital natives, the opportunity for educational institutions to improve distance education and be able to reach a greater number of students living in remote locations is a boon for teachers, tutors, and school administrators. According to the BLS, the education, training, and library fields are projected to grow 5% through 2028.


Top Telecommute Employment Companies

As more jobseekers demand greater control over their personal time and prefer a healthier work-life balance, employment companies will need qualified remote professionals to place in open roles and provide additional staffing support services for clients.

With more and more businesses being open to hiring telecommuting permanent, independent contractors, and gig-economy workers the number of temporary, seasonal, full-time and part-time vacancies needing to be filled will increase. Fortunately, a great number of employment and recruitment agencies are ready for the challenge.


Top Telecommute Healthcare, Health Insurance, and Pharmaceutical Companies

For healthcare companies, the job growth rate is projected to climb much faster than average with a 14% increase in available jobs from 2018 to 2028. Healthcare roles are expected to add more jobs to the economy than any other occupational group, according to the BLS.

This is great news for remote workers with backgrounds in medicine, nursing, case management, genetic counseling, clinical research, occupational therapy, pharmacy, radiology, speech-language pathology, and psychiatry.

*Express Scripts Holding Company is now part of Cigna

Top Telecommute Information Technology Companies

It is not a surprise to learn that most remote-friendly employers are computer, information technology, and internet companies. In fact, this industry currently has a 12% growth rate through 2028, according to the BLS. The bureau also projects that most of the new jobs will come from cloud computing, big data storage and collection, and information security.

Since technology has been leading the charge towards establishing telecommuting as a commonly accepted workforce practice, finding remote work in the technology industry might be a bit easier than in other fields. The following companies in our Top 100 Telecommuting Companies for 2020 have certainly committed to hiring telecommuters:


Top Telecommute Publishing, Real Estate, and Retail Companies

The following employers all placed within our top 100 list and vary across the publishing, real estate, food retail, and advisory fields.


Top Telecommute Translation Companies

Technology is making the world a smaller and more diverse place, which can only benefit telecommuters fluent in a second or third language. For remote workers looking to supplement their income or are interested in a flexible side-gig, companies such as CyraCom, Inc. and LanguageLine Solutions are perfect for their needs. The following language and translation companies also placed in the top 100 of our employer research:


Top Telecommute Travel Companies

Roles with travel companies are suited for a remote work arrangement in that most of the duties required for these positions can be completed via phone or computer. In fact, travel arrangement and reservation services companies, which make up 79% of travel employers, are the largest employers for agents. Companies like ADTRAV Travel Management and the employers below all offer telecommuting roles:


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