Top 25 Employer Partners for Remote Work in 2022

The Virtual Vocations “Top 25 Employer Partners for Remote Work in 2022” list names the 25 best Virtual Vocations Employer Partners for the year. Our report also features updated statistics on the top career industries and states for remote jobs from companies to watch for remote hiring this year, Employer Partner program member testimonials, an overview of the Employer Partner program and its benefits, and more.

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An Overview of the Top 25 Employer Partners for Remote Work in 2022

This is our third annual list ranking the best Virtual Vocations Employer Partners filling remote and work from home job openings. The report was compiled from Virtual Vocations company data ranging from January 1–December 31, 2021. Annual Employer Partner lists from 2020 and 2021 can be accessed via these links:

Who are Employer Partners?

Virtual Vocations Employer Partners are businesses and organizations that seek to hire top-quality remote talent by posting remote job openings directly to our job board. Prior to joining the program, each company undergoes a vetting process to ensure its business and job postings meet Virtual Vocations’ strict quality standards.

As of February 2022, all remote job postings added to our job board are 100% virtual positions requiring no field-travel.

How do Employer Partners qualify for the annual “best of” list?

Employer Partner members must have met the following criteria to be included on our annual list of the 25 best Employer Partners:

  • Vetted Employer Partner program member in good standing.
  • Active Employer Partner in which a member of their team posted more than one verified remote job opening to the Virtual Vocations job board during the previous year.
  • Ranked among the top 25 Employer Partners based on the number of remote job openings the company shared to the Virtual Vocations job board during the previous year.

Our 2022 list outlines the Employer Partners to watch for remote hiring throughout the year based on their hiring trends from the previous year. During 2021, we monitored remote hiring, including that of new and existing Employer Partners, via the following quarterly reports.

CEO’s Statement on the Top 25 Employer Partners for Remote Work in 2022

Our Employer Partners added more than 850 remote job postings directly to our job board in 2021, averaging 7.23 job openings per company. From 2020 to 2021, the number of Employer Partner job postings shared with our jobseekers increased by 20.96%. The continued growth of our Employer Partner Program, which includes 94 new members for 2021, clearly illustrates the demand for high quality remote job postings from established companies that value remote workers.

Laura Spawn, Virtual Vocations CEO & Co-founder

Employer Partner Program Remote Hiring Data

Throughout 2021, 118 Employer Partners added remote job postings to the Virtual Vocations job board. Among the more than 850 remote job postings these employers shared, most vacancies were 100% remote, full-time, permanent job postings for experienced professionals holding at least a bachelor’s degree.

We also examined Employer Partner company data to find the most popular career industries and U.S. locations for remote job postings. Jobseekers searching for remote jobs in 2022 can look to these industries and states for an abundance of remote job openings.

Top Industries for Employer Partner Remote Jobs

Learn more about the best states for remote work via our Remote Work by State Resources Directory.

Top States for Employer Partner Remote Jobs

Learn more about the best remote work career categories in our feature “2021 Year-End Report and Remote Jobs Statistics.”

Top 25 Employer Partners for Remote Work in 2022 List


a Training and Education Company

Achieve Test Prep Remote Job Examples

  • Sales Representative Part Time – 100% Remote Job
  • Customer Relationship Specialist – 100% Remote Job
  • Director of Talent Acquisition – 100% Remote Job


a Clinical Research and Scientific Testing Supply Company

Agilent Technologies Remote Job Examples

  • Automation Application Engineer – 100% Remote Job
  • Bio-Pharma Sales Account Manager – 100% Remote Job
  • Regulatory Compliance Lead Internal Auditor – 100% Remote Job


a Software Company Specializing in Atlassian Enterprise Services

Appfire Remote Job Examples

  • Learning and Development Facilitator – 100% Remote Job
  • Email Marketing Specialist – 100% Remote Job
  • Digital Designer – 100% Remote Job


a Customer Service Outsourcing Company

Working Solutions Remote Job Examples

  • Placement Consultant – 100% Remote Job
  • Insurance Verification Representative – 100% Remote Job
  • Travel Reservation Representative – 100% Remote Job


a Video Hosting and Streaming Service

Uscreen Remote Job Examples

  • Video Editor – 100% Remote Job
  • Content Editor – 100% Remote Job
  • Technical Documentation Specialist – 100% Remote Job


an E-Learning Company

StudySmarter Remote Job Examples

  • AP Geography Content Creator – 100% Remote Job
  • ACT Content Quality Checker – 100% Remote Job
  • Bilingual Spanish E-Learning Translator – 100% Remote Job


an Online Educational Platform Remote Job Examples

  • Science Lesson Writer – 100% Remote Job
  • Test Prep Article Writer – 100% Remote Job
  • Literature Expert – 100% Remote Job

*StudySmarter and are in a numerical tie for sixth place based on total job postings added to the Virtual Vocations Job board during 2021.


a Dental Marketing Company

I have used you guys for years…and have always been impressed by your customer service and delivery of excellent applicants…I talk up Virtual Vocations every chance I get with both employers and job seekers.

Leigh Hoodenpyle, SMC National HR Manager

SMC National Remote Job Examples

  • Project Manager – 100% Remote Job
  • Graphic Designer – 100% Remote Job
  • Social Ads Manager – 100% Remote Job


a Learning Technology Company

Littera Education Remote Job Examples

  • Tutor Services Director – 100% Remote Job
  • Junior Accountant – 100% Remote Job
  • Elementary Tutor – 100% Remote Job


an SEO Services Company

Coalition Technologies Remote Job Examples

  • Office Assistant – 100% Remote Job
  • Front End Developer – 100% Remote Job
  • Freelance Copywriter – 100% Remote Job


an E-Learning Company

Elevate K-12 Remote Job Examples

  • Tier 2 Academic Coach – 100% Remote Job
  • Certified Social Studies Teacher – 100% Remote Job
  • Certified American Sign Language Teacher – 100% Remote Job


an Inbound Marketing Company

ContentBacon Remote Job Examples

  • Content Strategist – 100% Remote Job
  • Content Writer – 100% Remote Job
  • Customer Care Technical Coordinator – 100% Remote Job

*Coalition Technologies, Elevate K-12, and ContentBacon are in a numerical tie for sixth place based on total job postings added to the Virtual Vocations Job board during 2021.


a Marketing and Brand Growth Agency

IMPACT Remote Job Examples

  • Onboarding Marketing Success Manager – 100% Remote Job
  • Public Relations Director – 100% Remote Job
  • Website Project Manager – 100% Remote Job


EK Health Services, Inc.,
a Workers’ Compensation Managed Care Company

EK Health Services Remote Job Examples

  • Utilization Review Healthcare Professional – 100% Remote Job
  • Bill Review Specialist – 100% Remote Job
  • Triage Nurse – 100% Remote Job


a Benefits Management Company

Managed Care Advisors Remote Job Examples

  • Medical Case Manager – 100% Remote Job
  • Call Center Nurse Case Manager – 100% Remote Job
  • Nurse Case Manager – 100% Remote Job


an Omni-Channel Customer Contact Services Provider

Skybridge Americas Remote Job Examples

  • Retail Customer Service Representative – 100% Remote Job
  • Customer Care Representative – 100% Remote Job
  • Customer Service Brand Agent – 100% Remote Job


a Customer Engagement Services Provider

Really, thank you for all the help during our busiest hiring months… and always!

Avenessa Garcia, TTEC Talent Acquisition Marketing Manager

TTEC Remote Job Examples

  • Social Media Strategist – 100% Remote Job
  • Process Improvement Consultant – 100% Remote Job
  • Principal Systems Administrator – 100% Remote Job


a B2B Services Provider

Boldly Remote Job Examples

  • Virtual Legal Assistant – 100% Remote Job
  • Executive Assistant – 100% Remote Job
  • Administrative and Marketing Assistant – 100% Remote Job


a Real Estate Brokerage Firm

eXp Realty Remote Job Examples

  • East Region Transaction Settlement Specialist – 100% Remote Job
  • Contract Compliance Specialist – 100% Remote Job
  • Administrative Support Coordinator – 100% Remote Job


an Executive Assistant Services Company

33Vincent Remote Job Examples

  • Client Success Manager – 100% Remote Job
  • Executive Assistant – 100% Remote Job
  • Communication Coordinator – 100% Remote Job


an Information Technology and Services Company

Dimagi Remote Job Examples

  • Health Division Operation Director – 100% Remote Job
  • Senior Software Engineer – 100% Remote Job
  • Partnerships Analyst – 100% Remote Job


an Industrial Engineering Company

API Heat Transfer Remote Job Examples

  • Operations Accounting Analyst – 100% Remote Job
  • Recruiter – 100% Remote Job
  • ERP Business PLEX Analyst – 100% Remote Job


a Healthcare Information Technology Company

Net Health Remote Job Examples

  • IT Security Infrastructure Admin – 100% Remote Job
  • Clinical Trial Project Manager III – 100% Remote Job
  • Client Support Representative I – 100% Remote Job


an Software Development Company

CloudLinux Remote Job Examples

  • Head of Talent – 100% Remote Job
  • Packaging Engineer – 100% Remote Job
  • Software Development Customer Success Manager – 100% Remote Job


a Professional Training and Coaching Company

ttcInnovations Remote Job Examples

  • Senior Instructional Designer – 100% Remote Job
  • Resource Manager – 100% Remote Job
  • Contract Project Manager – 100% Remote Job

Employer Partner Testimonials

Testimonials from these Employer Partner program members represent a portion of the remote-enabled businesses that not only found experienced remote workers to fill their staffing vacancies using the Virtual Vocations job board but also recommend Virtual Vocations as a resource for remote hiring.

I’m pleased to work with our amazing Employer Partners as we roll out our new job posting policy. Limiting postings to only 100% remote jobs with no field-travel enables us to refine our site to reflect the best and most desirable opportunities for jobseekers. We are excited to focus on fully virtual positions and look forward to how this will improve hiring outcomes across the board in 2022.

Erin Feldman, Employer & Business Partnerships Specialist

“Virtual Vocations and Erin have been very easy to work with for our work at home postings. They go above and beyond to showcase Omni and bring great applicants to our platform. We are happy we have developed a partnership with Virtual Vocations.”

—Sue Kelly, Senior Sourcing Lead, Omni Interactions, Inc.

“Virtual Vocations is a great place to post any open positions that are remote. We have received top applicants who have been polished professionals. Virtual Vocations does a wonderful job of promoting not only our job postings but our company on their social media platforms.”

—Paige Risley, Founding Partner and Director of Operations, We Recruit Well

“This is a great platform that benefits both employers and job seekers! There is an internal vetting process so you know you’re working with top-notch talent and business. The best part of VV is their care for the relationships they build. We have been working with Erin Feldman and she is truly amazing, making our experience seamless and very enjoyable. Thank you Erin and VV!”

—JoJo Kalita, Director of Customer Success, 4th Down Solutions

Become a Virtual Vocations Employer Partner

Virtual Vocations helps millions of remote jobseekers and employers connect. With these Employer Partner program benefits, businesses and organizations gain even more ways to reach highly qualified professionals ready to work remotely.

  • Unlimited job postings on all approved telecommute jobs
  • Submit jobs individually or through feed(s)
  • Employer Dashboard to easily manage job listings
  • Access to application tracking stats including CTR and views
  • Multiple application methods including direct company link and email
  • Posted jobs featured in email alerts to 800,000+ remote jobseekers
  • Permanent Company Profile page written by Virtual Vocations staff
  • Dedicated Employer & Business Partnerships manager to assist with hiring needs
  • Register and submit jobs immediately

Contact Information for the Top 25 Employer Partners for Remote Work in 2022 List

Inquiries about the “Top 25 Employer Partners for Remote Work in 2022” list can be made to Michelle Rawlings, Public Relations Specialist. Contact Michelle at michelle (at) virtualvocations (dot) com or via phone at 1-800-379-5092 EXT. 703.

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