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Top 12 North Carolina Remote Jobs

Top 12 North Carolina remote jobs

Telecommute and remote jobs offer an alternative to the traditional 9-to-5 position. With one of these top-paying and highly coveted North Carolina remote jobs, you can start a new career making your own hours and increasing your productivity. Check out what these occupations have to offer throughout the Tar Heel State.

1. Marketing Manager

Average Wage: $65.34 per hour (Bureau of Labor Statistics [BLS], 2019)

Job Growth Rate: 8% (BLS)

Job Description: A marketing manager is the highest-paying North Carolina remote job. These professionals are responsible for supervising all stages of a marketing campaign. From logos and package design to promotions and distribution, marketing professionals research product demand, identify target markets, and build brand image. They complete these tasks while adhering to the company’s mission and vision statements. Other tasks may also include identifying competitors, mentoring and coaching their team, building strategic relationships, and producing a marketing budget.

Requirements: A bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, or another business-related field is highly recommended to become a marketing manager. However, large-scale marketing campaigns may require the expertise of a candidate with a master’s degree. In addition, certain certifications and membership in the American Marketing Association are both highly prized by employers.

2. Software Developer

Average Wage: $50.77 per hour (BLS, 2019)

Job Growth Rate: 21% (BLS)

Job Description: Software developers are the fastest-growing North Carolina remote job. Using their knowledge of software and coding, these individuals design, write, and test code. To ensure the efficiency of new systems and applications, software developers usually work within a team to guide the project from start to finish. 

Requirements: Software developers usually have a four-year degree in software development, computer science, or another computer-related field. However, proficiency in coding and software development is highly sought-after by employers regardless of educational level. Because of this, some software developers find employment without a bachelor’s degree. A strong grasp of programming languages such as C, C++, or Java is mandatory. Certification from an accredited organization is also prized by potential employers.

3. Business Consultant

Average Wage: $40.99 per hour (BLS, 2019)

Job Growth Rate: 14% (BLS)

Job Description: Also known as management analysts, business consultants are experienced professionals whose primary task is to improve the operational efficiency of a business. Tasks vary widely between industries and the size of the business. However, common duties include designing a business plan, implementing a marketing strategy, solving problems the business may have, and planning for the future.

Requirements: Most business consultants have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, accounting, or another business-related field. In some instances, a master’s degree may be required by the employer. Consultants are experts in their field, requiring five or more years of experience to have the knowledge necessary to make important decisions. Consulting certifications are also a bonus in the industry, showing that the candidate has taken extra steps to further their education.

4. Nurse Case Manager

Average Wage: $34.32 per hour (PayScale, 2020)

Job Growth Rate: 18% (BLS, 2019)

Job Description: Nurse case managers are registered nurses who specialize in the coordination of all aspects of patient care. Using their experience in both nursing and management, they work closely with doctors, patients, and the patients’ families to ensure proper care both inside and outside of medical facilities. Common tasks include assessing and monitoring a patient’s condition and planning their road to recovery.

Requirements: Nurse case managers can hold an associate’s degree plus relevant experience or a bachelor’s degree in nursing. In both cases, the nurse case manager must hold the proper license to practice nursing within the state. These healthcare professionals may also have a certification or study a specific concentration.

5. Life Insurance Underwriter

Average Wage: $33.36 per hour (BLS, 2019)

Job Growth Rate: -5% (BLS)

Job Description: Life insurance underwriters are a specific type of insurance underwriter that assesses the risk of applicants and policyholders. By determining the risk of these individuals, a life insurance underwriter can draft a policy that determines the specifications of the policy and discovers ways to mitigate the risk of policyholders in the future.

Requirements: A life insurance underwriter holds a four-year degree in business, economics, finance, or mathematics. Life insurance underwriters may also obtain positions through a mix of experience, computer proficiency, and a high school diploma. In some instances, employers may also require certification such as the Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) distinction from the American College of Financial Services.

6. Application Developer

Annual Salary: $30.25 per hour (PayScale, 2020)

Job Growth Rate: 21% (BLS, 2019)

Job Description: Application developers are IT professionals who specialize in creating, designing, and testing applications software for computers. To create these applications, the developer works closely with data engineers, other software developers, and graphic designers to create a visually appealing product that’s also easy to use for consumers. Once the application software is created, an application developer may also diagnose and troubleshoot problems found during the testing and implementation processes.

Requirements: To obtain employment as an application developer, a four-year degree in software engineering, computer science, or another computer-related field is highly recommended. Application developers must also have a firm grasp of software coding and programming languages.

7. Project Manager

Average Wage: $25.70 per hour (PayScale, 2020)

Job Growth Rate: N/A

Job Description: A project manager assumes several roles to facilitate the successful delivery of a particular project from start to finish. This is a vital role in a number of industries, including construction, IT, business, and more. To excel at this position, project managers must also play a pivotal part in developing plans and strategy, building a cohesive team, scheduling milestones, engaging with shareholders, and adhering to a budget.

Requirements: Depending on the industry, a project manager may only need an associate’s degree with relevant experience. However, more complex projects require even more knowledge of the industry accompanied by at least a four-year degree. Some industries and job positions don’t require a certification, but candidates in the construction field may want to earn a certification with the Construction Management Association of America. This will make them more attractive candidates and may lead to job advancement opportunities and higher pay.

8. Supply Chain Manager

Average Wage: $20.22 per hour (PayScale, 2020)

Job Growth Rate: 5% (BLS, 2019)

Job Description: From the purchase of raw materials to the delivery of the product to a client, supply chain managers are responsible for every step of product manufacturing. Tasks include optimizing the flow of goods to cut costs, creating a budget, leading employees, managing a warehouse, and overseeing every step of the product life cycle.

Requirements: To become a supply chain manager, most employers require a bachelor’s degree in business, economics, logistics, or another business-related field. Although not specifically required, a Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM) distinction from the Institute for Supply Management is often coveted by employers.

9. Tutor

Average Wage: $19.65 per hour (PayScale, 2020)

Job Growth Rate: 4% (BLS, 2019)

Job Description: A tutor assists students in various academic pursuits and subjects outside of the classroom. For example, tasks may include preparing students for a specific class or standardized testing. Tasks include reviewing assignments completed and discussing the subject matter to improve the student’s comprehension of a topic. To facilitate these tasks, a tutor also develops practice tests, study guides, and other supplemental learning materials.

Requirements: Education requirements for tutors are highly variable depending on the education level of the student. Tutors with a high school diploma are usually qualified to teach grammar school and grade school students. To teach a high school student, a tutor must often have a college diploma. Certain tutoring companies may also require a background and police check to obtain employment.

10. Medical Coder

Average Wage: $19.40 per hour (BLS, 2019)

Job Growth Rate: 11% (BLS)

Job Description: By analyzing a patient’s chart, a medical coder categorizes diagnoses and performed procedures by assigning an alphanumeric code according to a national classification system. This coding allows doctors to quickly examine a patient’s health history, as well as providing information to insurance companies and other third parties for documentation, data collection, regulations, and reimbursement.

Requirements: Medical coding jobs require either an associate’s degree in medical coding or an equivalent certificate program. In addition to these educational requirements, a medical coder must have computer proficiency and a firm grasp of coding software.

11. Quality Assurance Analyst

Average Wage: $18.82 per hour (BLS, 2019)

Job Growth Rate: -18% (BLS)

Job Description: Also known as quality control inspectors or analysts, quality assurance (QA) analysts inspect, review, and monitor a particular service or product. Although IT QA analysts are becoming more popular in the tech world, these positions exist in nearly every industry. Some responsibilities may also include complying with government regulations, ensuring the safety of networks or the manufacturing process, and reporting their findings to management or other agencies.

Requirements: Because of the demand in the IT world for QA analysts, most successful candidates have a bachelor’s degree in software development or a computer-related field. Those interested in a career as a QA analyst may also need a different four-year degree such as business, mathematics, or engineering. In addition, strong analytical skills and computer proficiency are the hallmarks of successful QA analysts.

12. Customer Service Agent

Average Wage: $16.69 per hour (BLS, 2019)

Job Growth Rate: -2% (BLS)

Job Description: Through phone calls, emails, and online chats, customer service agents provide support to an organization’s clients. As a result, tasks include troubleshooting problems, answering questions, processing orders and returns, addressing concerns, and any other task that improves customer satisfaction.

Requirements: Only a high school diploma is necessary for most customer service agent jobs. However, companies that sell more complex or technical goods and services may look for agents with an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree. Computer proficiency and familiarity with customer relationship management (CRM) software are a plus.

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