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How Virtual Vocations Works: Our Services and Features Explained

Virtual Vocations provides a top-notch telecommute job search service to help you find quality employment. If you’re looking for remote jobs or want to earn income while traveling the globe, we connect you with employers and resources to help you achieve more work-life balance.

How Virtual Vocations Works: Our Services and Features Explained

In a world where 51% of American workers are willing to leave their current job for more flextime, telecommuting seems ideal. But how do you go about finding remote work? Is the job search process the same as traditional office job hunting? What qualifications and equipment do you need? Are you even the work-at-home type?

Virtual Vocations is ready to answer these questions and more. Let’s untangle the remote job search and outline how we can help you find the telecommute job you want. Here’s an overview of how Virtual Vocations works and all the ways you can make the most of our career services.

1. We Hunt for Legit Jobs

Our team of experts search for legitimate telecommute jobs. We streamline your job search by filtering out scams, commission-only jobs, and “start-your-own-business” opportunities. We only list positions from reputable employers that offer a fair wage.

Job and company descriptions within our database are accessible 24/7. Listings remain on the site for up to 30 days so that you receive a constant flow of new vacancies. We also gather information on each employer so that you can research companies further.

2. You Subscribe to Our Service

To view our ever-expanding job database, sign up for a free or premium membership.

Free Membership

As a free member, you receive access to a selection of telecommute job posts and email alerts that let you know when we post new openings. You also receive free tools and resources to facilitate your job search and help you advance in your telecommuting career.

Premium Membership

When you upgrade to a premium subscription, you receive additional job search resources and tools. You get full access to our databases and receive priority alerts with job openings that match your interests. You receive industry guides, resume advice, and e-courses that help you leverage your skills and applications. As a premium subscriber, you also earn discounts on our professional resume services offered by our team of human resources experts and resume writers.

3. Set Up Your Telecommute Launch Pad

It’s no secret that the job market is competitive. To make sure you stand out from the crowd, we offer online tools and resources that help you set up your remote workspace, stay current on industry trends, and quickly apply to the best available jobs.

Dig into the Telecommute Toolkit

Free and premium members get access to the Telecommute Toolkit, which is a resource hub for everything telecommuting. Free members receive limited access, while premium subscribers get the whole lot of goodies. The complete toolkit contains:

  • E-courses on getting started, searching for jobs, and creating winning resumes.
  • The Telecommuting Handbook, which is the ultimate guide for transitioning to telecommuting and setting up your remote workspace.
  • Industry guides jam-packed with information related to hiring trends, job outlooks, required education, and top employers.
  • An interview guide that helps you prepare for virtual interviews.
  • Resume guides that help you craft your critical career document.
  • Resume templates that are suitable for a variety of industries and job categories.
  • A telecommute action plan to help you streamline the job search and application process.

Build a Portfolio

Showcase your experience and skills by creating a professional portfolio with your Virtual Vocations account. Portfolios are like quick reference guides that supplement your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and other application materials. If you wear an array of telecommuting hats, you can create multiple portfolios targeted toward different job categories. Include a link to your portfolio on your social media pages, applications, and email signature to advertise your expertise.

Upload Your Documents

You get your own cozy space in the cloud to store documents so that you can apply for jobs anywhere at any time. Whether you’re a globetrotter seeking temporary income to fund your excursions or a career enthusiast dedicated to professional advancement, you can immediately seize new openings that get you closer to your ultimate goals.

4. Get Professional Resume Assistance

If you need help crafting an amazing resume, send your current version over to our Professional Resume Review service team. Our team has over 30 years of human resources and resume writing and review experience, and they genuinely enjoy sharing their knowledge to help others land terrific telecommute jobs.

Here are some telecommute resume best practices to get you started:

  • Tailor your resume to the industry and job description.
  • Include keywords that bridge your skills and the job requirements.
  • Use consistent formatting, style, and organization.
  • Keep an applicant tracking system (ATS) version handy for online applications.
  • Use concise statements that focus on your strengths and achievements.

If you think your resume could use a complete overhaul, our team also offers a resume writing service for mid-level professionals with two or more years of work experience. Just upload your current version, the team will send you a questionnaire if they need to know more about your skills and work history, then you will get a brand new resume ready to submit to employers.

You can order both our resume review and writing service with a free account. However, premium subscribers receive a substantial discount on these valuable services.

5. Apply for Telecommute Jobs

Virtual Vocations makes it easy to search, find, and apply to telecommute jobs from around the globe. To optimize your job search, turn on filters, enroll in email alerts, use our company database, and organize your progress with our tracking tools.

Filter Your Search

The best way to find jobs that match your interests and skills is to use the filters in the job database:

  • Job Category: High-level categories that organize jobs according to industry and occupation
  • Telecommute Level: Filters jobs according to telecommute frequency, from “100% Telecommute,” which includes completely work-at-home jobs, through “Occasionally,” which includes one or two days of telecommuting per week
  • Location: Filters jobs by state, region, or time zone
  • Travel Requirements: Categorizes jobs with “Field Travel Required,” “No Travel,” and everything in between
  • Education Level: Filters jobs based on education requirements
  • Employment Status: Categorizes jobs according to the employer-employee relationship, such as “Independent Contractor” and “Permanent”
  • Employer Type: Differentiates between jobs directly from employers and jobs from employment agencies
  • Career Level: Filters jobs according to experience, from “Entry Level” through “Executive Level”
  • Weekly Hours: Categorizes jobs according to schedule requirements, such as “Full Time” and “Flexible”
  • Additional Information: Allows you to search for companies that are 100% virtual, always hiring, have future openings available, or offer benefits
  • Date Posted: Filters jobs according to when they were posted to the database, such as 24 hours or 7 days ago

Get Email Job Alerts

Our handy-dandy technology automatically curates job posts that match your recent search history. To subscribe to additional job categories, titles, or locations, click on “Get email job alerts in these categories” on the right sidebar of the job database page.

Alerts include new jobs recently posted to the database and links to full descriptions. You choose to receive emails daily, once per week, or three times per week, depending on your desired frequency.

Research Companies

We have over 10,000 telecommute-friendly companies in our database. Our team researches companies every day and adds legitimate, reputable businesses to the site so that you can discover new employers, investigate them in detail, and view their hiring trends all in one place.

During your job search, it’s wise to visit company websites, read reviews from past employers, and get a feel for their culture and mission. Such knowledge helps you tailor your resume and application materials. It also helps you filter out employers that don’t align with your career goals.

Track Your Applications

The job search process can be daunting, and it’s easy to forget where you submitted your resume. Use the Saved Jobs and Job History features to keep track of which jobs you applied to and which still need a submission. These features link directly to each specific listing so that you can quickly review the job description and the date you sent your application.

Common Questions

We get a lot of questions about our service. Here are a few of the most common:

  • Do employers post their own job listings on Virtual Vocations? Our team of qualified researchers scans online job boards, blogs, social media platforms, and employer websites to find the best available job openings. In addition, we screen and work closely with selected employers that pass our criteria to post their open jobs to our database.
  • Can I apply for jobs if I don’t live in the United States? Yes, you can sign up as a free or premium subscriber and apply for any job within our database. However, employers ultimately decide whether they hire international candidates.
  • Why do some jobs have a geographic restriction? Sometimes, employers can only hire within a particular state, region, or time zone. This may be due to employee tax laws, health insurance plan limitations, professional licensing and certification requirements, or travel obligations.
  • Do you post entry-level jobs and jobs that don’t require a college degree? Yes, we post job openings for a range of educational backgrounds and skills. Use the “Education Level” and “Career Level” filters to help narrow down your search.
  • Why do some telecommute jobs require travel? “Telecommute” is a broad term that ranges from 100% to occasional telecommute work. Each employer has its own requirements for visiting headquarters, client sites, and attending meetings, conferences, training, and other events.

For additional questions, visit our Frequency Asked Questions page.

Employer Resources

Employers are more than welcome to contact us with telecommute job listings. Our Employer Relations Department works closely with startups, small businesses, and enterprises to validate company information and job quality. If you’re an employer looking to expand your talent pool, contact our helpful team to get your positions filled by our incredible members.

Start Your Telecommuting Career Today!

Why not join the millions of telecommuting professionals on their quest to find the ultimate work-life balance? When you’re ready to shed your office skin and embark on a virtual adventure, explore Virtual Vocations’ services.

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Learn how our service works, browse job leads by location and career category, or search hundreds of hand-screened telecommuting jobs to find legitimate work-at-home job leads that match your skills and background.

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