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A Conversation with Jonas Dücker of ROOK

A valued new member of the Virtual Vocations Employer Partner program, ROOK is a software development company that helps users turn data gathered from wearable metric trackers into actionable insights with their platform and mobile app. Since their inception in 2019, they have championed remote work, a testament to their innovative spirit. ROOK’s dedication to “Making an Impact in People’s Lives” drives their operations, and they are on the lookout for candidates who resonate with their purpose-driven mission. As a results-oriented company, ROOK values accomplishments over strict working hours, offering employees both flexibility and a meaningful impact in the health tech sphere.

We had a conversation with Jonas Dücker, COO/CMO of ROOK, about the company’s journey with remote work and their standards for selecting top-notch employees. Learn what to expect when seeking a position at ROOK and how to stand out as a remote candidate.

Yes, we’ve always been remote since our inception in 2019. We do have offices in Texas and Miami due to where our Founders live, but our current team is spread all over the U.S. and Mexico.

Our team lives and works by our mission which is “Making an impact in people’s lives.” We’re looking for like-minded candidates who are purpose-driven. Our culture code is:

  1. We focus on people
  2. We do our job with excellence
  3. We communicate transparently and assertively
  4. We are decisive
  5. We never stop learning

A resume isn’t all that important. I’d rather receive a link to someone’s LinkedIn profile and then learn more about them in the interview process.

We’re pretty flexible. We’re a results-driven team and care more about getting the job done than keeping certain hours.

From the beginning, ROOK has been driven by the mission to connect individuals with the tools they need for greater achievement. Starting as a heart rate monitor platform for gyms and coaches, ROOK quickly pivoted towards bridging apps with holistic health data, recognizing the transformative potential of such information. Their endeavors not only reshaped fitness interactions but also found relevance in sectors like healthcare, insurance, wellness, and even gaming. Now, as a B2B SaaS enterprise, ROOK’s API unlocks unprecedented opportunities by turning data into actionable insights, continually pushing the boundaries of possibility.
“ROOK’s mission is to enable everyone with the data they need to unlock a healthier world.”

Founded: 2019

Headquarters: Miami, Florida

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