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Remote Recruiter Goes from Unemployed to Employed in 22 Days

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In less than a month after subscribing to Virtual Vocations, remote work veteran Lori R. found job search success as a Senior Recruiter RPO with AMN Healthcare—a workforce solutions and healthcare industry staffing firm.

Lori’s VV Victory: Remote Recruiter Goes from Unemployed to Employed in 22 Days

After working for more than a decade in a fully remote environment with her previous employer, this 15- year talent acquisition professional found herself laid off and dreading the thought of having to return to work in an in-office setting.

A Desire for Flexibility Fuels Her Drive

Lori began looking for remote jobs in the summer of 2019. She wanted to continue incorporating flexibility into her schedule and have greater control over her personal time. In her search for roles as a remote recruiter, Lori discovered that the potential employers she encountered prior to joining Virtual Vocations seemed concerned about whether she would be comfortable working on-site, especially after spending so many years working virtually 100% of the time.

Approximately five months after her lay-off, and after doing her own research on Virtual Vocations with a free registration, Lori decided to sign up for a premium Virtual Vocations subscription and take full advantage of the company’s services and resources.

I was skeptical at first and did my own research on Virtual Vocations and found they are highly rated on BBB, CNBC, Forbes, etc. The name of your organization is truly fitting. There are so many vocations out there today in so many industries that value virtual/remote workers.

Putting in the Work

Lori truly hit the ground running with Virtual Vocations services. She began by setting up daily job alerts, attending several of the e-courses available to subscribers, and downloading content from the Telecommute Toolkit Resources section. Ultimately, she decided to apply to about six or seven jobs in total. From there, Lori’s journey to finding remote employment again, after spending the previous five months unemployed, accelerated significantly.

On July 15, 2019, Lori purchased a Virtual Vocations Premium Membership. After a few days of preparation, she applied to a job with AMN Healthcare on July 19; 12 days later, Lori secured her first telephone interview. The very next day she had a second telephone interview and on August 2 she had a third. Three days later, the company extended a verbal job offer and she accepted; thus completing her 22-day journey from unemployed to employed.

I read previous reviews that many of the individuals that signed up for a premium subscription stated the same as my experience.

Encountering Common Roadblocks

Although Lori did initially try to find remote work on her own by networking, using job alerts from Indeed and Glassdoor, and attempting to expand her network on LinkedIn, she was frustrated that her efforts were not fruitful.

To complicate matters, Lori encountered several roadblocks that slowed down her remote recruiter job search including a lack of response from employers, discovering that some jobs had lengthy application processes, and encountering job assessments that took two to three hours to complete. Lori also felt additional pressure as she realized her unemployment benefits were running low.

Thankfully, Lori was able to quickly find success with Virtual Vocations.

I’ve been sharing my experience with friends, family, and former colleagues that your services are well worth the money spent. The researchers at Virtual Vocations do an incredible job on the research and information they provide on every opening they hand curate.

How Virtual Vocations Helped Foster Lori’s Jobseeker Success

Lori made the most of her subscription and used many of Virtual Vocations’ tools and resources to land her new role as a remote recruiter. Let’s look at these services more in-depth:

Job Email Alerts

Because Virtual Vocations provides its members access to the freshest telecommute jobs, the email alerts service is a convenient way to know when new jobs are posted. The alerts are based on your search history or by using the available filters (job categories, titles, locations, etc.)

This handy service eliminates the need to spend all day on the jobs database searching for new positions or refreshing the page to be one of the first people to spot a new job opening. And because time is of the essence when searching for a new job, you can choose how often you receive these alerts.

Telecommute Companies Database

Virtual Vocations’ Telecommute Companies Database contains more than 20,000 profiles of telecommute-friendly businesses. This database is vital for jobseekers who like to do some background research on potential employers. It provides access to each employer’s social media accounts, website link, company news, and any current job openings found in the Virtual Vocations job board.

The company profiles also enable jobseekers to get a feel for each company’s culture, provide information on any special details or benefits, and help filter out any company that does not mesh well with their interests.

Virtual Vocations Job Board

The telecommute job board is the main feature of the Virtual Vocations website. The jobs database enables users to search, find, and apply to telecommute jobs and provides users a myriad of filters to find their exact job match based on category, location, telecommuting level, travel requirements, employment status, education level, career level, and weekly hours.

Every job opening posted to the database is vetted by multiple Virtual Vocations staff members. The company is dedicated to filtering out any questionable or scam-like jobs such as commission-only roles, jobs that only provide compensation with cryptocurrency, and MLM type or “build your own business” opportunities.

Telecommute Toolkit

Career Industry Downloads

For jobseekers looking for some background on an industry they may not be very familiar with or tips on how to prepare for and land a job, the Telecommute Toolkit offers a variety of downloadable resources.

This section has a plethora of resume and cover letter templates, industry guides, job interview resources, and “The Telecommuting Handbook” which provides comprehensive information for beginning telecommuters.


The Telecommute Toolkit also offers three unique e-courses. These e-courses specialize in helping jobseekers get started with telecommuting, helping mid-level and professional jobseekers with their job search, and teaching jobseekers how to create a winning resume.

Virtual Vocations is proud to have helped Lori out of unemployment and onto her new remote job. And we think she likes us, too.

Thank you to your entire team on the amazing research they do with every organization and job out there today. I am grateful for your services!

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