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Telecommuting Testimonial: I Found a Remote Job with Virtual Vocations

Updated November 2023

At Virtual Vocations, we’re passionate about empowering professionals to discover the liberating world of remote work. It’s always inspiring to hear success stories from our members, and we’re excited to share one such story with you. In this special feature, we dive into the journey of a member who found their ideal remote job through our platform. From initial search to final placement, this story highlights the real-life impact of our commitment to connecting jobseekers with their dream remote jobs.

The Subscriber 

Leah from New York is a self-professed millennial who acknowledges that her generational identity fuels her desire to work remotely, saying:

Working remotely is a huge factor in my job choice, as I know it is for many other millennials. We truly appreciate work-life balance and believe that we can be more valuable to a company or organization when we are not constrained by typical office hours and demands.

The Remote Job 

With a background in working online, Leah was in the market for an exciting freelance opportunity to supplement her income. As a part-time Job Quality Specialist for Virtual Vocations, Leah vets remote job openings before they are posted to the site, as well as categorizes and summarizes them to help ensure an efficient remote job search for Virtual Vocations’ registered members and subscribers.

The Industry 

Are you interested in working from home in a role similar to Leah’s? You can search our Remote Jobs Database for legitimate remote jobs in categories like data entry, quality assurance, and writing. Our database also features more than 15,000 other remote job openings in 40+ popular home-based industries including the following:

The Success Story 

After less than a month as a Virtual Vocations subscriber, Leah was surprised to discover a remote job opening posted by Virtual Vocations itself. She jumped at the chance to work for a company who shares her values of working from home and work-life balance.

According to Leah, her telecommute job search went off without a hitch thanks to Virtual Vocations’ site features, which she hasn’t found on any other job board.

I love that Virtual Vocations allows you to search by job category and job type. This is really helpful in finding the right job for you. I also like that Virtual Vocations sends emails to me with jobs that fit my skill set.

Virtual Vocations members are the first to learn about internal openings within the company. Register for your Virtual Vocations account today and never miss out on an opportunity to join our supportive, enthusiastic, 100% virtual team.

The Testimonial 

As remote work continues to be accepted as a viable work model, Leah hopes that employers and clients will honor the telecommuting desires of their employees and contractors and offer a greater variety of remote work opportunities. Among such a growing number of available telecommute job openings, Leah is relieved that Virtual Vocations exists as a safe haven for home-based jobseekers.

Virtual Vocations is simple to use and they put you at ease knowing Virtual Vocations verifies jobs before they are posted to the site; that is what really sets them apart from the competition.

Congratulations, Leah! We wish you continued success in your work-at-home journey and are happy to have you as part of our remote team.

Empowering Dreams into Remote Realities

The path to finding the perfect remote job for you can be as unique and fulfilling as the job itself. Leah’s success story is a powerful reminder of the opportunities that lie in the world of telecommuting, and the pivotal role Virtual Vocations plays in bridging the gap between talented professionals and their ideal remote roles. We are honored to have been a part of this journey and are continually motivated by such triumphs. Our commitment remains steadfast: to empower more individuals to find their place in the ever-expanding remote work landscape. We look forward to being a part of more success stories, helping dreams turn into realities, one remote job at a time.

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