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Dedicated Jobseeker Finds Perfect Remote Job in One Month

Seeking to incorporate more travel opportunities into her life, Megan T. subscribed to Virtual Vocations. During her very first month, Megan found the perfect remote job as an Indexer with EK Health Services.

Freedom While Putting Skills To Good Use

A Texas-native, Megan desired more location flexibility in her career. Armed with an associate degree and several years of remote work experience in medical records authorization, this data entry professional searched for jobs where her qualifications would shine.

Megan was hesitant about membership with Virtual Vocations at first, but she took the plunge and bought a one-month subscription after spotting a December half-off sale.

Dedication Is Key To Success

Although she was dubious at first about using a paid job board, Megan wholeheartedly began her search for a perfect remote job, determined to find success before the month ran out.

“At first, I thought this [membership] was going to be a waste of time,” she said.

Megan immediately hunkered down and focused on her remote job search. She applied to one or two jobs per day during the entire month of December and put the Virtual Vocations services to good use. Since one of the secrets to success is hard work, by the end of the month, she managed to secure two interviews, both scheduled for the first week of January.

“With my monthly payment at half price, I went ahead and paid for a second month just in case I didn’t survive the multi-tiered interviews,” Megan recalled.

The result? She got hired for her perfect remote job and was offered more pay and benefits than she had ever had in her professional life. The new role is also flexible enough to enable her to work from the road while she traveled in her truck camper. What a way to start a new year!

“At the risk of sounding like an infomercial, I’ll say: I’m glad I gave this website a try,” Megan said. “In just two months, I went from just surviving to being able to thrive.”

Challenges Megan Faced in her Remote Job Search

Some of the challenges Megan encountered during her search for the perfect remote job are common. Her primary struggle was not hearing back from employers. The few that did reply sent rejection emails.

Unfortunately, employer “ghosting” is a regular phenomenon that jobseekers must endure nowadays. And during a tight job market, an extended hiring process and frequent rejections can quickly dampen the spirits of even the heartiest of applicants.

However, there are ways to recover from being ghosted by a potential employer. Applicants can try to connect via social media channels. If they would like to continue to build a relationship with the company, sending a thoughtful email to employers can work wonders, which may ultimately help open the doors to other future opportunities.

Megan said she understands not all jobs are a match.

“After one interview, one company decided I was not the best, but the other company said I was the perfect fit,” Megan said. “So, it’s mostly about what both the company and the individual is looking for and whether or not these elements match up.”

Virtual Vocations Tools for Success

Fortunately, Megan was successful using Virtual Vocations to help her find the perfect remote job. In fact, she was so pleased with our services she said, “I’ve already recommended it to several friends!”

Some of the Virtual Vocations services or tools Megan used during her remote job search include our job email alerts and signature job search database.

Job Email Alerts

Virtual Vocations’ job email alert service ensures jobseekers receive an email notification when the newest and freshest jobs are posted to our main job search database. Megan stated this was the feature that helped her the most during her search.

“Seeing the emails from Virtual Vocations in my inbox was a reminder to check the website for jobs,” she said.

The alerts can be customized based on search history or by using the available filters. This helps jobseekers narrow down the search to find the job that fits their unique location, travel, telecommuting-level, or other specific needs. This service is crucial for remote jobseekers because it helps limit the time spent digging through the hundreds of leads posted on the job search database each day.

Job Search Database

Because the job search process can be time-consuming and arduous, especially for jobseekers looking for remote or telecommute-friendly jobs, Virtual Vocations aims to help simplify the process via our job search database. As the main feature of Virtual Vocations, this database enables users to search, find, and apply to thousands of remote jobs.

Users can filter search results based on category, location, travel requirements, telecommute-level, employment status, education-level, career-level, or weekly hours. These filters exist because it can be tempting to want access to every job lead available during the job search process. Since time is of the essence for jobseekers, the database minimizes time wasted weeding out jobs that are not suitable for the person’s career goals or skill set.

And since our goal is to provide access to reliable and safe job leads, the leads in the job search database are vetted by multiple staff members to ensure that the database is free of any questionable or scam-like jobs, commission-only roles, cryptocurrency-only, MLM-type, or “build your own business” opportunities.

At Virtual Vocations, we are beyond thrilled to have aided Megan in her job search journey and glad she took a chance on us. Although the idea of paying for a subscription to a job board seemed strange at first.

“I’m so glad I took the risk…this new job far exceeds my expectations as to what I was looking for in pay, benefits, etc.” Megan said.


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