Level up your resume with these tips on rewriting your nursing resume objective into a professional summary

How to Rewrite Your Remote Nursing Resume Objective Into a Professional Summary

A strong professional summary is a key component of a compelling nursing resume. Find out why you need to turn your nursing resume objective into a professional summary, what’s the difference between them, and find inspiration in the practical samples below.

With the burnout rate for healthcare professionals reaching 49% due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a remote nursing job may seem like the perfect alternative to working in a clinical position. The benefits of remote work can include less work stress and better mental and physical health. Moreover, remote nursing positions can also be a lifesaver for parents that need more flexible schedules.

With the demand for registered nurses projected to grow 9% over the next ten years, the employment outlook is rosy. In addition, new technologies and patient demand during the pandemic have contributed to a rise in nursing positions that can be completed remotely. Positions can include case management, utilization review and management, clinical documentation, medical coding, and telehealth.

If you are a nursing professional seeking to secure a remote position, a well-written resume formatted according to current guidelines is necessary to make a good first impression. In the past, most resumes would begin with a career objective. However, a good objective for a nursing resume is not to have one at all. While a decade ago, the focus of a resume was stated in a resume objective, today a professional summary takes its place.

If this is your first time writing a professional summary, use the tips and examples below to draft one that is sure to impress your future employer.

The Difference Between a Remote Nursing Resume Objective and a Professional Summary

There are three main differences between a resume objective and a professional summary:

  • The length of a resume objective is usually just one or two short sentences, while a professional summary has three to five sentences.
  • The expanded length of a professional summary allows room for more specific information and examples than can be highlighted in a resume objective.
  • While a resume objective focuses on what the jobseeker is looking for, a professional summary illustrates the value you bring to your potential employer.

How to Write a Great Professional Summary

Below are the steps to follow in order to craft an effective professional summary:  

  • Identify and review three or four advertisements for remote nursing jobs that you want to apply for and highlight the position requirements and job responsibilities.
  • Develop an opening sentence that summarizes your career experience, soft skills, and important qualifications to demonstrate you meet or exceed the job requirements.
  • Support the opening sentence with one or two sentences that emphasize your skills and accomplishments most relevant to the job ads you selected.
  • Finish by describing your communication style and management abilities to show that you will be successful contributing to virtual teams, or leading remote employees.

Checklist for Optimizing Your Remote Nurse Professional Summary

After you update your remote nursing career objective into a professional summary, review the checklist below before applying for your next position:

Is Your Summary Written From a First-Person Implied Perspective?

All resume content is written from a first-person implied perspective. This means that you write as though you are writing about yourself, but leave out personal pronouns like ‘I,’ ‘my,’ and ‘me.’

Did You Focus on How You Can Benefit an Employer?

Remember to shift your perspective from focusing on what you want to illustrating that the experience you offer is exactly what the employer is looking for.

Did You Include Specific Information Regarding Your Experience?

Make sure that when you mention your experience or accomplishments in your summary, you back up your statements with details.

Is Your Summary Optimized for ATS (Applicant Tracking System) Software?

Almost all applications today are submitted to an ATS system that will check your resume for relevant keywords and experience. Avoid getting your application tossed by studying the language used in the job ads to identify keywords. Find out more about how to pass ATS software from Virtual Vocations Career Coach, Holly Leyva.

Did You Avoid Using Technical Jargon and Acronyms?

Since your resume will usually be reviewed initially by non-technical personnel, it’s important to limit the use of acronyms and obscure phrases. Even within the same field or industry, terms can vary so ensure you write in plain English.

Were You Careful Not to Use Exaggerated Language?

Maybe you did get “amazing” results from your last project, but that doesn’t mean anything to a potential employer. Thus, avoid grandiose terms and instead, focus on demonstrating your skills and quantifying your successes.

Are Your Important Soft Skills Represented?

The summary is the only opportunity on a resume to include a little personality. For example, you may want to list your most valuable soft skills by using adjectives such as “dedicated,” “innovative,” or “collaborative,” to give potential employers insight into your personality strengths.

Examples of How to Rewrite Your Remote Nursing Resume Objective into a Professional Summary

Below are a few examples of rewritten nursing resume objectives.

Job Goal: Remote Telehealth Nurse Practitioner for Geriatric Patients

Current Remote Nursing Resume Objective:

Experienced nurse practitioner seeking a telehealth position providing nursing and case management services for seniors.

Rewritten Professional Summary:

1. Rewrite your objective:

Compassionate, adaptable healthcare professional with a background that encompasses all aspects of family practice with an emphasis on senior care.

2. Add a sentence that supports your experience or expands on your skills:

Expert clinician skilled at conducting health assessments, diagnosing medical issues, and implementing treatment plans, including prescribing medications.

3. Finish with communication style and leadership experience:

Collaborative communicator focused on building patient rapport and promoting cooperation with medical teams to optimize health outcomes.

Compassionate, adaptable healthcare professional with a background that encompasses all aspects of family practice with an emphasis on senior care. Expert clinician skilled at conducting health assessments, diagnosing medical issues, and implementing treatment plans, including prescribing medications. Collaborative communicator focused on building patient rapport and promoting cooperation with medical teams to optimize health outcomes.

Job Goal: Remote HEDIS Abstraction and Quality Auditor

Current Remote Nursing Resume Objective:

Diligent quality auditor with extensive experience executing and evaluating audits looking for a remote opportunity with a nonprofit healthcare system.

Rewritten Professional Summary:

Diligent, results-oriented Registered Nurse with extensive HEDIS abstraction and quality auditing experience. Analytic professional skilled at evaluating audit results and developing recommendations for improvements, cost savings, and risk minimization. Committed to building positive relationships with providers, hospital care managers, post-acute care managers, and other partners to deliver high-quality care.

Job Goal: Telecommute Case Management for Transition of Care From Hospital

Current Remote Nursing Resume Objective:

Registered nurse with extensive experience in acute, long term, and home care environments interested in a telecommute case management position to help patients navigate healthcare services.

Rewritten Professional Summary:

Dedicated, resourceful registered nurse with extensive clinical experience delivering compassionate patient care in a variety of healthcare environments, including acute, long term, and home care. Skilled at delivering efficient medical support for imaging tests, chemotherapy infusions, patient intake, and post-op care. Demonstrated success building patient relationships and promoting medical team cooperation.

Job Goal: Remote and Field Leadership Position Providing Home Health Care Services

Current Remote Nursing Resume Objective:

Nursing team leader looking for a position managing the development and implementation of individual care plans for home health care patients.

Rewritten Professional Summary:

Compassionate, dedicated nursing professional with extensive clinical and home care experience serving in a variety of team leadership roles. Track record of accurately assessing and recommending treatment options and developing individualized care plans. Build positive patient and family relationships and liaise with medical professionals to optimize health outcomes.

Job Goal: Telehealth Nurse and Team Leader

Current Remote Nursing Resume Objective:

Dedicated leader and licensed nurse practitioner with two years of experience delivering telehealth services poised to make an immediate impact as a virtual team leader of telehealth health care providers.

Rewritten Professional Summary:

Dedicated, compassionate Board Certified and licensed nurse practitioner with current telehealth experience and an extensive background as a charge nurse in an acute care environment. Confidently deliver evidence-based primary care, effectively using technology to assess and diagnose conditions remotely. Accomplished communicator focused on advising patients and collaborating with families and colleagues to optimize health care outcomes.

Job Goal: Senior Clinical Auditor

Current Remote Nursing Resume Objective:

Diligent registered nurse with extensive medical coding and auditing experience seeking to apply comprehensive skill set in a position involving staff training and team leadership.

Rewritten Professional Summary:

Diligent, detail-oriented healthcare professional with extensive remote medical coding and auditing experience for both commercial and government payers. Analytic professional skilled in ICD-9/10, PCS, CPT, and HCPCS with knowledge of official coding guidelines and advanced clinical expertise. Collaborative communicator and talented trainer with demonstrated leadership and team building abilities.

What to Do If You Don’t Have Any Experience

Creating a professional summary for a remote nursing position can be intimidating, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience. Without previous experience, it can be difficult to demonstrate your skills. But if you’re a student or recent graduate, here are a few tips:

  • Include the entry-level title in the summary as a goal.
  • Highlight any relevant education and coursework.
  • Use the experience gained from volunteer work or school practicums.
  • Instead of summing up your past experience, describe how you can contribute in the future.

For example:

Enthusiastic entry-level nurse with a recently conferred bachelor’s degree excited to make an immediate contribution to optimize patient healthcare. Recognized for practical skills and positive patient engagement while volunteering at community health fairs. Quick learner, excellent at following detailed instructions and building team relationships.

Get Ready, Get Set…

Updating your remote nursing resume objective as a professional summary is a key to ensuring your resume meets modern hiring requirements. Luckily, this format is also a better way to highlight both your soft skills and accomplishments. Just remember to clearly show that you meet the minimum requirements of the job. Then, use the summary to showcase the areas where you excel. In general, be concise, optimistic, and focus on why you are a great fit for the position.

Which of these examples inspired you to craft your own powerful summary? Do you have any tips on how to turn a nursing resume objective into a professional summary? Connect with Virtual Vocations on FacebookTwitterLinkedInInstagram, and YouTube to share your thoughts and questions. We’d love to hear from you!

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