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Jobseeker Makes Remote Career Transition in Less Than Three Months

Virtual Vocations members are finding and landing their ideal remote career opportunities every day now. With no previous background in remote work, Elise C. found, applied for, and won her new position as a National Property Manager for National Veterinary Associates, the largest owner of independent veterinary hospitals in the United States.

A Strong Career Background Helps a Remote Career Transition 

An industry veteran with eight years in real estate and ten in the facility and property management sector, Elise sought the type of flexibility only a remote career can provide.

Desiring more control over her personal time, the Florida-native took the plunge and began her transition to a telecommuting lifestyle. Within three months of joining Virtual Vocations, Elise found her ideal telecommuting job

Using the Right Tools

With a bachelor’s degree under her belt and a solid history of working for large real estate and property management companies, Elise was able to find exactly the type of remote job she needed within three months of joining Virtual Vocations.

In August of 2019, Elise began her job search by using a handful of services and resources Virtual Vocations offers and applied for the position she ultimately won.

“I was first contacted three weeks later, and had about five over-the-phone interviews,” Elise said.

It turns out, she was precisely who Veterinary National Associates was looking for.

“By the end of October, I was offered the job,” she shared.

Preparation is Key When Facing a Common Challenge

Although her job search path was relatively smooth, Elise experienced her own share of job search pains. One of the main roadblocks and challenges she faced was not hearing back from potential employers after they initially contacted her. This is not unique to Elise. Job applicants are increasingly being ghosted by potential employers during the interview process. As demoralizing as not hearing back from a potential employer can be, this type of rejection is a common frustration for many jobseekers. 

Fortunately, Elise did not let these frustrating incidents get her down. She decided to revamp her work documents and worked with a professional to help write a resume to support her remote career. This move was a smart decision, given that traditional resumes must now be tailored for a desired job and also for applicant tracking systems.

Virtual Vocations Tools for Remote Career Success

In addition to updating her resume, Elise made use of several Virtual Vocations tools and resources at her disposal. Let’s take a more in-depth look at what she used:

Job Email Alerts

Elise said the emailed job alerts helped her most in her search.

“The emailed job descriptions fit exactly what I was looking for,” she said.

To gain the upper hand, jobseekers must submit work documents before hiring managers get inundated with resumes and cover letters.

For jobseekers to succeed in the “first come, first served” part of the job search, they must be one of the earliest candidates to spot and apply. Virtual Vocations offers the job email alert service to ensure members receive the freshest remote job leads. The email alerts can be customized by keywords, location, categories, or by the advanced filters. The frequency of the emails can be scheduled daily, once a week, or three days a week.

This service helps eliminate the need for jobseekers to spend hours digging through the job search database, trying to find the perfect job that fits their unique needs. And as jobseekers already know, time spent on an unproductive job search is money down the drain.

Company Database

To help jobseekers perform background research on potential employers, Virtual Vocations created the company database with profiles of more than 18,000 telecommute-friendly businesses. This database also contains links to social media accounts, website links, company news, or any current job leads.

Because preparation is critical for job search success, it is vital to do a little research on the potential employer. It would behoove the remote jobseeker to get a feel for the company’s culture and discover if there are any hidden travel requirements or hints on any perks that they may offer their staff members.

Job Search Database

The job search process is not easy, especially for workers seeking remote jobs. Virtual Vocations aims to simplify the process by providing members access to the job search database.

To help filter out any questionable or scam-like jobs, the job leads in the job search database are vetted by multiple staff members to ensure that the database is free of from commission-only roles, cryptocurrency-only, MLM-type, or “build your own business” positions.

There are multiple filters available for jobseekers to help narrow down their search results. It is essential to use these available filters to increase the likelihood of finding jobs that best match their requirements.

In this case, it is best to prefer quality over quantity. It can be tempting to want access to every job lead available, but don’t. A significant amount of time can be wasted weeding out unsuitable jobs.

Virtual Vocations loves nothing more than to help members find their next, or in this case, first, remote job.

Elise was certainly grateful she choose Virtual Vocations as a career partner.

“It was a very smooth process, and I was happy with Virtual Vocations,” Elise said. “It has more virtual jobs to apply for within my field than any other site.”


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