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Get-Rich-Quick Scam Alert!

Get-rich-quick schemes are nothing new, but this latest online scam identified by the Better Business Bureau takes a fresh approach to luring its victims.

If you are a job seeker in the market to make money while working from home, don’t be so tempted to make fast cash that you fall for a bogus money flipping job offer being passed around social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Promoters of the scam post a photo with a pile of money claiming that they were able to quickly flip a few hundred dollars into thousands and they offer to help you do the same.

scam alert
Image credit: Better Business Bureau

After doing a little online digging, the social media profile associated with the scam account appears real. In fact, the account may have many friends, followers, and even “thank you” posts from others they’ve worked with, but don’t be fooled!

Once an interested party sends a message to the scammer’s social media account to inquire about the very vague details of the money flipping offer, the “investor” replies that flipping money is as simple as loading a sum of cash onto a prepaid debit card from the gas station. Then he asks you for the card number and PIN and tells you that he’ll take care of the rest. In this case, “taking care of it” means taking your money and blocking you from contacting him on social media.

This scam breaks a main rule from our tips to avoid job scams: it requires you to send money to make money. Don’t fall prey to get-rich-quick schemes, no matter how desperate you are to telecommute. If you want to work from home, explore legitimate full and partial telecommute jobs from reputable employers, thousands of which can be found in Virtual Vocations Telecommute Jobs Database.

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