Travel Counselor Scores Perfect Role Through Virtual Vocations’ Remote Job Database

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Using Virtual Vocations’ remote job database, Brenda H. found her perfect remote job as a senior travel counselor with Carlson Wagonlit Travel, a travel management company specializing in business travel and event management.

Landing Her Perfect Position Through Virtual Vocations’ Remote Job Database

Strong Motivation Spurs Change

Motivated by a strong desire for more flexibility and control over her personal time, Brenda began her pursuit of a more remote-friendly role by signing up with Virtual Vocations in May of 2019. 

Immediately, she began sending out resumés. Eager to bolster her chances for success, Brenda signed up for the Virtual Vocations job email alert service, which made her one of the first to know when new jobs of interest were posted on the remote job database. “Constant email notifications of new job listings,” kept her motivated and active in her remote job search.

Even with the right tools, Brenda’s path to her new remote role did not come easy. Much like with any new position, the process of identifying and landing your ideal remote job is not for the faint of heart. For Brenda, it took six months of persistence and hard work scouring the remote job market.

Right Tools, Right Time

Undoubtedly, her 22-year career background with travel and hospitality companies, including work with well-known brands like United Airlines, Funjet Vacations, Midway Airlines, The Grand Hotel, and The Bellevue-Biltmore Hotel, got her foot in the door and played a significant role in Brenda’s job search success.

However, her resilience despite inevitable rejections along the way and understanding that sometimes rejection is unavoidable no matter how much a jobseeker perfects their resumé or how long they have worked in the industry, allowed her to endure through many “Thank you, but we have selected another candidate” emails.

As a result of her use of Virtual Vocations resources and persistence in the face of rejection, Brenda finally connected with Carlson Wagonlit Travel  about a position as a travel counselor. She describes the role as “a perfect fit.”  

“I’m so thankful for Virtual Vocations,” Brenda said. “It is a wonderful service.”

How Virtual Vocations Helped Brenda Find Her Remote Role

It thrills us to have been able to be such a vital resource for Brenda’s remote job search journey.  Let’s take a more in-depth look at the Virtual Vocations tools and services Brenda used to find job search success:

Job Email Alerts

One of the keys to a successful job search is to ensure your application or resumé is one of the first ones a hiring manager or recruiter sees. Success depends on finding the most relevant job leads and acting on those leads before anyone else can. This is where the Virtual Vocations job email alerts come in handy. Instead of spending countless hours digging through the job search database, email alerts send you the newest and most relevant job leads. Users can schedule leads for delivery daily, once day a week, or three days a week.

Leads are curated based on your search history or by using the advanced search filters. The filters customize your search according to keywords and by category, location, employer type, telecommute level, and more. While jobseekers may want to remember that using too many filters reduces the number of job leads delivered to your inbox, they can feel confident that highly narrowed results only feature positions meeting their exact needs. 

Job Search Database

During her remote job search, Brenda never had to worry about applying for a position that might be a scam. Part of the Virtual Vocations remote job database’s value is that staff members vet the hundreds of jobs added every Monday through Saturday and filter out any jobs that are questionable, scam-like, use an MLM structure, or do not meet quality standards.

Jobseekers can use the databases variety of filters to narrow down the 20,000 remote job search results that may be in the system at one time. Some of the filters leading to optimal search results include telecommute-level, travel requirements, location, employer-type, weekly hours, career level, education level, employment status, and if the job leads offer benefits or are with a 100% virtual firm. With more than 50 unique job categories, filters whittle down results to fit the jobseeker’s individual career and lifestyle goals.

In the Virtual Vocations system, jobseekers can keep track of what jobs they have applied to via the database, save jobs, and attach notes to help stay organized. Even free registration includes limited access to the jobs database. However, for full access to all the features of the database, choose a paid subscription.

Congratulations, Brenda! We wish you continued success in your work-at-home journey and are happy we could help you find the remote job you’ve been looking for!


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