Check out these 9 remote jobs that pay $100K or more

9 Remote Jobs That Pay $100K or More

According to recent statistics, only 13% of American workers earn more than $100,000 a year. Achieving such a salary is a mix of many factors, including geography, education, and expertise. But one thing that won’t detract from your ability to earn six figures is remote work.

Although market and labor conditions are rapidly changing, workers with the right mix of talent, qualifications, and experience could find themselves on the receiving end of a $100,000 employment opportunity. So whether you’re changing jobs or want to take the next step toward wealth or early retirement, here are some remote jobs that pay $100K or more.

Some of the Top Remote Jobs That Pay $100K or More

One of the most interesting aspects of looking for remote jobs that pay $100K or more is that they cover a wide array of industries. In the virtual world, you don’t have to be a doctor or a lawyer to get a six-figure salary. You only need to find a company willing to pay your perceived worth. So without further ado, here are some job options to look into.

1. Marketing Manager

Median salary: $133,380 per year

Why this job pays over $100K:

With a marked shift into digital marketing and e-commerce over the past 10 years, businesses are scrambling to find workers to fill the void. As a result, experienced and qualified marketing managers are in high demand. They’re in charge of developing, implementing, and executing marketing strategies and content which may include advertising and promotions. Beyond this task, marketing managers may also conduct project management duties, including assembling a team, doing market research, and more.

2. Finance Manager

Median salary: $131,710 per year

Why this job pays over $100K:

Finance managers are the professionals who supervise the financial well-being of a company. By analyzing figures and using a variety of ratios, they make suggestions about how to generate cash flow and revenue, as well as make a profit.

However, these individuals shouldn’t be confused with accountants. Accountants record and report financial transactions. Unlike them, finance managers make sense of these numbers in terms of business profitability and viability.

3. Network Architect

Median salary: $120,520 per year

Why this job pays over $100K:

Network architects are a niche subset of the IT department tasked with designing and implement networks for an organization. Since almost every company uses an internal network for communication and to secure information, network architects are highly coveted by all types of businesses.

4. Information Security Analyst

Median salary: $102,600 per year

Why this job pays over $100K:

Global cyberattacks have started to occur with such normalcy that companies are sounding the alarm and putting out a beacon for qualified information security analysts. In 2022 alone, cyberattacks increased 38%. This generated the need for companies to secure information from hacking, phishing, ransomware, malware, and other malicious programs.

With a background in cybersecurity, information security analysts solve the problem of how to secure the information of businesses and customers. They create software programs to safeguard against these attacks, monitor for breaches, coach employees on safe internet usage, and respond to cyberattacks when they occur.

5. Software Developer

Median salary: $109,020 per year

Why this job pays over $100K:

Software developers have extensive programming knowledge and troubleshooting skills. They adapt to the rapid evolution of technology, cloud computing, and coding languages. Responsible for creating stellar user experiences and secure programs that manage and protect user data, they shoulder a heavy load. However, due to a lack of deadlines and the ability to work on their own schedule, software developers enjoy some of the lowest stress levels of any of the remote jobs that pay $100K.

6. Human Resources Manager

Median salary: $126,230 per year

Why this job pays over $100K:

With openings available in almost every industry, human resource managers are one of the most versatile remote jobs that pay $100K or more. These HR professionals are usually at the top of the HR department, tasked with planning, coordinating, and directing various functions and programs within an organization.

7. Psychiatrist

Median salary: $220,430 per year

Why this job pays over $100K:

One of the top remote jobs that pay over $100K annually is a psychiatrist. Although telemedicine and virtual health services spiked dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic, usage of online doctors is still at all-time highs compared to pre-pandemic times. While psychiatrists require a doctorate and licensure to practice, a salary of more than $200K per year more than makes up for your time spent in the classroom.

Psychiatrists assess and treat mental disorders within patients through oral therapy and prescription drugs. They also tend to specialize in particular mental health issues, giving you more options if you wish to pursue a psychiatric career.

8. Product Manager

Median salary: $103,150 per year

Why this job pays over $100K:

Working on everything from consumer to industrial goods, product managers are professionals who identify needs in the market for products and services. Once they determine the product needed, they develop all facets of the good, including ways to package, market, and advertise it to potential clients. Essentially, they’re the force behind a product cycle from start to finish. It’s a job that few are qualified to do, hence it is one of the remote jobs that pay $100K or more.

9. Business Development Manager

Median salary: $120,130 per year

Why this job pays over $100K:

Business development managers are involved with nearly every aspect of the business. They oversee new market opportunities, conduct research, use networking to find leads and clients, and attempt to stimulate growth and expansion. In addition, they make growth and sales projections, which enables businesses to decide which projects to pursue, maintain, or eliminate.

One of the more interesting facets of being a business development manager is that you aren’t necessarily confined to being an employee. Many development managers work in a freelance or consulting arrangement, giving them the ability to take on numerous clients or choose their clients to their liking.

Use Your Time Wisely to Find Remote Jobs That Pay $100K

Finding remote jobs that pay $100K a year or more is an arduous and lengthy journey. Between your responsibilities, current job, and social/family life, you probably don’t have much time to devote to the job hunt. However, you can streamline the process by working on your search parameters.

By registering with Virtual Vocations, you have access to a job board with tens of thousands of listings. On this board, you can use various job filters to search for positions by education, job category, keywords, and more. These filters can immediately narrow your search, saving you time in the process. With any luck, your remote job that pays more than $100K is just a few clicks away.

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